100 Things About Me

  1. I like plants.
  2. I have stubby thumbs.
  3. I can play the piano.
  4. I can type 80 wpm.
  5. I'm scared of spiders.
  6. I don't like seafood.
  7. I used to hold my breath until I turned blue when I didn't get what I wanted.
  8. Lately I've been drawn to anything green.
  9. I'm task-oriented.
  10. I like making lists; because I forget things and because I like crossing things off.
  11. I like making people happy.
  12. I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.
  13. I cry during OnStar commercials.
  14. I am a very tidy person.
  15. I am not necessarily a clean person.
  16. I like to draw, but I'm terrible at it.
  17. I don't have any living grandparents.
  18. I like to use up stuff. I love the feeling of throwing away an empty shampoo bottle.
  19. I believe in food storage.
  20. I like toilet paper to come over the top of the roll.
  21. I am "right-eyed" even though my vision is worse in that eye.
  22. I've worn glasses since I was 4 years old.
  23. The grossest-sounding thing I've ever eaten is cow-stomach soup.
  24. I love salad, but mostly because I love salad dressing.
  25. I don't like scary movies.
  26. I hate when people (including me) are late. That's one of my pet peeves.
  27. My other pet peeve is dirty sinks.
  28. Gerber daisies are my favorite flower.
  29. Daffodils smell the best, though.
  30. I like socks with cute animals or stripes on them.
  31. I love to read.
  32. I like to scrapbook and make cards.
  33. I make lists when I'm stressed.
  34. If I have a lot to do, I do the little things first to get them out of the way.
  35. I've never broken a bone.
  36. Except for the dented sinus cavity in my skull.
  37. I like to write down funny things people say so I can laugh later.
  38. I bite my nails.
  39. I can use chopsticks.
  40. I am a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.
  41. Being busy motivates me.
  42. I am a saver.
  43. I learned to drive on a stick-shift.
  44. I get carsick.
  45. I avoid confrontation.
  46. I'm sensitive, but I hate to admit it.
  47. I sing in the car.
  48. I am LDS.
  49. I love new sweaters.
  50. Pigtails make me happy.
  51. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
  52. I'd rather be hot than cold.
  53. My hair has been every color of the rainbow.
  54. I like unripe bananas.
  55. I like buying things for other people.
  56. I would rather sleep in than fix my hair.
  57. I'm an emotional eater.
  58. Left-side first: putting on socks, curling my hair, shaving my legs, etc.
  59. John and I were married on July 31, 2003 in the Los Angeles Temple.
  60. I don't mind the rain.
  61. I'm scared of driving in the snow.
  62. I freak out when the windows fog up while I'm driving.
  63. Sometimes I think I'm too efficient.
  64. I tell random stories.
  65. I hate being bored.
  66. I am a snuggly person.
  67. I love being married.
  68. I like have a specific task laid out for me to do.
  69. I wish my life was more interesting.
  70. I love playing games.  I am very rule oriented.
  71. I lived in Romania for four months, working in an orphanage.
  72. Sarcasm is my weakness.
  73. I have been in 7 countries and 17 states. 
  74. I'm a middle child.
  75. I taught myself how to crochet.
  76. I like animals, especially fuzzy ones.
  77. I have a BS degree in Recreational Therapy from Brigham Young University.
  78. Yellow is my favorite color. It's so happy!
  79. I don't like being in charge.
  80. I'm whiny. I like to complain.
  81. Painted toenails make life more fun.
  82. I don't get embarrassed easily.
  83. I have the best Mom there ever was.
  84. Swimming is my favorite exercise.
  85. I'm not very good at sports, but I like to play volleyball.
  86. I remember weird things like the location of a sentence on a page, or specific dates on which things happened, or where I was.
  87. I have two old friends that I randomly keep in touch with.
  88. I am learning to be a good validator and to show love through doing.
  89. I enjoy smelling yummy things.
  90. I believe in Christ.
  91. I work in Human Resources.
  92. I also work for my sister-in-law's business making scrapbooking kits.
  93. I married an accountant; I never have to do my own tax returns.
  94. I love living in California.
  95. I'm a Disney girl - but not really into that whole Princess thing.
  96. I have naturally straight teeth.
  97. I'm smart, but rather lazy.
  98. I'm spoiled.
  99. I'm very laidback and down-to-earth.
  100. I'm organized and I hate clutter and knickknacks.