: I got a 76% on my FSN test. I'm going to get a C in there, then I'll never get a scholarship and I won't be able to stay in college and I'll flunk out and work at McDonald's for the rest of my life.

: Last night, Clark and I, and Missy and Rebekah (and dates) went to Preference in Salt Lake. We got there early so we had a chance to walk up to Temple Square and take silly pictures of the guys proposing to us and basically just messing around. Then of course we went to the dance and, well danced.

: Maybe I won't flunk out of school after all. I would be missing too much fun. I went to work today. I love work. I work in the dishroom at Morris Dining (I do dishes for $6.15 an hour). I stand in a hot, smelly room for hours on end unloading endless dishes from a commercial washer that washes at 180 degrees, or slopping food off of plates, or scrubbing dried mashed potatoes out of pans. I love my job.

: Tonight Alyson and Dave are taking me and Clark up to Jon and Sharon's for a little family reunion. Uncle Leonard and Uncle Robert are there, and all of Jon's kids. I'm excited. Free food and a bunch of cute little kids.

: I let Clark cut three inches off my hair.

: I got a 70.5% on my Psychology test. I'm going to get a C in there, then I'll never get a scholarship and I won't be able to stay in college and I'll flunk out and work at McDonald's for the rest of my life.

: I got a plant today. Its name is Spot. Clark brought it to me. They were having a "Plant a Flower" booth outside the WILK.

: Yay! I finished my paper for History 120! yay!

: Mark informed me that he got a job shredding paper six hours a day at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace. What exactly do they need him to shred for six hours a day? Watergate documents?

: I got my History 120 test back today. I got a 98% on the essay and a 45% on the multiple choice. Is that polar or what?

: Took my Religion test. I got an 85.7%. maybe I won't flunk out of school after all. I'm hungry.

: Is Leonard ever going to email me back? I can't tell...

: Clark and I went to a [free] jazz ensemble concert tonight. We knew two of the saxophone players. It was really good and, uh, jazzy.

: It's sunny. It's March. It's Utah. It snowed last week. hmmm

: I made sugar cookies. Anybody want one?

: Tonight Josh Oman (my mom's mom's sister's son's son) came down from Sandy with one of his friends from high school (Bob) and they and Clark took out me, Alaina and Kirin. We went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make chicken salad and a cake for dessert. Then we came back to my apartment, cooked and ate and then played games. So if one of my roommates marries my mom's mom's sister's son's son's friend from high school, are we related?

: At BYU, every building has at least one piano in it. The only ones with one are the dorms. Most building have hundreds. Thousands even. Pianos in the theatres, pianos in the lobbies, pianos in all the classrooms, pianos, pianos everwhere. Piano in room 17 C which is where some very sqeaky soprano is practicing right now, which is just below apartment 175 bedroom 3 which is where I am typing right now. How annoying. Stupid pianos.

: Yay! We have cleaning inspections tomorrow morning at eight! That means that my roommates and I will be up until all hours making our apartment spotless for the all-seeing eye of Megan, our fearless, white-gloved RA. Not really. We'll probably only be up until two.

: Seven guys in our ward who are in an a cappella group performed tonight and Clark took me to go see them. They're pretty good. I don't understand the fascination BYU has with a cappella groups. Lucky for them, they're cute guys and they sing well.

: I'm excited to go home for "Spring Break". BYU doesn't really have a Spring Break. We have finals the week before Easter and you can go home and stay home as soon as you're done until the beginning of Fall Semester in August. However, since I am going Spring and Summer terms, I get to pay $200 to fly home for three days and then come back to school, school, school. Yay.

: I broke a bunch of bowls at work today. I was moving a big stack so I could put them into the washer and they toppled over and went *splat* on the floor. hehehehehe =)

: Yesterday, after work, Clark and I went and played volleyball with a bunch of guys in our ward. I was the only girl for most of the time. Even though I was in volleyball for two years in junior high, I still suck. But it was fun.

: For some reason I got ambitious today. Okay, so I didn't even make it to any classes, but I did make it down to the Central Building to check out a sewing machine. I mended and then I went to the fabric store to buy stuff to make a quilt with. I am going to make a quilt. Probably not in one night, but I am going to make a quilt.

: Last night Clark took me to another [free] jazz concert. Nate and Justus were in this one. Justus plays the trumpet. Justus plays the trumpet loudly. Justus leans back and looks like he is going to fall over when he plays the trumpet loudly. It's cute.

: Today, with Clark's help, I made the top part of a quilt. It is green and Rugrats fabric, patchworked. I think it took about eight hours and we had to redesign it about four times because neither Clark nor I have math skills decent enough to realize that eight times six times two is different from eight times six squared.

: I also attempted to make English Toffee from my mom's recipe. When the recipe says "heat to 280 degrees" don't heat to 320. It turns out a little burnt. The toffee still tastes ok. Becky said I was domestic, with the quilt and the toffee and getting my boyfriend to iron (parts of the quilt). Is that the measure of domesticity?

: I am a soapdish.

: It was, like, 80 degrees this past week. I wandered into the kitchen today and discovered that it was snowing. I don't understand Utah. I also got eleven pounds of [perscription] drugs in the mail. They weren't mine.

: Yay! I feel cool, I have a whole blank notebook to write in! This weekend is General Conference, which means that I went to work and couldn't get in. Apparently, the Morris Dining Center has funny hours for Conference, and someone neglected to tell their employees. So I showed up an hour late for work. No one cared. .

: Sunday. Sat on my butt. Hand stitched one side of my quilt. Slept. I was pretty productive, huh? It's okay though, because I plan on making macaroni and cheese later on. My contribution to society for the day.

: Our power went off at 4:30 this morning. It just barely came back on. If there's one good thing we've gained from technology, it's batteries so our alarms will still work when everything else fails.

: I studied all day today, doing homework and the like. I didn't even take a nap. I hope this doesn't become a habit. My productive balance might actually end up positive.

: study, class, meeting, test, pack, class, study, recital, food, pack, pack, study, pack... sleep!!!

: We just had our check-out meeting. Luckily, I am not stuck being the last person to leave. On the other hand, I can't put any of the boxes I've packed downstairs until my roommates move all of their unpacked boxes, which they won't do for a while. I hate packing, it makes everything all messy. I should just get rid of all of my stuff. Yeah, there we go... we have a dumpster somewhere around here...

: Tonight we had a big party that was basically an excuse to play tug-of-war over the "moat" and get our hall presidents all muddy. Our hall won. 'Cause we're all such big buff girls. Actually, we had a hall full of big buff guys on our team. But we still won.

: There is a Carroll Hall sleepover going on in the basement. Apparently, during the slide show, there was a lovely picture of me and my roommate Melissa sitting on the floor in the kitchen wearing or sitting on or surrounded by every single pot we own. Silly girls. "We're on pot."

: I broke two glasses at work today. I think I was nervous. A bunch of people didn't show up so it was bad. I slammed one of the glasses into the counter (accidentally), shattering it in my hand. Three hours later I noticed that it had cut me.

: Clark is sooo sweet! He is in St. George this weekend with his family and today there was a knock on the door... He sent me daisies and the cutest note. My roommates and I are all gushy today, with the flowers Clark sent me and the letter Becky got from her missionary.

: Our whole ward went up (and up) to Timp Lodge last night for our closing social. Free food, loud music and general fun. I came, I played frisbee, I ate free food, I played on the swings, I ate free food, I danced, I left early.

: Leonard is going to pay for my wedding. All I have to do is lend him $50-100 now. I figure he is going to cover for the rate of inflation between now and the time I actually find someone to marry, plus interest, plus he'll be rich by then. Maybe, if I'm lucky, he'll be rich by then.

: I have a physical science test that I have to take today. I haven't started studying yet, but I have to take it today. Not only that, we have finals next week. The one (and only) good thing: school will be over. I just used the last tissue in the box. That's four boxes of Kleenex I've gone through in two semesters. What a waste of money.

: 76% on my physical science test, bleagh. But afterwards I went and declared my major- psychology. I'm not really sure why I want to be a psych major. I guess it was the choice I despised the least.

: Today was a great day. It actually feels like Spring, and because it's a Reading Day, we didn't have class or finals. I played basketball and frisbee and basically wasted the day away. Now I'm off to get free pancakes at the central building.

