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: Here I am up in Washington State. All we've done so far is drive. Uncle Leonard's couch made me sick. I took a nap on it and woke up with a sore throat and now I'm sick. I threw up in Leonard's new car too, hehehe. He didn't seem to mind too much.

: Yay, we're finally home. I was really getting sick of being on vacation. It is beginning to look like I will not have a job this summer. My mom doesn't seem to mind as much as she did when I was debating between coming home and going Summer term. So it looks like I will spend the rest of the summer doing fix-it jobs around the house.

: I like you Clark!

: I have no job. Regent Aerospace decided to hire someone else. I now have the option of going back to Utah for the rest of the summer. What to do, what to do.

: I started painting the fence today. It's going to take forever. I have pretty much decided to stay in California for another month.

: Rachel got a FIVE on her AP US History test. That's more than twice as good as I did! We jumped around in the kitchen for a bit.

: Went to dinner at Rachel's friend's house today. I have to borrow other people's friends nowadays.

: I am sick of being home with nothing to do. Now I don't even want to go back to school. *bleagh*

: Today I went to the Olson's new house with Sara Langley and the two of us helped by cleaning out one of the [filthy] bathrooms. It was lots of fun and Sister Olson bought us lunch. I won two free Snapples with my lid. Mom says I always win those under-the-lid games. Well, what can I say?

I also got a letter from Nate today, in the MTC. He sent me a picture of all of the missionaries from our old ward together.

Clark sent me flowers. !~Don't you hate it when guys spend money on you?~! =)

: Today I went to a bunch of craft stores and bought five botles of craft paint and some wooden flowers to paint. It amused me greatly, compared to my usual boredom. I like painting. Dye your hair green Leonard!

Amanda came over yesterday and I got to drive her Jeep (California has a stupid new driving law where you have to have your liscense for 6 months before you can drive with anyone under the age of 20) (she hasn't and I'm 18 so I drove). We went and saw The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. It was incredibly corny.

: I went swimming last night for the first time in almost a year. I really like the way being underwater feels. EVerything is all muddled and thick. It's pleasant. I was also up until 4:00 reading.

: This morning I babysitted for the Smiths'. I can't believe people get paid to sit around and play with little kids when they don't have anything better to be doing.

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