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: Went to the afternoon session of Conference today. It was REALLY good and the Conference Center is HUGE!! Getting there was interesting. Shari's car overheated in Sandy and we had to call Clark's dad to come get us and take us to the Conference Center in Salt Lake. Getting home was even more interesting. Two of the girls we went up with stuffed themselves in with some people from our ward. Shari and I took the TRAX to Sandy and made Clark drive up and get us. Then we went to Clark's house and ate really a lot of really good food. Then we came home. Shari's car is still in Sandy. We think it's badly injured.

Our roommates are back (most of them). So I don't have my own room anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do about my psychology test tomorrow and for that matter I have to have Edward the Third read by 1:00. *blah* on school.


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