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(2) : Brooklyn Gamble: I can't reach Pacific Standard via phone or email, but I think it will probably be fine if I gather pals there on Friday night and shout jokes at them.

So: this Friday, 8pm, the Pacific Standard bar, 82 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, I will attempt to do a very rough 15-minute preview act. Come, critique, socialize! (My full act, which I'll perform at Seaburn Books on the 21st and at PICC on the 29th, is 30 minutes.)

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Posted by Sumana at 14 Apr 2011, 09:17PM

(Pacific Standard got back to me and basically said bring people to hang out and drink, but please don't hold an Event here, so I will probably compromise and tell my jokes there tomorrow from a seated position. I hope it'll all work out.)

Posted by Avram at 15 Apr 2011, 12:59AM

Just pretend they're spontaneous jokes.


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