: A bunch of my roommates and a bunch of Clark's roommates are out playing "kissing rugby". Since they claim that the point is not in the kissing, those of us who don't need a game to kiss have dubbed it "wrestling and athleticism rugby". It's quite lame.

: It poured all day today. Clark, Nate, Melissa and I went to Salt Lake to go to the Hogle Zoo. Even though it was wet, it was tons of fun. We took tons of silly pictures. I think elephants are my favorite animals. On the way home, Pansy (Clark's car), wouldn't start. We finally got some random guy in KFC to take a look at it. Poor Pansy.

: Nate got his mission call yesterday. He is going to Hamburg, Germany. I'm so excited, he'll be my first really close guy friend to leave.

: Nate, Clark and I went out and played frisbee in the dark last night. It was fun and we got wet since it had been raining all day. I went to work today, unlike many other people. I was the only person in the dishroom most of the time and I stayed an extra hour and a half before I just gave up and left. I'm tired.

: I cut Clark's hair the other day. His roommate showed me how to use the clippers. Nate is coming over right now so I can cut his. I should start a business. It's better than washing dishes.

: This afternoon I was at work and Kirin came running and yelled "Susie, your hall's on fire!" She was right. The apartment above us and to the left was torched. They wouldn't let us in for several hours and the girls upstairs have nowhere to go back in to. Luckily everyone was at church (except for me because I was at work) so no one was hurt. The first week of school our dishwasher flooded the two bottom floors. Now, at the last week, 178 decides to torch the top two. We really are Disaster Hall.

: Yay! I took two finals today, 82% on Physical Science and 96% on Religion. Yay! Our entire building smells like smoke and we have huge, loud and annoying fans everywhere. There is no such thing as peace and quiet around here. At least we don't have to have fans in our bedrooms like we did after the flood.

: Yay! They finally turned the fans off! At least the one right outside our front door, which is right outside my bedroom door. A guy from Channel 4 news came and asked me questions when I went to take the trash out. Alaina's grandma called because she saw on the news that our building had been on fire, and Jennifer Nations stopped by because on her way home from the Creamery she noticed a big pile of charred doors from the bedrooms upstairs sitting by our backdoor and was a bit worried. I am almost done packing; just some stuff in the dishwasher and under my bed. I am sick of packing.

: I took two more finals today: Food Science 79%, Psychology 86%. That's good, by the way. I am almost done packing. It seems like I keep saying that. Well, it keeps not being finished.

: When I got home from taking tests, Becky told me to call my uncle right away and that his cell phone number was on my message sheet. So I looked and saw that it was Uncle Robert, who lives in Virginia. I called and said "hi, this is Susie" and he said "hi, it's Bob, we're at BYU" and I almost dropped the phone. As it turns out, they (Robert and most of his family and some family-in-law) were in fact at BYU, on Spring Break, so I went down to find them and showed them my apartment and roommates and Clark. It was quite a nice surprise. Apparently, Robert and Sandy are trying to talk Shelley into coming to BYU.

: I have to have everything I own out of the apartment by 9 AM Thursday. It's rather depressing here, with boxes everywhere and no dishes to eat off of. All I have left to do is my History final and my cleaning and stuffing my shoes into my suitcase. I am very excited to move out. I am getting very sick of my roommates. I am looking forward to getting used to living with new people and that whole deal. Should be interesting. We'll see.

: For all you concerned readers, Spot will be in Clark's custody while I'm in California this weekend. He will be well nourished and I'm sure he'll enjoy his new home (across the parking lot from where I live now).

: Yay! I'm home and glad to be here. It's so clean. I am amazed. My kitty (Danny) doesn't hate me as much as I thought he might. Leonard is right, there is no food here. Tons and tons of food storage, but no actual food. Speaking of Leonard, as those of you who follow his notebook know, he is coming home tonight. I will be quite glad to see him. He's a nice brother, except for the time he sat on me.

: Last night, we were plodding along on the freeway, trying to get home from the airport and my mom commented on this Blazer that thought he was going to go in a different lane (there was only one lane open at this point). Then, the person in the passenger seat reached out and grabbed one of those orange cones. We all started laughing at them, stealing an orange cone like that, and then this construction truck came zooming up in front of us and stopped next to the Blazer. We were laughing even harder by the time the construction guy got his cone back and went zooming back. Moral: don't steal orange cones unless you're moving faster than 2 miles an hour.

: I just spent an hour waiting for Rachel's bus to get in. Rachel is here now. Leonard is gone. I am leaving tomorrow morning to start Spring Term at BYU. I'm tired. Back to scrapbooking. Leonard doesn't think that is a verb.

: Hmmm... Here I am, a new apartment, a new term... new roommates... so far so tolerable. The only dishes we have are the old ones Leonard gave me and whatever the only other girl who's shown up so far could buy at the Creamery. I haven't unpacked and I have to go to class at some point. Argh.

: Kirin came today. We are still missing a roommate. There are apparently only going to be four of us. I'm hungry. I'm just complaining. Grr.

: On the new system now.

: La la la, maybe I can actually write in my notebook now. Anyway, I only have two roommates, in a six person apartment, which is pretty nice. We all get along pretty well and my room isn't nearly as messy as my last roommate kept it, which makes me extremely happy.

I am taking two classes this term, Psych 320 (child development) and Phil 205 (Intro to Logic). Child Development is way too much work, but so far I am enjoying my logic course. I am working mroe hours at Morris Dining this term, but I don't have to do dishes, so it should be ok. Apartment 147 invited us over for lunch.

I miss Clark, and I miss Spot. Clark was supposed to bring Spot down today, but he (Clark) was sick and couldn't. That's life Spring Term at BYU.

: Oh, yeah, grades... Well, better than expected. Mostly Bs, but my Religion grade left me with an average somewhere just about a 3.0. Oh, well, I'll do better this term.

: Soooo.... think my page is gonna work now?

: Well, whaddya know... So anyway back to me. After five days elsewhere, I went to my manager and insisted he put me back in the dishroom because I hated hostessing. So now I work 14 hours a week, way more than my previous 3 1/2 in the dishroom. I get to close, it's fun. Not really, but hey.

Spring Term at BYU... I'm only taking two classes, Child Development and Intro to Logic. The logic class is fun, all these formal symbols and stuff. Child development is too much work and not enough interesting stuff. I'm taking it because I am a psychology major, although two days ago, I decided to rethink that.

I only have two roommates and we live in a six person apartment so there is plenty of room. Too bad Clark is 35 miles away in Sandy and he can't lie in my hallway. I miss Clark. But I'm here getting boring credit hours over with and earning lots of money (I got a paycheck today, yipee!) Enough of life. How are you??

: Got up. Went to Psych. Went to work. Washed lots of dishes. Got a sweet email from Clark. On to do laundry, reading for psych, pizza, and bed. Isn't college life fun?

: Spot does not appear to be doing well. Clark brought him back down here last Saturday and he didn't look like he had grown any while I was gone. Kirin thinks he needs more sunlight, so I've been opening the blinds each morning and setting him on the window sill, but the sun does not hit our apartment very well. He also appears not to be a flowering plant, but I love him just the same.

: I had the best weekend- I went up to Salt Lake and spend the whole time with my cutie little cousins and my cutie Mommy and my cutie Clark and his family. It was lots of fun. I got another plant. It is an oregano plant and it is named Rosalie, Rosie for short. It's not nearly as cute as Spot, who is still not showing improvment, but it tastes good. I need to get a bigger pot for it. I'm off to read journal article after journal article about attachment in infants.

: Today is definitely not the greatest day of my life. I woke up at 8 to write my outline, which still isn't finished. after I finish it and turn it in, I have to go home and clean for cleaning inspections, then I have to go to work, then I have to come home and clean some more. Bleagh. Because there are only three of us living in our apartment, we all have to do two of the regular jobs, which is really a lot of work.

: By the way, getting up at 8 is really early for me.

: Yippee! I got money today from my stockbroker. That means I can buy a notebook. yay! I think I shall call my brother and make him find me one. Yay! (I'm sick of computer labs).

: I cut my hair. I got really really bored. Because I have no life. so I cut my hair. Shorter than I've had it since I was in ninth grade, when I got really bored and cut it. I like it. My head feels much lighter. I am afraid my roommate is going to come in and scream, but oh well. I like it.

: Did I mention my hair is short?

: My hair is still short. I did a rather bad job of cutting it (seeing as I put it in pigtails and hacked the pigtails off) but Kirin is going to trim it up some for me later tonight.

