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: For Christmas Leonard bought me a big Piglet pillow. Isn't that the sweetest gift? I just love it. =) Yeah I know Christmas was a while ago, but I still love my Piglet pillow!

: We are on the semester system, Celeste. We have two 16 week semesters, on from August to December and one from January to April. Then we have two terms, Spring and Summer, both of which are 8 weeks long. There's a two week break before Fall semester and the whole cycle starts over again! It's an endless perpetual ongoing awful mess! ack! anyway...

Clark is downstairs getting my sewing machine. I am going to fix everything in our apartment with holes in it. Well, clothing-wise at least. Then I'm going to study for my Shakespeare test.. "Sit Jessica. Look how the floor of heaven is thick inlaid with patens of bright gold." Etc.


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