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: I was entirely unproductive today. However, Clark took me out to dinner at Sizzler and that was yummy! meat, meat!!

: I am doing laundry. Still. I made sugar cookies today and I called my mommy to get a frosting recipe and it was soooo yummy! It tasted just like her frosting =) I didn't do very much studying, but I think I'll be able to take my psych test on Monday. Looks like I get to move into my new apartment on Friday, before I leave for home, which is good. I am excited to go home and see my family and my kitty and to meet Celeste and for Clark to come. And for school to be over. And work. bleh. I'm going to do mending after I finish my laundry. Anything to prevent studying, eh?

: And I got a tape from "Elder Tenney" today. It was fun to listen to him going on about his mission and how much he misses his family while we made sugar cookies. =)


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