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: On the new system now.

: La la la, maybe I can actually write in my notebook now. Anyway, I only have two roommates, in a six person apartment, which is pretty nice. We all get along pretty well and my room isn't nearly as messy as my last roommate kept it, which makes me extremely happy.

I am taking two classes this term, Psych 320 (child development) and Phil 205 (Intro to Logic). Child Development is way too much work, but so far I am enjoying my logic course. I am working mroe hours at Morris Dining this term, but I don't have to do dishes, so it should be ok. Apartment 147 invited us over for lunch.

I miss Clark, and I miss Spot. Clark was supposed to bring Spot down today, but he (Clark) was sick and couldn't. That's life Spring Term at BYU.

: Oh, yeah, grades... Well, better than expected. Mostly Bs, but my Religion grade left me with an average somewhere just about a 3.0. Oh, well, I'll do better this term.


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