I love my Logic class. We're learning the rules for making proofs in a formal logic system and it's so much fun! I just love proofs and value analyses. yay! In any case, it's more fun than typing up my psych notes...

Friday night, bored out of my mind, do laundry, chop my hair off... Saturday night, bored out of my mind, balance my checkbook, enjoy doing propositional logic proofs. I have no life.

: Kirin and I went shopping all afternoon. We each bought three t-shirts, $40 worth of underwear and some hair clips. I also bought a pair of jeans I need for work. It was way too much fun. We were at the mall for four hours.

: Clark was supposed to come down and see me today but he couldn't. Wah. Oh well, he called me and that's close enough.

: Today has been the silliest day. Kirin and I both had to leave church early to go to work and were there basically all day. Normally work wouldn't be as amusing as it was today, but it was very slow and we had nothing to do. First of all, the pulper decided to spit at me and drenched me from the waist down. Then, Ginger and I tried to hide a plate of food we were going to eat from the manager and later realized that it was incredibly visible from where he was standing. Finally, Ginger and I decided to sing and opera about our day, using a big spoon as a microphone. I was laughing so hard I fell over and then started being all dramatic with my hand on my forehead and everything and I look up and, of course, there is our manager. Kirin, Ginger and I basically giggled allllll day. Luckily, our manager was bored too and didn't yell at us for goofing off.

Kirin trimmed my hair. I like it. Short hair is fun. I can put it in pigtails that stick up. Yay!

: Clark has decided to call me Soaky Susie from now on.

: To Leonard's credit, I think Moby was my earliest and most annoying nickname. Although Dunlop is up there. I'm not even sure how he got started calling me Moby, but I think I heard it had something to do with Susanna Banana and a joke about a yellow submarine. Leonard, if you decide to start calling me Moby again, just because I said it was annoying, don't bother because I think it's cute now.

: I've been having more fun with my hair. Probably too much fun. But short hair is so much fun! Ask Leonard!

: I don't ever recall being called "Yummy Moby" but I bought stuff at the grocery store today to make Yummy Balls, these meatballs Mom used to make for us when we were little. No wonder Leonard said "yummy" a lot when he was little. It was ingrained in him through modeling (something I learned about in Psych class (I learned something in Psych class?))

: Tomorrow morning, my cousin Alyson and I are driving up to our great-aunt's funeral in Sandy. Afterwards, Ally is letting me take her car and either stay up at our Uncle Jon's or go home. I think I'll stay up there. If I come home I would be morally inclined to go to work.

: The bag of Marshmallow Maties I bought yesterday is mostly marshmallows. Well, one good thing happened today.

: I went to Aunt Margaret's funeral yesterday. It was sad. Much more depressing than Aunt Carolyn's "funeral" last week. Went to Clark's and gave him a haircut. I'm going back to bed.

: Yippee!!! My project is finally done! it's 1100 and I've been working on it for the past three and a half hours, not to mention the past three and a half weeks, but it's finally done! Now, if only Leonard can finish his philosophy paper on time life will be great. Yippee!

: Kirin and I are bumming around... as usual. I'm going on a "date" tonight with this guy in my ward, Brian. Kind of one of those family kinds of things because I know everyone going. or something. Tomorrow morning I am leaving at 6:00 to go to the bus station to go to Sandy to go to Logan with Clark and his family. Yippee! I get to see Clark! were are going to watch Mystery Men that night and Sunday we are going to Clint's farewell in Bountiful. Then I am going to Uncle Jon's and they are going to bring me back Monday. Monday night, we are hiking the Y for FHE. fun fun fun. I am already tired.

: It's Monday.

: Yippee! I am FINALLY done with my Psych outline! Yay! now I can move on to normal life! I get to work in the bakery today before my normal hours in the dishroom. In the meantime, I think I will work on Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens and Exportation and Transposition and Association and all that lovely crud that goes along with Logic. Yippee!

: I came home from work yesterday (an hour late) with mashed potatos in my eyebrow.

: How do you spell "potatos"? Potatoes? potatoooos? potatos? potats?

: Kirin: I don't know, I'm not an active wine-dancer. How about you?

Susie: Only on Jewish Holidays.

This is what happens when you're making a cheesecake at 1:30 in the morning.

: Angela and I went to the Mount Timpanogos temple this morning.

: Clark came down yesterday. I keep getting these cute little notes from him. Today I got a flower, which has now been added to our growing dead flower collection.

: Done with one more Child Development project, only two more to go. I am so sick of school. Lucky Leonard gets to graduate and move out into the real world. Well, "thuba-ti-ti-ti!" Leonard, I get to move home. Hehehe, no more dorms, hehehe, no more dorms. I think I need a nap, I am flipping out. Maybe it's because I spent the last 4 hours writing about why children whine and describing pictures my cousins drew for me. Or maybe it's because I have to do 15 more Logic Proofs, ack! (acetyl acetone, acetyl acetone). I need a nap. Did I already say that?

: I almost killed Rosie yesterday. She just needed (lots and lots of) water. For some reason Leonard put my page back on California time. Oh well, I'll be moved home in two weeks. hehehe, no more dorms, hehehe, no more dorms. I need a nap.

: Last night, for FHE, we went ice blocking. For those of you who haven't had classes on cheap ways to have fun, ice blocking is where you buy big blocks of ice, drive to a hill (in our case, Rock Canyon Park) sit your bum down on the ice (put a towel on it first) and go sliding down the hill. It's actually a lot more fun if you go down on your stomach, but that's probably because I'm too scared to pick my feet up going the other way.

: This morning I tried to donate blood. After all these forms and questions and stuff, I failed the very last test. They wouldn't let me donate becaue I don't have enough red blood cells in my blood. The Red Cross lady told me to go home and eat some meat and leafy greens. However, I'm not sure I minded getting kicked out, because I was getting pretty nervous being in there with people who have bags of plasma hanging from needles stuck in their arms.

: I sliced my thumb open at work. I had been innocently trying to pick up a glass, which turns out to have broken. It bled a lot, and I had to have some guy go find me a bandaid. I didn't realize it was a "slice" until I got home and my roommates insisted on cleaning it. Kirin and Angela had to tickle me and pin me down, because the alcohol hurt so much. Kirin is braver than I (maybe because it was my thumb with the slice), and she packaged it up quite nicely. I can't french braid, I can't put rubber bands in my hair, and I tie my shoes and do buttons poorly. However, I apparently don't use my right thumb at all when I type.

: We serve 900 little EFY brats a night in the Morris Center. For some reason, I am the only person actually hired to work in this dishroom. Luckily I have managed to look pitiful enough that people help me. It would be absolutely impossible for me to do 900 trays, plus pans and cookie dough vats and all the other fun stuff I get to clean at work.

: I had blocked of a total amount of seven hours to take both parts of my Predicate Logic test (proofs). I finished both parts in an hour this morning. Not only that, it was EASY. YIPPEEEEEE! Now I am going to go home and wait for the mail to come. By the way, Leonard, because you manage to be so funny, I manage to make a fool of my self in the computer lab by giggling everytime I read your webpage.

: Kirin cut another couple of inches off of my hair today. =) I like it.

: This morning I was pouring a bowl of Marshmallow Maties and I hiccuped and I think I pinched a nerve in my back. Hiccuping. In any event, it hurts to move.

: According to Kirin, my hiccuping experience yesterday morning left me with at least two displaced vertebrate. I was forced to lie down on the floor in the hallway and breathe on command while Kirin poked and squished my back. I won't complain though, because I did feel slightly better afterwards. It's nice to know that my spinal column can be thrown out of line by a mere hiccup.

If I drop out of school, can I stop working on this Child Development paper?

: I took my Philosophy final today. I got a 95%, yippee! Mommy left to come get me this morning, I will get home in five days. It's not that far, we are just doing a million things between now and then. Like writing my Child Development paper. Still.

: For dinner I am having White Shells and Cheddar Pasta-Roni with tomatoes- Leonard's idea- and peas- my idea. It's quite yummy. I eat peas with everything. It makes my college diet a tad bit healthier. I love frozen peas. Most people think I'm so weird because I eat them straight out of the bag. It's a habit I've had since I used to watch TV (ah, the good ol' days). You know, the whole mindlessly-eating-while-your-brain-gets-sucked-out kinda thing.

: In our fridge is a big blue bowl full of cookie dough (one flavor, chocolate chip). Except it isn't full anymore because my roommates and I have been eating out of it for the past three days.

