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: Today has been the silliest day. Kirin and I both had to leave church early to go to work and were there basically all day. Normally work wouldn't be as amusing as it was today, but it was very slow and we had nothing to do. First of all, the pulper decided to spit at me and drenched me from the waist down. Then, Ginger and I tried to hide a plate of food we were going to eat from the manager and later realized that it was incredibly visible from where he was standing. Finally, Ginger and I decided to sing and opera about our day, using a big spoon as a microphone. I was laughing so hard I fell over and then started being all dramatic with my hand on my forehead and everything and I look up and, of course, there is our manager. Kirin, Ginger and I basically giggled allllll day. Luckily, our manager was bored too and didn't yell at us for goofing off.

Kirin trimmed my hair. I like it. Short hair is fun. I can put it in pigtails that stick up. Yay!

: Clark has decided to call me Soaky Susie from now on.


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