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: I have to go take my Abnormal Psych test. I have to study first. And I'm also trying to finish a letter to Nate, I mean "Elder Tenney" (who is off in Germany serving a mission if I haven't mentioned it lately) before I go. And I have some other stuff to mail, hehehe.

I get up pretty late, relative to most of my roommates, and they get loud some mornings. So last night, Shari wrote "Shh! we're sleeping!" on the board on the door to our (me and Kirin) room. It didn't help. They were up and yelling before I even wanted to be up.

: Psych test went.... okay. Does anyone know what the second aim of a subjective diagnostic scale is? It's the one before "treatment implications."

: Today didn't turn out so bad after all. I had to go to work, which always puts a damper on my mood, but when I got there, things started to perk up. Julie and I were putting away cookie sheets in the Bakery when Toni, the manager, and Kirk, the boss boss manager, and his wife came in and told us that from now on, because of the temperatures in the dishroom we are allowed to get one bottled drink, one candy bar, and as many fountain drinks as we want while we're at work. Also, Toni told me that they had put in the papers for my raise and for making me a supervisor. There's been a rumor floating around that all of the student workers are getting a 10 cent raise next month. I have also heard that we get a 10 cent raise when we reach the one-year mark, January for me. So, if the rumormill runs well, I'll be making 70 cents more an hour this january than I was the last. =) that's a happy thing.


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