: I am back in California. It's hot, the trip was long, I'm tired and going to bed.

: I feel like the "man" of the house. I came home and started doing all kinds of little "fix-its" that needed to be done. I also helped cook and did laundry and cleaned and stuff but that's different. My mom is way cool. She made canned pickles today from cucumbers she grew in her garden. My brother is way cool too. He is coming home on Thursday, yay! I am excited to have bonding time with him. We bond. I'm not sure what over, but we definitely bond.

: My job interview keeps being postponed, so I still haven't even started work. I've just been sitting around the house all day trying to keep busy. fun fun fun.

: I finally have my job interview tomorrow. I am excited to go to San Francisco with my family, yippee!

: My job interview got canceled again. But mommy went to hers and it was good! yay!

: I got an A in Logic and an A- in Child Development. yippee!

: Leonard and I went to the AAA and got tons of maps for our vacation. We are going to go to Pea Soup Anderson's on our way up to San Francisco. Vacation! yay!

: Here I am up in Washington State. All we've done so far is drive. Uncle Leonard's couch made me sick. I took a nap on it and woke up with a sore throat and now I'm sick. I threw up in Leonard's new car too, hehehe. He didn't seem to mind too much.

: Yay, we're finally home. I was really getting sick of being on vacation. It is beginning to look like I will not have a job this summer. My mom doesn't seem to mind as much as she did when I was debating between coming home and going Summer term. So it looks like I will spend the rest of the summer doing fix-it jobs around the house.

: I like you Clark!

: I have no job. Regent Aerospace decided to hire someone else. I now have the option of going back to Utah for the rest of the summer. What to do, what to do.

: I started painting the fence today. It's going to take forever. I have pretty much decided to stay in California for another month.

: Rachel got a FIVE on her AP US History test. That's more than twice as good as I did! We jumped around in the kitchen for a bit.

: Went to dinner at Rachel's friend's house today. I have to borrow other people's friends nowadays.

: I am sick of being home with nothing to do. Now I don't even want to go back to school. *bleagh*

: Today I went to the Olson's new house with Sara Langley and the two of us helped by cleaning out one of the [filthy] bathrooms. It was lots of fun and Sister Olson bought us lunch. I won two free Snapples with my lid. Mom says I always win those under-the-lid games. Well, what can I say?

I also got a letter from Nate today, in the MTC. He sent me a picture of all of the missionaries from our old ward together.

Clark sent me flowers. !~Don't you hate it when guys spend money on you?~! =)

: Today I went to a bunch of craft stores and bought five botles of craft paint and some wooden flowers to paint. It amused me greatly, compared to my usual boredom. I like painting. Dye your hair green Leonard!

Amanda came over yesterday and I got to drive her Jeep (California has a stupid new driving law where you have to have your liscense for 6 months before you can drive with anyone under the age of 20) (she hasn't and I'm 18 so I drove). We went and saw The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. It was incredibly corny.

: I went swimming last night for the first time in almost a year. I really like the way being underwater feels. EVerything is all muddled and thick. It's pleasant. I was also up until 4:00 reading.

: This morning I babysitted for the Smiths'. I can't believe people get paid to sit around and play with little kids when they don't have anything better to be doing.

: I took two little Primary kids to Magic Mountain on Monday. Yesterday, Mom, Rachel and I went down South to meet three of Mom's old roommates and listen to them all gossiping. Today I did absolutely nothing.

: I was sort of productive today. I got housing for the 10 days between the time I move and the time school starts. I got jobs (at the Morris Center) for both me and Clark. Anne called and said she would move me in. I bought a computer. I figured out why my credit card kept being denied. I cooked dinner. I fixed two pairs of pajama pants. Rachel and I walked to Chester Lane Market and bought Flaming Hot Cheetos. We sang Christmas songs. I was sort of productive today.

: I would like to state that I am making this entry from my very own, personal notebook computer. I extend my gratitude to Leonard and the nice Fed Ex man, as well as all of the customer service people at LACC who had to put up with my annoying phone calls. YAY!

: Today Amanda and I (and two other girls) went to a magic show at the convention center. As a magic show, it downright sucked. However, there was a "side act", a guy they called a "piano juggler". I was actually expecting him to pull out some little pianos and juggle them, somewhere among the normal juggling tricks, but instead, at the very end, he got out an electric keyboard and started playing songs by bouncing the rubber balls he had been juggling onto the keys. It was WAY cool and he was pretty good too.

: I have exchanged quite a few emails with my future roommates- Kirin (who I've already lived with), Shari (who I know from last year), Kristi (whose older brother I know from last year), and Tenille and Kristen, who I don't know at all. The latter three are freshman from Utah while the two I already know are Sophomores from Cali. I am looking forward to a better Fall Semester than I had last time around. I talked Mom into letting me have the VCR since one of my roommates got ahold of a TV. I leave in four days.


: I get to move in at 5:00 today. I stayed on campus last night, but I don't have any of my stuff. I had a plastic cup, some cereal, milk and toilet paper that Aunt Carla bought me and my suitcase etc. I went to the Creamery to get a plastic spoon so I could eat my breakfast and then to the Morris Center to see how many hours I'm signed up for this semester. I am very excited to move in. As soon as I eat my Fruity Pebbles I'm going to go buy books. Yippee!

: By the way, in case you were worried, Spot isn't actually dead. He just looks like a dried up weed. However, I am determined to revive him. Poor Spot.

: Three of my roommates moved in. Kristi, at 8:30, about 2 seconds before I decided I should get out of bed and Shari and Kristen while I was hauling my groceries home from Food 4 Less. I wish Sister Davis would get here with the rest of my stuff so that I can unpack the rest of the way.

: The only roommate we are missing now is Kirin. We are all really cute, which makes me happy. I start work back at the good ol' Morris Center tonight, yippee. Clark moves in tonight too, and he is going to take me to Food 4 Less, yay! I love Food 4 Less, it's a wonderful store. It's even better when I don't have to take the bus there and then haul all of my groceries back.

: Half of Spot is just about completely dead. I am still hoping to revive the other half. So far, it is looking pretty grim. =(

Also, just about all of us in 172 (my new apartment) "have missionaries". Two boyfriends, a "friend", a best friend, a brother, and about a hundred good acquaintances. It's fun. We'll be lying in puddles of missionary smit quite often.

: Clark moved in! yay! I cut his hair and got him a job this morning. =)

: I spent three hours trying to correctly install my Ethernet card today. It finally works. However, my port isn't going to be turned on until Monday. grr. And my printer won't even turn on. grr again.

: Missionary smit: smit is the noun form of the adjective smitten. In this case, it is not necessarily smitten as in "have ahuge crush on" just way happy and excited and missing them and stuff. Happy that they are out serving the Lord.

: It has been pouring on and off for the last few days. Like, the street was a river, pouring. I got my new glasses and they are cute. Clark, Kirin, Shari and I are going to go ice skating with two random boys.

: I ended up having to work an extra two hours last night, but it's ok because Tony (our manager) came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be supervisor. That's good. Basically, it just means an extra 50 cents an hour. That's a lot of money. Yippee! I'm the dishroom supervisor at the Morris Center! Yippee!

: I finally got a calling in my ward. I'm a Sunday School teacher. So is Shari. I'm excited, I feel important. I am supposed to read the Four Gospels by tomorrow. I don't think it's going to happen. All of my classes this semester involve tons of reading. yay.

: Today I woke up three minutes before my first class. Needless to say I was late. When I finally got home I had to go off to work for 5 hours, stinky. But I got to go grocery shopping. I love Food 4 Less! I'm tired and I have to get a TB shot tomorrow.

: I get to be the Lion in the play-within-a-play in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I am excited because I get a construction paper mane and a little black nose and whiskers. And I only have eight lines and a roar. Also, I don't have tuberculosis. I was really worried there for a bit when that huge bump appeared on my arm. (not really.) I'm tired of school and of everything else too.

: Today I called home and talked to my little sister for 42 minutes. I have decided that I hate school and I want to quit but I have nothing better to do. What am I going to do with my life? I went to the nursing school today to look at the requirements. It would take me an extra year to get out of school if I did that. (without Spring/Summer)

What am I going to do with my life? I'm open to suggestions. Anyone? ANYONE???

