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: Yesterday was Luau day at the Morris Center. For some ridiculous reason, someone had used goldfish in blue water as centerpieces. So while I was working, a bucket with a bunch of goldfish (mostly dead from the dye) appeared. Tahira (a girl I work with) and I hurried over to claim some. We aren't exactly allowed to have goldfish in on-campus housing (hence Spot, who is sitting dead on our kitchen window-sill, along with Spike, my new and lively plant) but we're hoping no one (that can do anything about it) will notice. I have three- George, Mary and Lyla, the first three names that popped into my head. Clark also got three, but Sam is the only one who has a name so far. We had to run to Target last night to buy food and something to keep them in. I bought a glass pitcher and Clark bought a glass pumkin. It looks really silly, so we are going to buy rocks or something to go in the "tanks".


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