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: The last of our roommates just left. It's just me and Shari until Sunday. Well, me, Shari, several papers and a rather large, um, project that certain people who may read this aren't allowed to know about. I'm going to go start my History paper (Galileo) before I get started on other things.

: Today on CNN, a reporter kept emphasizing the fact that the hand count (which is no longer being done) in the Miami-Wade County of Florida had been moved to the 19th floor, which is one floor above the 18th. That's the 19th floor. That's one floor about the 18th, mind you. CNN needs to be made fun of.

: I feel so productive! Today I wrote over three pages of my 8-10 page paper for History and I also worked bunches on my project. I haven't even been outside today, but my room is clean and I feel productive. Shari and I are going to watch a girl movie now and get to bed, 'cause we have to drive to Salt Lake tomorrow.


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