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: It really is snowing today. There was already about four inches when we woke up and it's been snowing all day. Just cute, gentle snows. I've decided that I like snowing a lot better than the actual snow. All of the snow I've interacted with yet has been the slush left on the sidewalks and parking lots and that isn't the fun snow. But I do like to watch it fall. Hurray for snow!

: More pulper horror stories. Bowl goes down. Pulper turns itself off. Piles of dishes and bread bowls pile up (in the pulper trough) while my scanty crew (three of us) tries to at least stay up with the stuff coming in. We had piles of stuff everywhere. No glass holders. Glasses everywhere. It feels good to complain. It was still fun.

It's been sprinkling snow all day basically. Tiny amounts of it, but it's cold enough that last nights 6 inches or whatever is still piled up everywhere. I'm glad my Wednesdays and Thursdays are over for this week. I'm going to bed. Good night =)


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