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: I took two little Primary kids to Magic Mountain on Monday. Yesterday, Mom, Rachel and I went down South to meet three of Mom's old roommates and listen to them all gossiping. Today I did absolutely nothing.

: I was sort of productive today. I got housing for the 10 days between the time I move and the time school starts. I got jobs (at the Morris Center) for both me and Clark. Anne called and said she would move me in. I bought a computer. I figured out why my credit card kept being denied. I cooked dinner. I fixed two pairs of pajama pants. Rachel and I walked to Chester Lane Market and bought Flaming Hot Cheetos. We sang Christmas songs. I was sort of productive today.

: I would like to state that I am making this entry from my very own, personal notebook computer. I extend my gratitude to Leonard and the nice Fed Ex man, as well as all of the customer service people at LACC who had to put up with my annoying phone calls. YAY!

: Today Amanda and I (and two other girls) went to a magic show at the convention center. As a magic show, it downright sucked. However, there was a "side act", a guy they called a "piano juggler". I was actually expecting him to pull out some little pianos and juggle them, somewhere among the normal juggling tricks, but instead, at the very end, he got out an electric keyboard and started playing songs by bouncing the rubber balls he had been juggling onto the keys. It was WAY cool and he was pretty good too.

: I have exchanged quite a few emails with my future roommates- Kirin (who I've already lived with), Shari (who I know from last year), Kristi (whose older brother I know from last year), and Tenille and Kristen, who I don't know at all. The latter three are freshman from Utah while the two I already know are Sophomores from Cali. I am looking forward to a better Fall Semester than I had last time around. I talked Mom into letting me have the VCR since one of my roommates got ahold of a TV. I leave in four days.


: I get to move in at 5:00 today. I stayed on campus last night, but I don't have any of my stuff. I had a plastic cup, some cereal, milk and toilet paper that Aunt Carla bought me and my suitcase etc. I went to the Creamery to get a plastic spoon so I could eat my breakfast and then to the Morris Center to see how many hours I'm signed up for this semester. I am very excited to move in. As soon as I eat my Fruity Pebbles I'm going to go buy books. Yippee!

: By the way, in case you were worried, Spot isn't actually dead. He just looks like a dried up weed. However, I am determined to revive him. Poor Spot.

: Three of my roommates moved in. Kristi, at 8:30, about 2 seconds before I decided I should get out of bed and Shari and Kristen while I was hauling my groceries home from Food 4 Less. I wish Sister Davis would get here with the rest of my stuff so that I can unpack the rest of the way.

: The only roommate we are missing now is Kirin. We are all really cute, which makes me happy. I start work back at the good ol' Morris Center tonight, yippee. Clark moves in tonight too, and he is going to take me to Food 4 Less, yay! I love Food 4 Less, it's a wonderful store. It's even better when I don't have to take the bus there and then haul all of my groceries back.

: Half of Spot is just about completely dead. I am still hoping to revive the other half. So far, it is looking pretty grim. =(

Also, just about all of us in 172 (my new apartment) "have missionaries". Two boyfriends, a "friend", a best friend, a brother, and about a hundred good acquaintances. It's fun. We'll be lying in puddles of missionary smit quite often.

: Clark moved in! yay! I cut his hair and got him a job this morning. =)

: I spent three hours trying to correctly install my Ethernet card today. It finally works. However, my port isn't going to be turned on until Monday. grr. And my printer won't even turn on. grr again.

: Missionary smit: smit is the noun form of the adjective smitten. In this case, it is not necessarily smitten as in "have ahuge crush on" just way happy and excited and missing them and stuff. Happy that they are out serving the Lord.

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