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: When I got home from taking tests, Becky told me to call my uncle right away and that his cell phone number was on my message sheet. So I looked and saw that it was Uncle Robert, who lives in Virginia. I called and said "hi, this is Susie" and he said "hi, it's Bob, we're at BYU" and I almost dropped the phone. As it turns out, they (Robert and most of his family and some family-in-law) were in fact at BYU, on Spring Break, so I went down to find them and showed them my apartment and roommates and Clark. It was quite a nice surprise. Apparently, Robert and Sandy are trying to talk Shelley into coming to BYU.

: I have to have everything I own out of the apartment by 9 AM Thursday. It's rather depressing here, with boxes everywhere and no dishes to eat off of. All I have left to do is my History final and my cleaning and stuffing my shoes into my suitcase. I am very excited to move out. I am getting very sick of my roommates. I am looking forward to getting used to living with new people and that whole deal. Should be interesting. We'll see.

: For all you concerned readers, Spot will be in Clark's custody while I'm in California this weekend. He will be well nourished and I'm sure he'll enjoy his new home (across the parking lot from where I live now).


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