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: Ok well New Testament went much better than expected. I got a 94% Yeah that's really good, I might get an A in there now, because of all the fluff grades, but it's only 2 credits, all religion classes are.

I went to the bookstore just now and checked out my books for next semester. The total was $430. That is like three times as much as I spent this semester. That's absurd. Of course, I may or may not end up taking Social Psych and I have to buy this $98 anatomy book and a bunch of workbooks and stuff for German that totals $115. Absurd. And, naturally, there is a new edition of the anatomy thing so I can't buy a used one. On the bright side of textbooks, I sold all mine back yesterday and got $116. That is very good considering I kept my Riverside Shakespeare and I paid something like $260 total.

Speaking of Shakespeare, I have my final at 300. Hmm. I have my lines memorized and the sonnets down. I think I'll do fine. I have Isaiah at 700 however and I'm not so sure about that one. I really want to write the Messiah essay but I don't think it's going to be an option. Clark wants to write on idols. Silly boy. I'm going to try and squeeze an hour or so of work in there somewhere.

I look dang cute today. =) I had time to curl my hair. I am so excited to move but more so for going home. We're leaving at 600 Saturday morning. Hurray for Clark coming home with me, Hurray for seeing my family and kitties again, and Hurray for meeting Celeste. Yay!

: We made a cheesecake for Tenille's birthday tomorrow (today) in 1711. It is being stored in 17B until 530 tomorrow morning so we can make her eat it before she goes to take her final and go home. Even though we made the mistake of not having any of the ingredients upstairs, we managed to cover it up and hide everything from her, hehehe.


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