: I haven't dropped out of school yet. I think it's because I already dropped $1600 to be here in the first place. However, I still don't know what I'm going to do with MY LIFE! My tummy hurts and I have to go to class and I couldn't sleep last night and I miss my kitty. On the bright side... I have a Psychology test tomorrow? Does that work? *sigh*

: I have to go take my Abnormal Psych test. I have to study first. And I'm also trying to finish a letter to Nate, I mean "Elder Tenney" (who is off in Germany serving a mission if I haven't mentioned it lately) before I go. And I have some other stuff to mail, hehehe.

I get up pretty late, relative to most of my roommates, and they get loud some mornings. So last night, Shari wrote "Shh! we're sleeping!" on the board on the door to our (me and Kirin) room. It didn't help. They were up and yelling before I even wanted to be up.

: Psych test went.... okay. Does anyone know what the second aim of a subjective diagnostic scale is? It's the one before "treatment implications."

: Today didn't turn out so bad after all. I had to go to work, which always puts a damper on my mood, but when I got there, things started to perk up. Julie and I were putting away cookie sheets in the Bakery when Toni, the manager, and Kirk, the boss boss manager, and his wife came in and told us that from now on, because of the temperatures in the dishroom we are allowed to get one bottled drink, one candy bar, and as many fountain drinks as we want while we're at work. Also, Toni told me that they had put in the papers for my raise and for making me a supervisor. There's been a rumor floating around that all of the student workers are getting a 10 cent raise next month. I have also heard that we get a 10 cent raise when we reach the one-year mark, January for me. So, if the rumormill runs well, I'll be making 70 cents more an hour this january than I was the last. =) that's a happy thing.

: Happy Birthday to me. Yesterday I taught Sunday School for the first time. There were three people in my class. Yay.

: I got the sweetest email from Leonard today. If I had an email page I would put it there, but I don't and even if I did, I think I would still find copy&paste much easier:

>Happy birthday, Susanna. I'm sending you a birthday hug with this email.

Isn't that sweet? =) Thank you, Leonard!

I now see that because this is on California time, when I refer to "yesterday" in entries past midnight, I look really stupid. Oh well. Yesterday, Clark, Kirin and I went up to my Uncle Jon's house and ate dinner there. I made a Texas Sheet Cake, using a bag of powdered sugar with an apostrophe error on it. I got lots of cute drawings from my cute cousins, and they sang to me. I love when people sing "Happy Birthday" to me. I also got sung to at ward prayer last night. It's even better with 175 people doing it. I ALSO got sung to this morning by my roommates when they forced me out of bed at 7:30 to eat biscuits and gravy (yummy!) before their 8:00 classes. Maybe my Shakespeare class will sing to me, hehehe.

: I had a good day today (yesterday). My roommates chipped in and bought me a "Children's Songbook" and Clark bought me various other useful gifts. I'm big on useful gifts. I went to Utah State Hospital, today was my first day volunteering. I work in the Geriatrics Unit, helping with a dance group, a movement group or a health thingy, depending on the day. It's pretty fun. When I got home from that, I found lots of cookies sent from my mommy (balloons too!). We made a rule that no one could eat a cookie that hadn't been dropped on the floor. Then someone knocked on the door and I told them they couldn't come in unless they had a birthday present for me and it was Melissa, one of my old roommates, and she gave me a COOKIE SHEET! which is an old inside joke and we made her eat cookie pieces off the floor.

For FHE we went and got free tacos. And when I got home from my rehearsal I discovered that my roommates had made a cheesecake while I was at work on Saturday, and hid it very well. My hometeachers also made a cake (chocolate!) so we all felt very sick by 10:00. What a wonderful day!

: "eeeew!" Kirin and Susie say in unison while looking at a picture of Celeste's new toy.

I can't believe she put up the pictures I drew her! That was just me goofing off in class! Well, I drew "Mister and Miss Onionhead" later. But still. Eek! Now the entire world can see my doodles!

I went to USH again this morning. I got to walk around with old people. They do laps around the ward. Then we sat in a circle and threw towels at each other. Have you ever thrown a towel at a 70 year-old woman? I only recommend it if she is throwing it back and if you're both smiling. Volunteering is much more fun than I was expecting it to be.

: It is times like these (1:30 in the morning, leaning off a ledge over sticky bushes and Clark dancing on treacherous pokey rocks, trying to decorate a boy's window with hearts saying things like "Happy 'you're old' day" and "Love, your FHE sisters") that I remember what college is all about. Unfortunately, that sentence was so long I forgot again.

: Yesterday was Luau day at the Morris Center. For some ridiculous reason, someone had used goldfish in blue water as centerpieces. So while I was working, a bucket with a bunch of goldfish (mostly dead from the dye) appeared. Tahira (a girl I work with) and I hurried over to claim some. We aren't exactly allowed to have goldfish in on-campus housing (hence Spot, who is sitting dead on our kitchen window-sill, along with Spike, my new and lively plant) but we're hoping no one (that can do anything about it) will notice. I have three- George, Mary and Lyla, the first three names that popped into my head. Clark also got three, but Sam is the only one who has a name so far. We had to run to Target last night to buy food and something to keep them in. I bought a glass pitcher and Clark bought a glass pumkin. It looks really silly, so we are going to buy rocks or something to go in the "tanks".

: George had to be flushed.

: I noticed on Leonard's poll that 'Psychology' is rapidly catching up to 'Drop out of college for a year and run away to Europe and "find her path in life" or some crap like that'. I am wondering if my mom hired some people to come vote.

: I have a headache. In case someone cares.

: Mary is going to be flushed as soon as Clark gets here to do it.

: Clark is in our bathroom (against housing regulations) flushing Lyla, the last of my fish (which I had against housing regulations).

: I think I did really good on my History midterm today. I went over to Shannon's and listened to a tape "Elder Tenney" sent her. It was pretty amusing. Our room is clean. I'm going to go run up the bell tower stairs.

: I got a letter from Nate!!! ("Elder Tenney")

: Tonight, Clark took me to the Choral Showcase, which Kirin, Becky (my former roommate) and Brian (his roommate) were in. It was pretty good. Then Shari, Kirin, Clark and I ordered pizza and watched Anastasia. I love that movie, it's so cute!

: I am eating tator tots. I think my roommates hate me. Rosie is dying.

: Why is Celeste barely starting school and I've already been here for six weeks??? I guess that's six fewer weeks I have to go through now. Blah. Back to memorizing lines from Merchant of Venice.

: Tonight at work, Silverware Boy decided he wanted to squirt Sandy with one of the hoses which squirt really, really hot, high pressure water. I don't think Sandy minded nearly as much as I did. I've been waiting to get email from my mommy for days. I finally got some today.

: Last night, Clark was kinda sorta giving me a piggy-back ride kinda sorta by the back stairs and I kinda sorta tripped him and I kinda sorta have a big bump on my forehead. It hurts too. I made homemade tacos and took him some at work and worked for him so he could eat. I taught Sunday School with Ren today. I don't think I'm a very good Sunday School teacher. Mike Rasmussen leaves on his mission in ten days and the phone number I have for him is not working well. Grr.

: I won a ticket to General Conference! Yay! The bishop somehow got five of them and everyone who wanted to go got into a drawing and I won! Shari and Wendy (my FHE mom) got tickets too. It's for the Sunday afternoon session, which is "the best one" and it's in the new Conference Center in Salt Lake. I'm way excited. Yup yup. Not only that a bunch of my roommates are going out of town next weekend. Between killing Shari's plant and breaking the phone cord while Kirin was on the phone long-distance with her lover boy, I'm not doing so great with them. Whatever.

: I just went running up and down the bell tower stairs with Clark. It feels good to get some exercise occasionally. I did laundry today and line-danced to "My Achey-Breaky Heart" with the elderly folk at USH (Utah State Hospital, once again, for those not "in the know"). I also planned my schedule for Winter Semester BLEAGH! I am taking classes for three different majors because I still don't know which one (if any) I'm going to do. I also get to take a drawing class, and ice skating. I'm an awful drawerer and I don't ice skate very well either but I guess that's why I'm taking those classes. Time to read History, yay!

: For Christmas Leonard bought me a big Piglet pillow. Isn't that the sweetest gift? I just love it. =) Yeah I know Christmas was a while ago, but I still love my Piglet pillow!

: We are on the semester system, Celeste. We have two 16 week semesters, on from August to December and one from January to April. Then we have two terms, Spring and Summer, both of which are 8 weeks long. There's a two week break before Fall semester and the whole cycle starts over again! It's an endless perpetual ongoing awful mess! ack! anyway...

