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: There is a Carroll Hall sleepover going on in the basement. Apparently, during the slide show, there was a lovely picture of me and my roommate Melissa sitting on the floor in the kitchen wearing or sitting on or surrounded by every single pot we own. Silly girls. "We're on pot."

: I broke two glasses at work today. I think I was nervous. A bunch of people didn't show up so it was bad. I slammed one of the glasses into the counter (accidentally), shattering it in my hand. Three hours later I noticed that it had cut me.

: Clark is sooo sweet! He is in St. George this weekend with his family and today there was a knock on the door... He sent me daisies and the cutest note. My roommates and I are all gushy today, with the flowers Clark sent me and the letter Becky got from her missionary.


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