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: The only roommate we are missing now is Kirin. We are all really cute, which makes me happy. I start work back at the good ol' Morris Center tonight, yippee. Clark moves in tonight too, and he is going to take me to Food 4 Less, yay! I love Food 4 Less, it's a wonderful store. It's even better when I don't have to take the bus there and then haul all of my groceries back.

: Half of Spot is just about completely dead. I am still hoping to revive the other half. So far, it is looking pretty grim. =(

Also, just about all of us in 172 (my new apartment) "have missionaries". Two boyfriends, a "friend", a best friend, a brother, and about a hundred good acquaintances. It's fun. We'll be lying in puddles of missionary smit quite often.


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