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: Our whole ward went up (and up) to Timp Lodge last night for our closing social. Free food, loud music and general fun. I came, I played frisbee, I ate free food, I played on the swings, I ate free food, I danced, I left early.

: Leonard is going to pay for my wedding. All I have to do is lend him $50-100 now. I figure he is going to cover for the rate of inflation between now and the time I actually find someone to marry, plus interest, plus he'll be rich by then. Maybe, if I'm lucky, he'll be rich by then.

: I have a physical science test that I have to take today. I haven't started studying yet, but I have to take it today. Not only that, we have finals next week. The one (and only) good thing: school will be over. I just used the last tissue in the box. That's four boxes of Kleenex I've gone through in two semesters. What a waste of money.

: 76% on my physical science test, bleagh. But afterwards I went and declared my major- psychology. I'm not really sure why I want to be a psych major. I guess it was the choice I despised the least.


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