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: It has been pouring on and off for the last few days. Like, the street was a river, pouring. I got my new glasses and they are cute. Clark, Kirin, Shari and I are going to go ice skating with two random boys.

: I ended up having to work an extra two hours last night, but it's ok because Tony (our manager) came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be supervisor. That's good. Basically, it just means an extra 50 cents an hour. That's a lot of money. Yippee! I'm the dishroom supervisor at the Morris Center! Yippee!

: I finally got a calling in my ward. I'm a Sunday School teacher. So is Shari. I'm excited, I feel important. I am supposed to read the Four Gospels by tomorrow. I don't think it's going to happen. All of my classes this semester involve tons of reading. yay.

: Today I woke up three minutes before my first class. Needless to say I was late. When I finally got home I had to go off to work for 5 hours, stinky. But I got to go grocery shopping. I love Food 4 Less! I'm tired and I have to get a TB shot tomorrow.

: I get to be the Lion in the play-within-a-play in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I am excited because I get a construction paper mane and a little black nose and whiskers. And I only have eight lines and a roar. Also, I don't have tuberculosis. I was really worried there for a bit when that huge bump appeared on my arm. (not really.) I'm tired of school and of everything else too.

: Today I called home and talked to my little sister for 42 minutes. I have decided that I hate school and I want to quit but I have nothing better to do. What am I going to do with my life? I went to the nursing school today to look at the requirements. It would take me an extra year to get out of school if I did that. (without Spring/Summer)

What am I going to do with my life? I'm open to suggestions. Anyone? ANYONE???

: I haven't dropped out of school yet. I think it's because I already dropped $1600 to be here in the first place. However, I still don't know what I'm going to do with MY LIFE! My tummy hurts and I have to go to class and I couldn't sleep last night and I miss my kitty. On the bright side... I have a Psychology test tomorrow? Does that work? *sigh*

: I have to go take my Abnormal Psych test. I have to study first. And I'm also trying to finish a letter to Nate, I mean "Elder Tenney" (who is off in Germany serving a mission if I haven't mentioned it lately) before I go. And I have some other stuff to mail, hehehe.

I get up pretty late, relative to most of my roommates, and they get loud some mornings. So last night, Shari wrote "Shh! we're sleeping!" on the board on the door to our (me and Kirin) room. It didn't help. They were up and yelling before I even wanted to be up.

: Psych test went.... okay. Does anyone know what the second aim of a subjective diagnostic scale is? It's the one before "treatment implications."

: Today didn't turn out so bad after all. I had to go to work, which always puts a damper on my mood, but when I got there, things started to perk up. Julie and I were putting away cookie sheets in the Bakery when Toni, the manager, and Kirk, the boss boss manager, and his wife came in and told us that from now on, because of the temperatures in the dishroom we are allowed to get one bottled drink, one candy bar, and as many fountain drinks as we want while we're at work. Also, Toni told me that they had put in the papers for my raise and for making me a supervisor. There's been a rumor floating around that all of the student workers are getting a 10 cent raise next month. I have also heard that we get a 10 cent raise when we reach the one-year mark, January for me. So, if the rumormill runs well, I'll be making 70 cents more an hour this january than I was the last. =) that's a happy thing.

: Happy Birthday to me. Yesterday I taught Sunday School for the first time. There were three people in my class. Yay.

: I got the sweetest email from Leonard today. If I had an email page I would put it there, but I don't and even if I did, I think I would still find copy&paste much easier:

>Happy birthday, Susanna. I'm sending you a birthday hug with this email.

Isn't that sweet? =) Thank you, Leonard!

I now see that because this is on California time, when I refer to "yesterday" in entries past midnight, I look really stupid. Oh well. Yesterday, Clark, Kirin and I went up to my Uncle Jon's house and ate dinner there. I made a Texas Sheet Cake, using a bag of powdered sugar with an apostrophe error on it. I got lots of cute drawings from my cute cousins, and they sang to me. I love when people sing "Happy Birthday" to me. I also got sung to at ward prayer last night. It's even better with 175 people doing it. I ALSO got sung to this morning by my roommates when they forced me out of bed at 7:30 to eat biscuits and gravy (yummy!) before their 8:00 classes. Maybe my Shakespeare class will sing to me, hehehe.

