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: Well, whaddya know... So anyway back to me. After five days elsewhere, I went to my manager and insisted he put me back in the dishroom because I hated hostessing. So now I work 14 hours a week, way more than my previous 3 1/2 in the dishroom. I get to close, it's fun. Not really, but hey.

Spring Term at BYU... I'm only taking two classes, Child Development and Intro to Logic. The logic class is fun, all these formal symbols and stuff. Child development is too much work and not enough interesting stuff. I'm taking it because I am a psychology major, although two days ago, I decided to rethink that.

I only have two roommates and we live in a six person apartment so there is plenty of room. Too bad Clark is 35 miles away in Sandy and he can't lie in my hallway. I miss Clark. But I'm here getting boring credit hours over with and earning lots of money (I got a paycheck today, yipee!) Enough of life. How are you??

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