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: Yay! I feel cool, I have a whole blank notebook to write in! This weekend is General Conference, which means that I went to work and couldn't get in. Apparently, the Morris Dining Center has funny hours for Conference, and someone neglected to tell their employees. So I showed up an hour late for work. No one cared. .

: Sunday. Sat on my butt. Hand stitched one side of my quilt. Slept. I was pretty productive, huh? It's okay though, because I plan on making macaroni and cheese later on. My contribution to society for the day.

: Our power went off at 4:30 this morning. It just barely came back on. If there's one good thing we've gained from technology, it's batteries so our alarms will still work when everything else fails.

: I studied all day today, doing homework and the like. I didn't even take a nap. I hope this doesn't become a habit. My productive balance might actually end up positive.

: study, class, meeting, test, pack, class, study, recital, food, pack, pack, study, pack... sleep!!!

: We just had our check-out meeting. Luckily, I am not stuck being the last person to leave. On the other hand, I can't put any of the boxes I've packed downstairs until my roommates move all of their unpacked boxes, which they won't do for a while. I hate packing, it makes everything all messy. I should just get rid of all of my stuff. Yeah, there we go... we have a dumpster somewhere around here...

: Tonight we had a big party that was basically an excuse to play tug-of-war over the "moat" and get our hall presidents all muddy. Our hall won. 'Cause we're all such big buff girls. Actually, we had a hall full of big buff guys on our team. But we still won.

: There is a Carroll Hall sleepover going on in the basement. Apparently, during the slide show, there was a lovely picture of me and my roommate Melissa sitting on the floor in the kitchen wearing or sitting on or surrounded by every single pot we own. Silly girls. "We're on pot."

: I broke two glasses at work today. I think I was nervous. A bunch of people didn't show up so it was bad. I slammed one of the glasses into the counter (accidentally), shattering it in my hand. Three hours later I noticed that it had cut me.

: Clark is sooo sweet! He is in St. George this weekend with his family and today there was a knock on the door... He sent me daisies and the cutest note. My roommates and I are all gushy today, with the flowers Clark sent me and the letter Becky got from her missionary.

: Our whole ward went up (and up) to Timp Lodge last night for our closing social. Free food, loud music and general fun. I came, I played frisbee, I ate free food, I played on the swings, I ate free food, I danced, I left early.

: Leonard is going to pay for my wedding. All I have to do is lend him $50-100 now. I figure he is going to cover for the rate of inflation between now and the time I actually find someone to marry, plus interest, plus he'll be rich by then. Maybe, if I'm lucky, he'll be rich by then.

: I have a physical science test that I have to take today. I haven't started studying yet, but I have to take it today. Not only that, we have finals next week. The one (and only) good thing: school will be over. I just used the last tissue in the box. That's four boxes of Kleenex I've gone through in two semesters. What a waste of money.

: 76% on my physical science test, bleagh. But afterwards I went and declared my major- psychology. I'm not really sure why I want to be a psych major. I guess it was the choice I despised the least.

: Today was a great day. It actually feels like Spring, and because it's a Reading Day, we didn't have class or finals. I played basketball and frisbee and basically wasted the day away. Now I'm off to get free pancakes at the central building.

: A bunch of my roommates and a bunch of Clark's roommates are out playing "kissing rugby". Since they claim that the point is not in the kissing, those of us who don't need a game to kiss have dubbed it "wrestling and athleticism rugby". It's quite lame.

: It poured all day today. Clark, Nate, Melissa and I went to Salt Lake to go to the Hogle Zoo. Even though it was wet, it was tons of fun. We took tons of silly pictures. I think elephants are my favorite animals. On the way home, Pansy (Clark's car), wouldn't start. We finally got some random guy in KFC to take a look at it. Poor Pansy.

: Nate got his mission call yesterday. He is going to Hamburg, Germany. I'm so excited, he'll be my first really close guy friend to leave.

: Nate, Clark and I went out and played frisbee in the dark last night. It was fun and we got wet since it had been raining all day. I went to work today, unlike many other people. I was the only person in the dishroom most of the time and I stayed an extra hour and a half before I just gave up and left. I'm tired.

: I cut Clark's hair the other day. His roommate showed me how to use the clippers. Nate is coming over right now so I can cut his. I should start a business. It's better than washing dishes.

: This afternoon I was at work and Kirin came running and yelled "Susie, your hall's on fire!" She was right. The apartment above us and to the left was torched. They wouldn't let us in for several hours and the girls upstairs have nowhere to go back in to. Luckily everyone was at church (except for me because I was at work) so no one was hurt. The first week of school our dishwasher flooded the two bottom floors. Now, at the last week, 178 decides to torch the top two. We really are Disaster Hall.

