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: To Leonard's credit, I think Moby was my earliest and most annoying nickname. Although Dunlop is up there. I'm not even sure how he got started calling me Moby, but I think I heard it had something to do with Susanna Banana and a joke about a yellow submarine. Leonard, if you decide to start calling me Moby again, just because I said it was annoying, don't bother because I think it's cute now.

: I've been having more fun with my hair. Probably too much fun. But short hair is so much fun! Ask Leonard!

: I don't ever recall being called "Yummy Moby" but I bought stuff at the grocery store today to make Yummy Balls, these meatballs Mom used to make for us when we were little. No wonder Leonard said "yummy" a lot when he was little. It was ingrained in him through modeling (something I learned about in Psych class (I learned something in Psych class?))

: Tomorrow morning, my cousin Alyson and I are driving up to our great-aunt's funeral in Sandy. Afterwards, Ally is letting me take her car and either stay up at our Uncle Jon's or go home. I think I'll stay up there. If I come home I would be morally inclined to go to work.


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