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: Costumes you can make out of a fitted sheet: 1-ghost 2-mattress 3-pillow 4-cloud 5-showercap 6-wall camoflauge 7-bat/flying squirrel 8-angel 9-mummy 10-80s prom dress 11-superhero 12-king/queen 13-piece of modern art 14-canoe 15-bowl 16-tooth/tusk 17-florescent light bulb 18-mashed potatoes 19-stripe in the road 20-burrito 21-blob of lotion/whipped cream/sour cream/shaving cream 22-rock 23-stupid person in a sheet 24-used Kleenex 25-Roman 26-shower curtain.

The dance was fun. Clark and I have this method which basically consists of me telling him what to do and him acting like he knows what he's doing. He was a ghost.

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