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: My hair is still short. I did a rather bad job of cutting it (seeing as I put it in pigtails and hacked the pigtails off) but Kirin is going to trim it up some for me later tonight.

I love my Logic class. We're learning the rules for making proofs in a formal logic system and it's so much fun! I just love proofs and value analyses. yay! In any case, it's more fun than typing up my psych notes...

Friday night, bored out of my mind, do laundry, chop my hair off... Saturday night, bored out of my mind, balance my checkbook, enjoy doing propositional logic proofs. I have no life.

: Kirin and I went shopping all afternoon. We each bought three t-shirts, $40 worth of underwear and some hair clips. I also bought a pair of jeans I need for work. It was way too much fun. We were at the mall for four hours.

: Clark was supposed to come down and see me today but he couldn't. Wah. Oh well, he called me and that's close enough.


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