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: I got the sweetest email from Leonard today. If I had an email page I would put it there, but I don't and even if I did, I think I would still find copy&paste much easier:

>Happy birthday, Susanna. I'm sending you a birthday hug with this email.

Isn't that sweet? =) Thank you, Leonard!

I now see that because this is on California time, when I refer to "yesterday" in entries past midnight, I look really stupid. Oh well. Yesterday, Clark, Kirin and I went up to my Uncle Jon's house and ate dinner there. I made a Texas Sheet Cake, using a bag of powdered sugar with an apostrophe error on it. I got lots of cute drawings from my cute cousins, and they sang to me. I love when people sing "Happy Birthday" to me. I also got sung to at ward prayer last night. It's even better with 175 people doing it. I ALSO got sung to this morning by my roommates when they forced me out of bed at 7:30 to eat biscuits and gravy (yummy!) before their 8:00 classes. Maybe my Shakespeare class will sing to me, hehehe.

: I had a good day today (yesterday). My roommates chipped in and bought me a "Children's Songbook" and Clark bought me various other useful gifts. I'm big on useful gifts. I went to Utah State Hospital, today was my first day volunteering. I work in the Geriatrics Unit, helping with a dance group, a movement group or a health thingy, depending on the day. It's pretty fun. When I got home from that, I found lots of cookies sent from my mommy (balloons too!). We made a rule that no one could eat a cookie that hadn't been dropped on the floor. Then someone knocked on the door and I told them they couldn't come in unless they had a birthday present for me and it was Melissa, one of my old roommates, and she gave me a COOKIE SHEET! which is an old inside joke and we made her eat cookie pieces off the floor.

For FHE we went and got free tacos. And when I got home from my rehearsal I discovered that my roommates had made a cheesecake while I was at work on Saturday, and hid it very well. My hometeachers also made a cake (chocolate!) so we all felt very sick by 10:00. What a wonderful day!


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