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: Last night Clark took me to another [free] jazz concert. Nate and Justus were in this one. Justus plays the trumpet. Justus plays the trumpet loudly. Justus leans back and looks like he is going to fall over when he plays the trumpet loudly. It's cute.

: Today, with Clark's help, I made the top part of a quilt. It is green and Rugrats fabric, patchworked. I think it took about eight hours and we had to redesign it about four times because neither Clark nor I have math skills decent enough to realize that eight times six times two is different from eight times six squared.

: I also attempted to make English Toffee from my mom's recipe. When the recipe says "heat to 280 degrees" don't heat to 320. It turns out a little burnt. The toffee still tastes ok. Becky said I was domestic, with the quilt and the toffee and getting my boyfriend to iron (parts of the quilt). Is that the measure of domesticity?

: I am a soapdish.

: It was, like, 80 degrees this past week. I wandered into the kitchen today and discovered that it was snowing. I don't understand Utah. I also got eleven pounds of [perscription] drugs in the mail. They weren't mine.


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