Clark is downstairs getting my sewing machine. I am going to fix everything in our apartment with holes in it. Well, clothing-wise at least. Then I'm going to study for my Shakespeare test.. "Sit Jessica. Look how the floor of heaven is thick inlaid with patens of bright gold." Etc.

: I went to the Career Fair this afternoon. I got tons of cool free toys, including but not limited to, a glow-in-the-dark miniature basketball, a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo and a glow stick. I also got another letter from "Elder Tenney" today. It was addressed to "pot-head" which we're assuming is me. It was a really good letter, but it was half in German and I had to go in search of a German dictionary. I have to take my Shakespeare test tomorrow. Then on Friday I have my Abnormal Psych test. The Testing Center is evil!!!

: I have two tests tomorrow. I haven't started studying for psych yet. I can put it off until Monday but I don't think I'll be able to study this weekend. Levi is getting his wisdom teeth pulled out and he couldn't find a sub so I have to work the first part of his shift and then deal without him once my normal shift begins. This really sucks. Grr.

On, the bright side, I got an A- on my History test. And a package from my mommy =)

: My Shakespeare test went ok. I didn't take the psych one. Clark took me bowling and I creamed him. I got 120 and it's the first time I've ever even broken 100. Then we climbed the SWKT and went out to ice cream.

: Today was the first day of Conference. So I got up and watched it, then went to work, then came home, then sat around, then went shopping with Clark, Brett (his roommate) and Liz (one of my old roommates). We went to Target to get our pictures (yay!) and then on to Food 4 Less. Then I decided to put some of my groceries away in the highest cupboard in my room and I managed to bust my sewing box (all over the floor). Shari managed to fix it for my while I picked up all... yeah ALL of the pins and needles.

I love shopping. I was at least able to spend money today. Clark had to restrain me from doing so earlier this week. That's how much I like shopping.

: Went to the afternoon session of Conference today. It was REALLY good and the Conference Center is HUGE!! Getting there was interesting. Shari's car overheated in Sandy and we had to call Clark's dad to come get us and take us to the Conference Center in Salt Lake. Getting home was even more interesting. Two of the girls we went up with stuffed themselves in with some people from our ward. Shari and I took the TRAX to Sandy and made Clark drive up and get us. Then we went to Clark's house and ate really a lot of really good food. Then we came home. Shari's car is still in Sandy. We think it's badly injured.

Our roommates are back (most of them). So I don't have my own room anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do about my psychology test tomorrow and for that matter I have to have Edward the Third read by 1:00. *blah* on school.

: My Abnormal Psych test went really well. Most of the stuff on it was stuff I already know from taking Intro to Psych last Fall. I got an email from Rachel, which always makes my day. My room is clean and I kind of ate real food. Today has been a pretty good day. If I am productive after FHE then life will be good.

: I was up an hour and a half before class and it's raining. Today is going to be a happy day.

: I just got an email from "Bill Shakespeare." Today: I did really bad on my History quiz. I got a [very late] birthday present from Rachel. It was really cute, I like it! I went to work. That's about it.

: My kitty died. I am very, very unhappy. =(

: Clark brought me flowers last night, for our anniversary. Isn't that sweet? They're roses and they're sitting right here on my desk. I came home from class to another nice surprise- 50 pounds of peaches! My uncle has been promising to send me some this harvest since Thanksgiving. We are going to be doing lots of baking. I miss my kitty.

: I miss my kitty lots and lots. =( Wah!!! Plus, I haven't started my Shakespeare paper. grr

: Today I went to Shakespeare, took care of Clark (he's sick), took a three hour nap, wrote most of my Shakespeare paper, took more care of Clark and did the dishes. Oh and I finally sorta cleaned my room up a bit. Two of my roommates are in the kitchen watching Spaceballs. Clark and I are going to Homecoming next weekend at the Salt Palace. That means I get to wear a fancy dress and paint my nails (which I never get to do anymore, because of work). I'm excited. I miss my kitty. =(

: I worked yesterday. Eight hours. Today I went to class. Then I went to the fabric store and spent a lot of money. I needed to make me a pillow cover for my cloud pillow! I have a New Testament test tomorrow.

: My New Testament test took six minutes. I don't think it was supposed to. Maybe that's why I didn't do so great. Hmm. I went to class. I cut up some peaches for cobbler tonight. I went to work. I might be getting three more hours on Wednesdays, 7-10. That's good because it's more money. That's bad because on Wednesdays I volunteer from 9-11 and then I have class from 1-630 and I would have to go to work at 7. But it's more money.

: Today has been a long day. On the bright side, My Psych professor didn't show up so I got up and left, and cleaning inspections went well- no redos. On the other side, I'm very tired and I still have two more exceedingly long days ahead of me. Blah, Saturday and Sunday are going to be awful too. grr I have to sub for Levi and teach Sunday School.

: Today was a long day. It was my first day going to USH on Thursday mornings, which I have to do from now on. From there I went straight to a meeting that lasted until New Testament, which was good. Then History, also good, and then work, not so good. Turns out I do have to work on Wednesday nights from now on. so Wednesdays and Thursdays are going to be incredibly long for the rest of the semester.

On the bright side, Clark and I are going to Homecoming tomorrow night. We are going to a dance at the Salt Palace and the theme is "Minuit en Paris" and it had a picture of L'Arche de Triomphe which is why I told Clark to take me to this one. Kirin is forcing me to read 2 Henry IV for my quiz tomorrow so off I go!

: *Yawn* Homecoming was last night. It was lots of fun, lots of dancing, Clark made me dinner, how sweet. I'm tired, but I have tons of reading to do this weekend and I have to be at work at 300. So I got up.

: I tried to vote just now. I got my absentee ballot in the mail a few days ago. I managed to work up an opinion on most of the "Measures Submitted to Voters" and even some of the candidates for US Senate etc. However, despite a few discussions with Clark, Shari and Liz and some yelling from Kristi and Kristen, I have no clue which Presidential candidate I am going to vote for.

: My Sunday School Lesson went well today =) that made me happy. Shari and I did Visiting Teaching and we got Home Taught too. Clark registers in six hours. He is going to register a drawing class for me because I don't register until next Monday. I am excited to take a drawing class. I'm also taking ice skating with Clark. And Human Anatomy and Doctrine and Covenants and Social Psychology and Statistics. Blah. Clark has my schedule I hope it's still all worked out. I had a long day and I haven't gotten anything done.

: For FHE we wrote letters to missionaries. I really need to get around to mailing the one I have for Nate. I made cupcakes and put green frosting on them. I also got Clark a big white sheet so he can be a ghost for Halloween. I want to be a ghost!

: I went to Food 4 Less and bought garbanzo beans and kidney beans. I have plenty of green beans and corn for my salad, but I was missing those other two beans. I don't know how that happened. I also bought tortillas; I have about a million cans of refried beans up about my closet. I love grocery shopping =)

: Today was a long day but not nearly as long as tomorrow and Thursday will be. Happy Birthday to Celeste, who sent me the sweetest email in response to my sweet email. Aren't we so sweet?

I'm not taking ice skating. There is a $55 fee. However, that will give me a lot more options on my schedule. My fingers look nasty and all cut up from work. I dropped a glass straight onto the floor. One of my "employees" burned her foot boiling silverware. I have an Isaiah test and a Abnormal Psychology test this week.

By the way, Health and the Aging Process is a class I am taking next semester for my Gerontology minor. It's about health and the aging process. It is not about cheese. The only kind of cheese I ever eat is Colby Jack, it is sooo yummy. =)

: Today was a long day. I've been saying for almost a week now that Wednesdays are going to be even longer. And today was. Long that is. Hospital class meeting class work. It doesn't sound that long but there is thirteen hours packed in there, 45 minutes of which I was home.

USH was fun today. It's always fun actually, but today I finally got to go swimming. Well, it wasn't much of swimming. I walked with the ladies back and forth in the pool and helped them get dressed. But it was still fun. I really want to go to bed, but I still have more reading I should do. blah, I say, blah!

: I was up late last night redoing my schedule for the fourth time. This time, the psych class I was going to take was completely full and I couldn't find something ro replace it. (I finally chose RMYL 370 [Recreation Management and Youth Leadership], Into to Therapeutic Recreation). So far everything else looks like it might be ok. Except that I don't register until Monday. Grr.

