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: "eeeew!" Kirin and Susie say in unison while looking at a picture of Celeste's new toy.

I can't believe she put up the pictures I drew her! That was just me goofing off in class! Well, I drew "Mister and Miss Onionhead" later. But still. Eek! Now the entire world can see my doodles!

I went to USH again this morning. I got to walk around with old people. They do laps around the ward. Then we sat in a circle and threw towels at each other. Have you ever thrown a towel at a 70 year-old woman? I only recommend it if she is throwing it back and if you're both smiling. Volunteering is much more fun than I was expecting it to be.

: It is times like these (1:30 in the morning, leaning off a ledge over sticky bushes and Clark dancing on treacherous pokey rocks, trying to decorate a boy's window with hearts saying things like "Happy 'you're old' day" and "Love, your FHE sisters") that I remember what college is all about. Unfortunately, that sentence was so long I forgot again.


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