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: Yippee! I am FINALLY done with my Psych outline! Yay! now I can move on to normal life! I get to work in the bakery today before my normal hours in the dishroom. In the meantime, I think I will work on Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens and Exportation and Transposition and Association and all that lovely crud that goes along with Logic. Yippee!

: I came home from work yesterday (an hour late) with mashed potatos in my eyebrow.

: How do you spell "potatos"? Potatoes? potatoooos? potatos? potats?

: Kirin: I don't know, I'm not an active wine-dancer. How about you?

Susie: Only on Jewish Holidays.

This is what happens when you're making a cheesecake at 1:30 in the morning.

: Angela and I went to the Mount Timpanogos temple this morning.

: Clark came down yesterday. I keep getting these cute little notes from him. Today I got a flower, which has now been added to our growing dead flower collection.

: Done with one more Child Development project, only two more to go. I am so sick of school. Lucky Leonard gets to graduate and move out into the real world. Well, "thuba-ti-ti-ti!" Leonard, I get to move home. Hehehe, no more dorms, hehehe, no more dorms. I think I need a nap, I am flipping out. Maybe it's because I spent the last 4 hours writing about why children whine and describing pictures my cousins drew for me. Or maybe it's because I have to do 15 more Logic Proofs, ack! (acetyl acetone, acetyl acetone). I need a nap. Did I already say that?

: I almost killed Rosie yesterday. She just needed (lots and lots of) water. For some reason Leonard put my page back on California time. Oh well, I'll be moved home in two weeks. hehehe, no more dorms, hehehe, no more dorms. I need a nap.

: Last night, for FHE, we went ice blocking. For those of you who haven't had classes on cheap ways to have fun, ice blocking is where you buy big blocks of ice, drive to a hill (in our case, Rock Canyon Park) sit your bum down on the ice (put a towel on it first) and go sliding down the hill. It's actually a lot more fun if you go down on your stomach, but that's probably because I'm too scared to pick my feet up going the other way.

: This morning I tried to donate blood. After all these forms and questions and stuff, I failed the very last test. They wouldn't let me donate becaue I don't have enough red blood cells in my blood. The Red Cross lady told me to go home and eat some meat and leafy greens. However, I'm not sure I minded getting kicked out, because I was getting pretty nervous being in there with people who have bags of plasma hanging from needles stuck in their arms.

: I sliced my thumb open at work. I had been innocently trying to pick up a glass, which turns out to have broken. It bled a lot, and I had to have some guy go find me a bandaid. I didn't realize it was a "slice" until I got home and my roommates insisted on cleaning it. Kirin and Angela had to tickle me and pin me down, because the alcohol hurt so much. Kirin is braver than I (maybe because it was my thumb with the slice), and she packaged it up quite nicely. I can't french braid, I can't put rubber bands in my hair, and I tie my shoes and do buttons poorly. However, I apparently don't use my right thumb at all when I type.

: We serve 900 little EFY brats a night in the Morris Center. For some reason, I am the only person actually hired to work in this dishroom. Luckily I have managed to look pitiful enough that people help me. It would be absolutely impossible for me to do 900 trays, plus pans and cookie dough vats and all the other fun stuff I get to clean at work.

: I had blocked of a total amount of seven hours to take both parts of my Predicate Logic test (proofs). I finished both parts in an hour this morning. Not only that, it was EASY. YIPPEEEEEE! Now I am going to go home and wait for the mail to come. By the way, Leonard, because you manage to be so funny, I manage to make a fool of my self in the computer lab by giggling everytime I read your webpage.

: Kirin cut another couple of inches off of my hair today. =) I like it.

: This morning I was pouring a bowl of Marshmallow Maties and I hiccuped and I think I pinched a nerve in my back. Hiccuping. In any event, it hurts to move.

: According to Kirin, my hiccuping experience yesterday morning left me with at least two displaced vertebrate. I was forced to lie down on the floor in the hallway and breathe on command while Kirin poked and squished my back. I won't complain though, because I did feel slightly better afterwards. It's nice to know that my spinal column can be thrown out of line by a mere hiccup.

If I drop out of school, can I stop working on this Child Development paper?

: I took my Philosophy final today. I got a 95%, yippee! Mommy left to come get me this morning, I will get home in five days. It's not that far, we are just doing a million things between now and then. Like writing my Child Development paper. Still.

: For dinner I am having White Shells and Cheddar Pasta-Roni with tomatoes- Leonard's idea- and peas- my idea. It's quite yummy. I eat peas with everything. It makes my college diet a tad bit healthier. I love frozen peas. Most people think I'm so weird because I eat them straight out of the bag. It's a habit I've had since I used to watch TV (ah, the good ol' days). You know, the whole mindlessly-eating-while-your-brain-gets-sucked-out kinda thing.

: In our fridge is a big blue bowl full of cookie dough (one flavor, chocolate chip). Except it isn't full anymore because my roommates and I have been eating out of it for the past three days.

: I am back in California. It's hot, the trip was long, I'm tired and going to bed.

: I feel like the "man" of the house. I came home and started doing all kinds of little "fix-its" that needed to be done. I also helped cook and did laundry and cleaned and stuff but that's different. My mom is way cool. She made canned pickles today from cucumbers she grew in her garden. My brother is way cool too. He is coming home on Thursday, yay! I am excited to have bonding time with him. We bond. I'm not sure what over, but we definitely bond.

: My job interview keeps being postponed, so I still haven't even started work. I've just been sitting around the house all day trying to keep busy. fun fun fun.

: I finally have my job interview tomorrow. I am excited to go to San Francisco with my family, yippee!

: My job interview got canceled again. But mommy went to hers and it was good! yay!

: I got an A in Logic and an A- in Child Development. yippee!

: Leonard and I went to the AAA and got tons of maps for our vacation. We are going to go to Pea Soup Anderson's on our way up to San Francisco. Vacation! yay!

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