: I got a letter!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! (From Nate, I mean "Elder Tenney", my missionary!!!) =)

: Isaiah test went pretty well. It was lots of writing. I don't know if I'm going to end up taking Psych tomorrow. I went shopping and bought a case of Instant Lunches, a bag of Shel-roni and soap that was buy-one-get-one-free and on sale. I like shopping. I also finished voting and my absentee ballot gets sent off tomorrow. I feel so partiotic!

: Last night Clark indicated that he wanted me to make him pancakes this morning while he studied for his Chem 227 test. But he's still asleep!! He was supposed to get up at nine and study. What is wrong with men these days??

: It's daylight savings and we didn't know it and now we have an entire hour before church and we're all ready. Stinky.

: I just broke Kirin's heart by informing her that "Lump" does not have the word "love" in it and not only that, everytime she thought it said "love" it's actually "lump". Poor Kirin. I'm off to be a... well more on my costume later, but I'm going to a Halloween party.

: Costumes you can make out of a fitted sheet: 1-ghost 2-mattress 3-pillow 4-cloud 5-showercap 6-wall camoflauge 7-bat/flying squirrel 8-angel 9-mummy 10-80s prom dress 11-superhero 12-king/queen 13-piece of modern art 14-canoe 15-bowl 16-tooth/tusk 17-florescent light bulb 18-mashed potatoes 19-stripe in the road 20-burrito 21-blob of lotion/whipped cream/sour cream/shaving cream 22-rock 23-stupid person in a sheet 24-used Kleenex 25-Roman 26-shower curtain.

The dance was fun. Clark and I have this method which basically consists of me telling him what to do and him acting like he knows what he's doing. He was a ghost.

: I did basically nothing all day today. It rained. A lot. And snowed. A little. My throat hurts. No getting sick! Bad girl!

: I won something!! I was randomly playing games on the net (here) and the only thing the points I win are any good for is drawings. So I entered a bunch of them and I won a $25 gift certificate to TGIFridays. We'll see if anything actually shows up.

: My throat hurts like heck but everything else feels fine. I can barely talk and it's painful. Vie (the hall advisor) says I might have strep. Does anyone know anything about this?

: I'm sick and I have to work today. Not only could I not get ahold of anyone to sub for me, the one person I did get ahold of informed me that she quit. So I have to work her shift too, not counting the hour and a half where it over laps. Thursdays are bad at work anyway and I hurt all over and blah!!

On the bright side, I got my new driver's license in the mail today.

: Kristen and I spent 2 1/2 hours in the UVRMCER tonight. It was fairly fruitless. Well, I got a perscription and we both got some homework done. And we enjoyed listening to other people's conversations.

: I got a total of three people to cover parts of my shift last night. They owed me anyway. I'm still sick. Sicker, in fact. and I have to take my shakespeare test today. BLAH!

: Kirin and Shari just left for a dance in Salt Lake and won't be home until at least 100. Kristen and Tenille went home for the weekend. And I haven't seen Kristi since she left for her date last night. *sigh* it feels very nice to be sitting around in my PJs with my hair in a towel and no one around. ahhhh...

I've been carrying my box of Kleenex around with me for the past two days. I took it to the LRC to listen to King Lear while I read *good girl* and to my Hist 202 study group *good girl*. I even took it to work. I've been so productive today! Now I'm going to clean and go to bed. =) yay! bed!

: It's snowing!!!!!

: I had to work today. The pulper broke. I think I say that just about every day when I get home from work, but it really did break today. What do you do when you didn't turn something on, but it's on and you turn it off and it doesn't turn off, then you notice it IS off, it's just squirting water everywhere... ? Ho, plus I took off the box that said "Do not take off to clean" and couldn't get it back on. Oopsie. This package also comes complete with scary noises, three clueless coworkers and lots of broken glass. It does not, however, include a manager, a lunch break, or a ride home. Free gift-wrapping available and participating stores.

: It's sticking!!!!! Not to the sidewalks, of course, but to the trees and cars and even some of the grass =) yay for snow!

: Elections! There are some girls watching CNN in the lobby and screaming everytime Bush "wins" another state. Shari and I really want to go... give them a talking to.

: I wrote my psych paper. It wasn't so bad after I turned CNN off and actually started writing it. No mail yet. We live for mail. It's awful. Kirin sent me a forward about college people and stuff like that. Maybe I can find it somewhere around here... My desk is stuffed full of things that I could put elsewhere if my checkbook were balanced. Off to class, then to the 465 other things I have to do today. Wohoo. I love you mommy!

: I have one-half of my New Testament paper done. One-half to go plus studying for my History midterm tomorrow. Today I was at a study session until 800 and it was very dark and Clark was at work and I called my home teachers and they came and walked me home, isn't that so sweet?!? I hate walking home alone in the dark. Back to writing NT.

: It really is snowing today. There was already about four inches when we woke up and it's been snowing all day. Just cute, gentle snows. I've decided that I like snowing a lot better than the actual snow. All of the snow I've interacted with yet has been the slush left on the sidewalks and parking lots and that isn't the fun snow. But I do like to watch it fall. Hurray for snow!

: More pulper horror stories. Bowl goes down. Pulper turns itself off. Piles of dishes and bread bowls pile up (in the pulper trough) while my scanty crew (three of us) tries to at least stay up with the stuff coming in. We had piles of stuff everywhere. No glass holders. Glasses everywhere. It feels good to complain. It was still fun.

It's been sprinkling snow all day basically. Tiny amounts of it, but it's cold enough that last nights 6 inches or whatever is still piled up everywhere. I'm glad my Wednesdays and Thursdays are over for this week. I'm going to bed. Good night =)

: More snow. We're estimating a total of eight inches in the past two days. I got a letter from "Elder Tenney" today, and two bank statements and a picture of me and my sweetie pie at the Homecoming dance. Mail is good =) I would put that picture up if I had a scanner. It's very cute =) My letter from Nate was quite long. He also sent me a postcard in German. hehe

: A slightly less productive Saturday than last week. I mailed Nate a package and got some other missionary addresses from the MTC. I goofed off. Went around my building getting "box tops for education"s from everyone. Kirin and I managed to get 75. I went to work. I'm going to Shopko. I might go to bed at some point. goodnight.

: I taught a very good Sunday School lesson today- to two people. But it was a good lesson! We all ate dinner together as an apartment. An actual healthy meal too. Kirin and I do Tae-Bo together nowadays, in case I haven't mentioned that yet. The video is really stupid, but it's kinda fun to punch and kick and stretch and stuff. I have a ton of stuff I want to do before bed and it's already 1230 so I'd better get to it.

: It's snowing big flakes, it's cold and all of campus is closed for the rededication of the library. I don't understand what is so important about this dedication, but my class was canceled, there's nowhere to eat but vending machines and the First Presidency is here.

: I completely slept through my History class and now I have to go to work and I'm hungry and have nothing to eat. grr. On a brighter side... um... my room is messy? oh dear...

: Today at work Terry (a manager sort of person) came up to me and gave me my very own special name tag that says "Susanna R, Student Supervisor, Morris Center Dining". I felt very special =)

I had my very first Krispy Kreme doughnut today. I was not impressed. I don't really like doughnuts anyway.

: Today I corrected Professor Shakespeare's punctuation. He wrote " #'s " and there isn't supposed to be an apostrophe. I got made fun of, but I was right, Brad Olson is an English major and he agreed with me. I just took my psych test and it went ok. I'm glad it's over. Oh, and on the way to the Testing Center I ran into Tom Jackman. Well, Brent too, but I have a class with him and it's not quite as weird to see him on campus as it is to see Tom especially since Tom was probably supposed to be in high school in California today.

: We had cleaning checks today, they went well. I worked. Clark and I went on a date to Target. It was tons of fun =) I think Target is my favorite store. I didn't even spend any money!!

Oh and I also gave myself a haircut. Well, Clark did most of it, and Kristen even got in on the action. It's about chin length, maybe Leonard will like now. No ponytails for me, but maybe I'll look better in the stupid hat I have to wear at work. I'm glad it's Sunday. I can sleep in, I'm so tired!

: I am at the library and Clark is using my 'puter to do his Computer Science project. I'm supposed to be writing my history paper... I have one page of notes that is going to have to turn into eight pages of paper. I also noticed that I have a History quiz tomorrow and therefore have to do alllll of the reading and it's boring. Bleh. I'm hungry.

