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: I got a 76% on my FSN test. I'm going to get a C in there, then I'll never get a scholarship and I won't be able to stay in college and I'll flunk out and work at McDonald's for the rest of my life.

: Last night, Clark and I, and Missy and Rebekah (and dates) went to Preference in Salt Lake. We got there early so we had a chance to walk up to Temple Square and take silly pictures of the guys proposing to us and basically just messing around. Then of course we went to the dance and, well danced.

: Maybe I won't flunk out of school after all. I would be missing too much fun. I went to work today. I love work. I work in the dishroom at Morris Dining (I do dishes for $6.15 an hour). I stand in a hot, smelly room for hours on end unloading endless dishes from a commercial washer that washes at 180 degrees, or slopping food off of plates, or scrubbing dried mashed potatoes out of pans. I love my job.

: Tonight Alyson and Dave are taking me and Clark up to Jon and Sharon's for a little family reunion. Uncle Leonard and Uncle Robert are there, and all of Jon's kids. I'm excited. Free food and a bunch of cute little kids.

: I let Clark cut three inches off my hair.

: I got a 70.5% on my Psychology test. I'm going to get a C in there, then I'll never get a scholarship and I won't be able to stay in college and I'll flunk out and work at McDonald's for the rest of my life.

: I got a plant today. Its name is Spot. Clark brought it to me. They were having a "Plant a Flower" booth outside the WILK.

: Yay! I finished my paper for History 120! yay!

: Mark informed me that he got a job shredding paper six hours a day at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace. What exactly do they need him to shred for six hours a day? Watergate documents?

: I got my History 120 test back today. I got a 98% on the essay and a 45% on the multiple choice. Is that polar or what?

: Took my Religion test. I got an 85.7%. maybe I won't flunk out of school after all. I'm hungry.

: Is Leonard ever going to email me back? I can't tell...

: Clark and I went to a [free] jazz ensemble concert tonight. We knew two of the saxophone players. It was really good and, uh, jazzy.

: It's sunny. It's March. It's Utah. It snowed last week. hmmm

: I made sugar cookies. Anybody want one?

: Tonight Josh Oman (my mom's mom's sister's son's son) came down from Sandy with one of his friends from high school (Bob) and they and Clark took out me, Alaina and Kirin. We went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make chicken salad and a cake for dessert. Then we came back to my apartment, cooked and ate and then played games. So if one of my roommates marries my mom's mom's sister's son's son's friend from high school, are we related?

: At BYU, every building has at least one piano in it. The only ones with one are the dorms. Most building have hundreds. Thousands even. Pianos in the theatres, pianos in the lobbies, pianos in all the classrooms, pianos, pianos everwhere. Piano in room 17 C which is where some very sqeaky soprano is practicing right now, which is just below apartment 175 bedroom 3 which is where I am typing right now. How annoying. Stupid pianos.

: Yay! We have cleaning inspections tomorrow morning at eight! That means that my roommates and I will be up until all hours making our apartment spotless for the all-seeing eye of Megan, our fearless, white-gloved RA. Not really. We'll probably only be up until two.

: Seven guys in our ward who are in an a cappella group performed tonight and Clark took me to go see them. They're pretty good. I don't understand the fascination BYU has with a cappella groups. Lucky for them, they're cute guys and they sing well.

: I'm excited to go home for "Spring Break". BYU doesn't really have a Spring Break. We have finals the week before Easter and you can go home and stay home as soon as you're done until the beginning of Fall Semester in August. However, since I am going Spring and Summer terms, I get to pay $200 to fly home for three days and then come back to school, school, school. Yay.

: I broke a bunch of bowls at work today. I was moving a big stack so I could put them into the washer and they toppled over and went *splat* on the floor. hehehehehe =)

: Yesterday, after work, Clark and I went and played volleyball with a bunch of guys in our ward. I was the only girl for most of the time. Even though I was in volleyball for two years in junior high, I still suck. But it was fun.

: For some reason I got ambitious today. Okay, so I didn't even make it to any classes, but I did make it down to the Central Building to check out a sewing machine. I mended and then I went to the fabric store to buy stuff to make a quilt with. I am going to make a quilt. Probably not in one night, but I am going to make a quilt.

: Last night Clark took me to another [free] jazz concert. Nate and Justus were in this one. Justus plays the trumpet. Justus plays the trumpet loudly. Justus leans back and looks like he is going to fall over when he plays the trumpet loudly. It's cute.

: Today, with Clark's help, I made the top part of a quilt. It is green and Rugrats fabric, patchworked. I think it took about eight hours and we had to redesign it about four times because neither Clark nor I have math skills decent enough to realize that eight times six times two is different from eight times six squared.

: I also attempted to make English Toffee from my mom's recipe. When the recipe says "heat to 280 degrees" don't heat to 320. It turns out a little burnt. The toffee still tastes ok. Becky said I was domestic, with the quilt and the toffee and getting my boyfriend to iron (parts of the quilt). Is that the measure of domesticity?

: I am a soapdish.

: It was, like, 80 degrees this past week. I wandered into the kitchen today and discovered that it was snowing. I don't understand Utah. I also got eleven pounds of [perscription] drugs in the mail. They weren't mine.

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