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: Done with one more Child Development project, only two more to go. I am so sick of school. Lucky Leonard gets to graduate and move out into the real world. Well, "thuba-ti-ti-ti!" Leonard, I get to move home. Hehehe, no more dorms, hehehe, no more dorms. I think I need a nap, I am flipping out. Maybe it's because I spent the last 4 hours writing about why children whine and describing pictures my cousins drew for me. Or maybe it's because I have to do 15 more Logic Proofs, ack! (acetyl acetone, acetyl acetone). I need a nap. Did I already say that?

: I almost killed Rosie yesterday. She just needed (lots and lots of) water. For some reason Leonard put my page back on California time. Oh well, I'll be moved home in two weeks. hehehe, no more dorms, hehehe, no more dorms. I need a nap.


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