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: I just broke Kirin's heart by informing her that "Lump" does not have the word "love" in it and not only that, everytime she thought it said "love" it's actually "lump". Poor Kirin. I'm off to be a... well more on my costume later, but I'm going to a Halloween party.

: Costumes you can make out of a fitted sheet: 1-ghost 2-mattress 3-pillow 4-cloud 5-showercap 6-wall camoflauge 7-bat/flying squirrel 8-angel 9-mummy 10-80s prom dress 11-superhero 12-king/queen 13-piece of modern art 14-canoe 15-bowl 16-tooth/tusk 17-florescent light bulb 18-mashed potatoes 19-stripe in the road 20-burrito 21-blob of lotion/whipped cream/sour cream/shaving cream 22-rock 23-stupid person in a sheet 24-used Kleenex 25-Roman 26-shower curtain.

The dance was fun. Clark and I have this method which basically consists of me telling him what to do and him acting like he knows what he's doing. He was a ghost.


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