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: A bunch of my roommates and a bunch of Clark's roommates are out playing "kissing rugby". Since they claim that the point is not in the kissing, those of us who don't need a game to kiss have dubbed it "wrestling and athleticism rugby". It's quite lame.

: It poured all day today. Clark, Nate, Melissa and I went to Salt Lake to go to the Hogle Zoo. Even though it was wet, it was tons of fun. We took tons of silly pictures. I think elephants are my favorite animals. On the way home, Pansy (Clark's car), wouldn't start. We finally got some random guy in KFC to take a look at it. Poor Pansy.

: Nate got his mission call yesterday. He is going to Hamburg, Germany. I'm so excited, he'll be my first really close guy friend to leave.


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