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: study, class, meeting, test, pack, class, study, recital, food, pack, pack, study, pack... sleep!!!

: We just had our check-out meeting. Luckily, I am not stuck being the last person to leave. On the other hand, I can't put any of the boxes I've packed downstairs until my roommates move all of their unpacked boxes, which they won't do for a while. I hate packing, it makes everything all messy. I should just get rid of all of my stuff. Yeah, there we go... we have a dumpster somewhere around here...

: Tonight we had a big party that was basically an excuse to play tug-of-war over the "moat" and get our hall presidents all muddy. Our hall won. 'Cause we're all such big buff girls. Actually, we had a hall full of big buff guys on our team. But we still won.


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