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: Soooo.... think my page is gonna work now?

: Well, whaddya know... So anyway back to me. After five days elsewhere, I went to my manager and insisted he put me back in the dishroom because I hated hostessing. So now I work 14 hours a week, way more than my previous 3 1/2 in the dishroom. I get to close, it's fun. Not really, but hey.

Spring Term at BYU... I'm only taking two classes, Child Development and Intro to Logic. The logic class is fun, all these formal symbols and stuff. Child development is too much work and not enough interesting stuff. I'm taking it because I am a psychology major, although two days ago, I decided to rethink that.

I only have two roommates and we live in a six person apartment so there is plenty of room. Too bad Clark is 35 miles away in Sandy and he can't lie in my hallway. I miss Clark. But I'm here getting boring credit hours over with and earning lots of money (I got a paycheck today, yipee!) Enough of life. How are you??

: Got up. Went to Psych. Went to work. Washed lots of dishes. Got a sweet email from Clark. On to do laundry, reading for psych, pizza, and bed. Isn't college life fun?

: Spot does not appear to be doing well. Clark brought him back down here last Saturday and he didn't look like he had grown any while I was gone. Kirin thinks he needs more sunlight, so I've been opening the blinds each morning and setting him on the window sill, but the sun does not hit our apartment very well. He also appears not to be a flowering plant, but I love him just the same.

: I had the best weekend- I went up to Salt Lake and spend the whole time with my cutie little cousins and my cutie Mommy and my cutie Clark and his family. It was lots of fun. I got another plant. It is an oregano plant and it is named Rosalie, Rosie for short. It's not nearly as cute as Spot, who is still not showing improvment, but it tastes good. I need to get a bigger pot for it. I'm off to read journal article after journal article about attachment in infants.

: Today is definitely not the greatest day of my life. I woke up at 8 to write my outline, which still isn't finished. after I finish it and turn it in, I have to go home and clean for cleaning inspections, then I have to go to work, then I have to come home and clean some more. Bleagh. Because there are only three of us living in our apartment, we all have to do two of the regular jobs, which is really a lot of work.

: By the way, getting up at 8 is really early for me.

: Yippee! I got money today from my stockbroker. That means I can buy a notebook. yay! I think I shall call my brother and make him find me one. Yay! (I'm sick of computer labs).

: I cut my hair. I got really really bored. Because I have no life. so I cut my hair. Shorter than I've had it since I was in ninth grade, when I got really bored and cut it. I like it. My head feels much lighter. I am afraid my roommate is going to come in and scream, but oh well. I like it.

: Did I mention my hair is short?

: My hair is still short. I did a rather bad job of cutting it (seeing as I put it in pigtails and hacked the pigtails off) but Kirin is going to trim it up some for me later tonight.

I love my Logic class. We're learning the rules for making proofs in a formal logic system and it's so much fun! I just love proofs and value analyses. yay! In any case, it's more fun than typing up my psych notes...

Friday night, bored out of my mind, do laundry, chop my hair off... Saturday night, bored out of my mind, balance my checkbook, enjoy doing propositional logic proofs. I have no life.

: Kirin and I went shopping all afternoon. We each bought three t-shirts, $40 worth of underwear and some hair clips. I also bought a pair of jeans I need for work. It was way too much fun. We were at the mall for four hours.

: Clark was supposed to come down and see me today but he couldn't. Wah. Oh well, he called me and that's close enough.

: Today has been the silliest day. Kirin and I both had to leave church early to go to work and were there basically all day. Normally work wouldn't be as amusing as it was today, but it was very slow and we had nothing to do. First of all, the pulper decided to spit at me and drenched me from the waist down. Then, Ginger and I tried to hide a plate of food we were going to eat from the manager and later realized that it was incredibly visible from where he was standing. Finally, Ginger and I decided to sing and opera about our day, using a big spoon as a microphone. I was laughing so hard I fell over and then started being all dramatic with my hand on my forehead and everything and I look up and, of course, there is our manager. Kirin, Ginger and I basically giggled allllll day. Luckily, our manager was bored too and didn't yell at us for goofing off.

Kirin trimmed my hair. I like it. Short hair is fun. I can put it in pigtails that stick up. Yay!

: Clark has decided to call me Soaky Susie from now on.

: To Leonard's credit, I think Moby was my earliest and most annoying nickname. Although Dunlop is up there. I'm not even sure how he got started calling me Moby, but I think I heard it had something to do with Susanna Banana and a joke about a yellow submarine. Leonard, if you decide to start calling me Moby again, just because I said it was annoying, don't bother because I think it's cute now.

: I've been having more fun with my hair. Probably too much fun. But short hair is so much fun! Ask Leonard!

: I don't ever recall being called "Yummy Moby" but I bought stuff at the grocery store today to make Yummy Balls, these meatballs Mom used to make for us when we were little. No wonder Leonard said "yummy" a lot when he was little. It was ingrained in him through modeling (something I learned about in Psych class (I learned something in Psych class?))

: Tomorrow morning, my cousin Alyson and I are driving up to our great-aunt's funeral in Sandy. Afterwards, Ally is letting me take her car and either stay up at our Uncle Jon's or go home. I think I'll stay up there. If I come home I would be morally inclined to go to work.

: The bag of Marshmallow Maties I bought yesterday is mostly marshmallows. Well, one good thing happened today.

: I went to Aunt Margaret's funeral yesterday. It was sad. Much more depressing than Aunt Carolyn's "funeral" last week. Went to Clark's and gave him a haircut. I'm going back to bed.

: Yippee!!! My project is finally done! it's 1100 and I've been working on it for the past three and a half hours, not to mention the past three and a half weeks, but it's finally done! Now, if only Leonard can finish his philosophy paper on time life will be great. Yippee!

: Kirin and I are bumming around... as usual. I'm going on a "date" tonight with this guy in my ward, Brian. Kind of one of those family kinds of things because I know everyone going. or something. Tomorrow morning I am leaving at 6:00 to go to the bus station to go to Sandy to go to Logan with Clark and his family. Yippee! I get to see Clark! were are going to watch Mystery Men that night and Sunday we are going to Clint's farewell in Bountiful. Then I am going to Uncle Jon's and they are going to bring me back Monday. Monday night, we are hiking the Y for FHE. fun fun fun. I am already tired.

: It's Monday.

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