: Yay! I took two finals today, 82% on Physical Science and 96% on Religion. Yay! Our entire building smells like smoke and we have huge, loud and annoying fans everywhere. There is no such thing as peace and quiet around here. At least we don't have to have fans in our bedrooms like we did after the flood.

: Yay! They finally turned the fans off! At least the one right outside our front door, which is right outside my bedroom door. A guy from Channel 4 news came and asked me questions when I went to take the trash out. Alaina's grandma called because she saw on the news that our building had been on fire, and Jennifer Nations stopped by because on her way home from the Creamery she noticed a big pile of charred doors from the bedrooms upstairs sitting by our backdoor and was a bit worried. I am almost done packing; just some stuff in the dishwasher and under my bed. I am sick of packing.

: I took two more finals today: Food Science 79%, Psychology 86%. That's good, by the way. I am almost done packing. It seems like I keep saying that. Well, it keeps not being finished.

: When I got home from taking tests, Becky told me to call my uncle right away and that his cell phone number was on my message sheet. So I looked and saw that it was Uncle Robert, who lives in Virginia. I called and said "hi, this is Susie" and he said "hi, it's Bob, we're at BYU" and I almost dropped the phone. As it turns out, they (Robert and most of his family and some family-in-law) were in fact at BYU, on Spring Break, so I went down to find them and showed them my apartment and roommates and Clark. It was quite a nice surprise. Apparently, Robert and Sandy are trying to talk Shelley into coming to BYU.

: I have to have everything I own out of the apartment by 9 AM Thursday. It's rather depressing here, with boxes everywhere and no dishes to eat off of. All I have left to do is my History final and my cleaning and stuffing my shoes into my suitcase. I am very excited to move out. I am getting very sick of my roommates. I am looking forward to getting used to living with new people and that whole deal. Should be interesting. We'll see.

: For all you concerned readers, Spot will be in Clark's custody while I'm in California this weekend. He will be well nourished and I'm sure he'll enjoy his new home (across the parking lot from where I live now).

: Yay! I'm home and glad to be here. It's so clean. I am amazed. My kitty (Danny) doesn't hate me as much as I thought he might. Leonard is right, there is no food here. Tons and tons of food storage, but no actual food. Speaking of Leonard, as those of you who follow his notebook know, he is coming home tonight. I will be quite glad to see him. He's a nice brother, except for the time he sat on me.

: Last night, we were plodding along on the freeway, trying to get home from the airport and my mom commented on this Blazer that thought he was going to go in a different lane (there was only one lane open at this point). Then, the person in the passenger seat reached out and grabbed one of those orange cones. We all started laughing at them, stealing an orange cone like that, and then this construction truck came zooming up in front of us and stopped next to the Blazer. We were laughing even harder by the time the construction guy got his cone back and went zooming back. Moral: don't steal orange cones unless you're moving faster than 2 miles an hour.

: I just spent an hour waiting for Rachel's bus to get in. Rachel is here now. Leonard is gone. I am leaving tomorrow morning to start Spring Term at BYU. I'm tired. Back to scrapbooking. Leonard doesn't think that is a verb.

: Hmmm... Here I am, a new apartment, a new term... new roommates... so far so tolerable. The only dishes we have are the old ones Leonard gave me and whatever the only other girl who's shown up so far could buy at the Creamery. I haven't unpacked and I have to go to class at some point. Argh.

: Kirin came today. We are still missing a roommate. There are apparently only going to be four of us. I'm hungry. I'm just complaining. Grr.

: On the new system now.

: La la la, maybe I can actually write in my notebook now. Anyway, I only have two roommates, in a six person apartment, which is pretty nice. We all get along pretty well and my room isn't nearly as messy as my last roommate kept it, which makes me extremely happy.

I am taking two classes this term, Psych 320 (child development) and Phil 205 (Intro to Logic). Child Development is way too much work, but so far I am enjoying my logic course. I am working mroe hours at Morris Dining this term, but I don't have to do dishes, so it should be ok. Apartment 147 invited us over for lunch.

I miss Clark, and I miss Spot. Clark was supposed to bring Spot down today, but he (Clark) was sick and couldn't. That's life Spring Term at BYU.

: Oh, yeah, grades... Well, better than expected. Mostly Bs, but my Religion grade left me with an average somewhere just about a 3.0. Oh, well, I'll do better this term.

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