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: Last night, Clark and I, and Missy and Rebekah (and dates) went to Preference in Salt Lake. We got there early so we had a chance to walk up to Temple Square and take silly pictures of the guys proposing to us and basically just messing around. Then of course we went to the dance and, well danced.

: Maybe I won't flunk out of school after all. I would be missing too much fun. I went to work today. I love work. I work in the dishroom at Morris Dining (I do dishes for $6.15 an hour). I stand in a hot, smelly room for hours on end unloading endless dishes from a commercial washer that washes at 180 degrees, or slopping food off of plates, or scrubbing dried mashed potatoes out of pans. I love my job.

: Tonight Alyson and Dave are taking me and Clark up to Jon and Sharon's for a little family reunion. Uncle Leonard and Uncle Robert are there, and all of Jon's kids. I'm excited. Free food and a bunch of cute little kids.


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