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: Well, Actually: A few weeks ago, I was catching up with a friend, and he remarked that one reason he likes open source software is that it doesn't have marketing. At this point I said, I realize now that I haven't told you that one of my jobs is marketing for an open source project. He self-consciously backpedaled a bit, and we both laughed, and he clarified that he hates marketing based on lies. And I'm not doing that, so we're cool.

Then last night I saw Rango with some acquaintances (thanks for the recommendation, Jed!). Afterwards, as we discussed the references, and adaptations, and movies and narrative and crossovers and references, one of them made a slightly inaccurate remark about copyright and I stayed myself from issuing a primer. And I realized she didn't know that one of my jobs is grantwriting for QuestionCopyright.org.

I have become Marshall McLuhan coming out from behind the cardboard. As Leonard put it: "You know nothing of what my work is!"


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