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: Last night, Clark was kinda sorta giving me a piggy-back ride kinda sorta by the back stairs and I kinda sorta tripped him and I kinda sorta have a big bump on my forehead. It hurts too. I made homemade tacos and took him some at work and worked for him so he could eat. I taught Sunday School with Ren today. I don't think I'm a very good Sunday School teacher. Mike Rasmussen leaves on his mission in ten days and the phone number I have for him is not working well. Grr.

: I won a ticket to General Conference! Yay! The bishop somehow got five of them and everyone who wanted to go got into a drawing and I won! Shari and Wendy (my FHE mom) got tickets too. It's for the Sunday afternoon session, which is "the best one" and it's in the new Conference Center in Salt Lake. I'm way excited. Yup yup. Not only that a bunch of my roommates are going out of town next weekend. Between killing Shari's plant and breaking the phone cord while Kirin was on the phone long-distance with her lover boy, I'm not doing so great with them. Whatever.


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