: The other day I argued a bill I got from housing for $269.50 and ended up paying $17.25. They were confused on $234 of it, and $34.50 was a charge for not doing my cleaning. I apparently forgot to clean the microwave when I moved out Spring Term. So I looked really cute and the housing manager only made me pay half of it. That's fair, since I don't exactly remember cleaning the microwave...

: The last of our roommates just left. It's just me and Shari until Sunday. Well, me, Shari, several papers and a rather large, um, project that certain people who may read this aren't allowed to know about. I'm going to go start my History paper (Galileo) before I get started on other things.

: Today on CNN, a reporter kept emphasizing the fact that the hand count (which is no longer being done) in the Miami-Wade County of Florida had been moved to the 19th floor, which is one floor above the 18th. That's the 19th floor. That's one floor about the 18th, mind you. CNN needs to be made fun of.

: I feel so productive! Today I wrote over three pages of my 8-10 page paper for History and I also worked bunches on my project. I haven't even been outside today, but my room is clean and I feel productive. Shari and I are going to watch a girl movie now and get to bed, 'cause we have to drive to Salt Lake tomorrow.

: I spent Thanksgiving at Jon and Sharon's in Murray. It was quite fun. We watched Chicken Run. Alyson and Dave were there with their cutie little baby, Atticus, and Kristen was there as well. Much fun. I'm exhausted.

: Wohoo!! I managed to get more than four pages of my paper on less than one page of notes. Now to get the other four from the other less than one...

: Shari and I finished our project. Hurray! We were up until 2 AM. I should probably go do laundry before people get home from vacation.

: I got to work today after we'd been closed for three days and there was a layer of moldy water sitting in the pulper. There were also four carts of dirty moldy dishes and two sinks full of dirty dishes and moldy water. It was quite nasty, but not as nasty as it was when we turned the pulper on. Once the mess got cleaned up it was a pretty easy day.

I'm glad Clark's back. I missed him a lot. I made a cake, I think I'll go eat some.

: DON'T DRINK RED BULL!!! I learned that lesson on December 17, 1999. And what a lesson it was. ;)

: Wohoo!! I just fixed the $508 bill I got from student accounts. It wasn't the random $955 housing charged me after all! I'm quite excited. All I have to do now is convince them that I returned my key, which I did.

: Long day. Several more ahead of me. bleh.

: Last night: No hot water. No heat. Kirin washed her hair in the kitchen sink and we discovered that the pipes weren't exactly attached, as in we flooded the kitchen. The two of us were up until 230. I had to get up at 700. bleh.

I got up at 700. Phil, my supervisor at USH, picked me up at 745. We took some patients to the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake. It was quite fun, but I slept the whole way home. I want to take a nap before our ward party tonight, but I need to finish my Shakespeare paper.

Today I learned that it's dark at 7 AM. Who'd a thunk?

: Clark brought me flowers today =) He said he asked the lady in the flower shop to pick out something that would make me smile and that the girls behind him in line were jealous. What a sweetie pie!

: I was on TV! We went to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with standby tickets and got really good seats and later we watched part of the broadcast and we were there, singing "Silent Night" =) It was way fun, we got really good seats and while we were standing in line, for like an hour, we sang Christmas songs with random people, and even adopted parents of the people in front of us, and they sang with us too and we recorded some for Nate. Mommy, did you see me on TV? I get paid today, wohoo!

: Last night, for FHE, we went to see "Miracle on 34th Street" and it was really cute =) We only have three more days of class, including today, yippee! And today is Friday classes, because Friday is a reading day, so I only have to go to one class, even though I don't like it very much. I am sooo determined to send Nate's package today, even if his tape isn't done. I just don't have that much to say. Anyone have anything to say to "Elder Tenney"?

: I just popped out two short papers for Psych tomorrow. yay, I'm glad that's done with. I have lots to do before finals, I need to organize myself and make the most of reading days. Only two more days of class! yippee!

: Today I got a letter from Elder Rasmussen. I also got a new debit card, hurray! Classes are finally over. All that's left is finals...

: I was entirely unproductive today. However, Clark took me out to dinner at Sizzler and that was yummy! meat, meat!!

: I am doing laundry. Still. I made sugar cookies today and I called my mommy to get a frosting recipe and it was soooo yummy! It tasted just like her frosting =) I didn't do very much studying, but I think I'll be able to take my psych test on Monday. Looks like I get to move into my new apartment on Friday, before I leave for home, which is good. I am excited to go home and see my family and my kitty and to meet Celeste and for Clark to come. And for school to be over. And work. bleh. I'm going to do mending after I finish my laundry. Anything to prevent studying, eh?

: And I got a tape from "Elder Tenney" today. It was fun to listen to him going on about his mission and how much he misses his family while we made sugar cookies. =)

: It's snowing! yay! It hasn't snowed in weeks, but it sure is snowing now. I'm so excited to go home. Unfortunatly I still have to live through finals. Bleh! they keep not getting over with!

: I just took my psych final. 75.8!!!!! What kind of a grade is that! This is one of the few classes I had a shot at an A in. I think I lost that chance. I'm on Clark's computer in the Chemistry lab, which is entirely illegal, but I wanted to see which questions I missed. Off to take New Testament, that will go even worse, I'm sure. Bleh!!!!

: Ok well New Testament went much better than expected. I got a 94% Yeah that's really good, I might get an A in there now, because of all the fluff grades, but it's only 2 credits, all religion classes are.

I went to the bookstore just now and checked out my books for next semester. The total was $430. That is like three times as much as I spent this semester. That's absurd. Of course, I may or may not end up taking Social Psych and I have to buy this $98 anatomy book and a bunch of workbooks and stuff for German that totals $115. Absurd. And, naturally, there is a new edition of the anatomy thing so I can't buy a used one. On the bright side of textbooks, I sold all mine back yesterday and got $116. That is very good considering I kept my Riverside Shakespeare and I paid something like $260 total.

Speaking of Shakespeare, I have my final at 300. Hmm. I have my lines memorized and the sonnets down. I think I'll do fine. I have Isaiah at 700 however and I'm not so sure about that one. I really want to write the Messiah essay but I don't think it's going to be an option. Clark wants to write on idols. Silly boy. I'm going to try and squeeze an hour or so of work in there somewhere.

I look dang cute today. =) I had time to curl my hair. I am so excited to move but more so for going home. We're leaving at 600 Saturday morning. Hurray for Clark coming home with me, Hurray for seeing my family and kitties again, and Hurray for meeting Celeste. Yay!

: We made a cheesecake for Tenille's birthday tomorrow (today) in 1711. It is being stored in 17B until 530 tomorrow morning so we can make her eat it before she goes to take her final and go home. Even though we made the mistake of not having any of the ingredients upstairs, we managed to cover it up and hide everything from her, hehehe.

: I'm packing and it feels good. Right now I'm dragging all of my dishes etc. and sticking them on the kitchen table because I don't have boxes to put them in. I have my suitcases all tidy and cute sitting next to my bed. One of them is crammed full of Christmas presents. Well, only one of them takes up any room, but it's quite large. hehehe and I'm not telling what it is!! =)

: Wohoo! Finally home, finally moved out of my old apartment. Clark is enjoying himself with the cats. He likes cats, it's almost as adorable as how much he likes ducks. It's nice to be home and even nicer to not have class and even nicerest to go shopping and buy stuff for people and wrap presents hehehe. Fun fun fun.

: I was all productive today. I vaccuumed the walls of my bedroom and cleaned out some stuff from the attic and ripped up some fabric. That was more productive than it sounds. Leonard, I think you have more stuff in the attic than you think, more than mom thought anyway. Just so you know.

What being cute got me today: I was supposed to mail something for Rachel and it had to be postmarked today and my mom noticed it lying on the table at 530 PM. oops. So we went to the post office and my mom talked to a guy through the drop box and he was leaving and I was all cute and said "this has to be post-marked by today" and he asked me what it was and I said "it's a scholarship application" and he went running out to the truck for me. =) haha.

: Yesterday was rather productive too. I got rid of a bunch more junk I'd been saving since high school. Mommy and I went and looked at another house, followed by wallpaper stores. We have big plans. I like this house better, because it has three bedrooms. Today is Grandma's birthday and we're taking her to the Olive Garden. Oh, and the big pile of leaves in front of our house finally got taken away this morning. Ok, back to shredding essays I wrote my freshman year of high school...



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