: I had a good day today (yesterday). My roommates chipped in and bought me a "Children's Songbook" and Clark bought me various other useful gifts. I'm big on useful gifts. I went to Utah State Hospital, today was my first day volunteering. I work in the Geriatrics Unit, helping with a dance group, a movement group or a health thingy, depending on the day. It's pretty fun. When I got home from that, I found lots of cookies sent from my mommy (balloons too!). We made a rule that no one could eat a cookie that hadn't been dropped on the floor. Then someone knocked on the door and I told them they couldn't come in unless they had a birthday present for me and it was Melissa, one of my old roommates, and she gave me a COOKIE SHEET! which is an old inside joke and we made her eat cookie pieces off the floor.

For FHE we went and got free tacos. And when I got home from my rehearsal I discovered that my roommates had made a cheesecake while I was at work on Saturday, and hid it very well. My hometeachers also made a cake (chocolate!) so we all felt very sick by 10:00. What a wonderful day!

: "eeeew!" Kirin and Susie say in unison while looking at a picture of Celeste's new toy.

I can't believe she put up the pictures I drew her! That was just me goofing off in class! Well, I drew "Mister and Miss Onionhead" later. But still. Eek! Now the entire world can see my doodles!

I went to USH again this morning. I got to walk around with old people. They do laps around the ward. Then we sat in a circle and threw towels at each other. Have you ever thrown a towel at a 70 year-old woman? I only recommend it if she is throwing it back and if you're both smiling. Volunteering is much more fun than I was expecting it to be.

: It is times like these (1:30 in the morning, leaning off a ledge over sticky bushes and Clark dancing on treacherous pokey rocks, trying to decorate a boy's window with hearts saying things like "Happy 'you're old' day" and "Love, your FHE sisters") that I remember what college is all about. Unfortunately, that sentence was so long I forgot again.

: Yesterday was Luau day at the Morris Center. For some ridiculous reason, someone had used goldfish in blue water as centerpieces. So while I was working, a bucket with a bunch of goldfish (mostly dead from the dye) appeared. Tahira (a girl I work with) and I hurried over to claim some. We aren't exactly allowed to have goldfish in on-campus housing (hence Spot, who is sitting dead on our kitchen window-sill, along with Spike, my new and lively plant) but we're hoping no one (that can do anything about it) will notice. I have three- George, Mary and Lyla, the first three names that popped into my head. Clark also got three, but Sam is the only one who has a name so far. We had to run to Target last night to buy food and something to keep them in. I bought a glass pitcher and Clark bought a glass pumkin. It looks really silly, so we are going to buy rocks or something to go in the "tanks".

: George had to be flushed.

: I noticed on Leonard's poll that 'Psychology' is rapidly catching up to 'Drop out of college for a year and run away to Europe and "find her path in life" or some crap like that'. I am wondering if my mom hired some people to come vote.

: I have a headache. In case someone cares.

: Mary is going to be flushed as soon as Clark gets here to do it.

: Clark is in our bathroom (against housing regulations) flushing Lyla, the last of my fish (which I had against housing regulations).

: I think I did really good on my History midterm today. I went over to Shannon's and listened to a tape "Elder Tenney" sent her. It was pretty amusing. Our room is clean. I'm going to go run up the bell tower stairs.

: I got a letter from Nate!!! ("Elder Tenney")

: Tonight, Clark took me to the Choral Showcase, which Kirin, Becky (my former roommate) and Brian (his roommate) were in. It was pretty good. Then Shari, Kirin, Clark and I ordered pizza and watched Anastasia. I love that movie, it's so cute!

: I am eating tator tots. I think my roommates hate me. Rosie is dying.

: Why is Celeste barely starting school and I've already been here for six weeks??? I guess that's six fewer weeks I have to go through now. Blah. Back to memorizing lines from Merchant of Venice.

: Tonight at work, Silverware Boy decided he wanted to squirt Sandy with one of the hoses which squirt really, really hot, high pressure water. I don't think Sandy minded nearly as much as I did. I've been waiting to get email from my mommy for days. I finally got some today.

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