: I got my high school diploma today.

: "Access restricted to tenants and there guests only."

: I'm in Utah. We left my house at 10 AM and got here at 1205 this morning. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Shari in the car. Unfortunatly, I didn't have a key to my apartment until five minutes ago, so I slept in the lobby.

Oh, and we played this ridiculous game with the little milage signs that are on Utah highways (a marker every mile saying how many miles it's been since the border). We sang hymns and whoever's turn it was had to start singing by the next marker or we had to sing "142 miles to go, 142 miles to go, Take one down by driving around, 142 miles to go" or how ever many miles we thought it was. We were off on which exit Provo was, but that's ok. It was so foggy by the time we got here that we couldn't even see the markers to sing at them.

We also had travel companions. Two of Devon's friends were coming up, and we had radios and everything. Those were especially useful when they managed to get us lost in Las Vegas. All in all, I could have done without the long hours of driving (yay for cruise control) but I'm glad I'm here. *whew*

: I still don't have ethernet in my apartment. I'm in the lab reading three days worth of emails and completing surveys for my Stats 221 class. That is going to be an easy class, unlike Zool 260 (dead naked people). I like my old people class (Health and the Aging Process) and Social Psych is going to be easy too. I'm also taking Doctrine and Covenants which will be decently easy because it's a Religion class and therefore 2 credits and therefore... Well it'll be ok.

We (my apartment) bonded last night, it was fun except that none of us got any homework done. I also went back to work yesterday. All of my new people are decent and there are three people that I've worked with before (including Clark) so that shouldn't be too bad either. Wohoo!

: Wohoo! Ethernet works, thanks to Ben from IT Services. yay!

: I taught a great Sunday School lesson on what we learn about Christ in the D&C. The lesson was great, not me teaching it. My roommates and my old roommates came to support me. I really like my new apartment, we all get along so well. Arly and I just had the longest talk on marriage and all kinds of stuff. I signed up for "Run for your life", which is where you have three months to run 150 miles. I have 146 to go, so Clark and I are going running tomorrow morning. I think I am going to try and go see my uncle Jon tomorrow because I really need to talk to him.

: Today I ran 2 miles and three laps. 7 1/7 laps at the Smith Field House is a mile. I'm tired, but it feels good. Homework time!

: I have my first anatomy lab tomorrow morning. My room is a very big mess, as it always is on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have to go running off to work after class. Ack I have a quiz to do and Stats homework. Ack.

: Like I have email at eight in the morning.

: This morning I spent two hours in a room with five dead people. BYU buys their cadavers from the U of U. Mom! ack! (we don't actually start working with the cadavers until next week).

: bleh

: Today I am wearing polka-dot tights that my mommy bought for me. I running, went to statistics and did homework and now I am making white shells and cheddar with peas. Then I'm going to go grocery shopping with Clark and later I am going to "Buddy Balls" with my roommates.

: I was very unproductive today. well, I made like $23. I also saw, at work, the guy I went on a date with last night- with a girl. I knew he had a girlfriend, but it was still rather embarrassing. Don't ask why I was on a date with a guy who has a girlfriend. It's an interesting set-up-your-roommates kinda thing.

: I just paid my tuition. blah.

: Today turned out to be an excellent day. I talked with my Health and Aging professor about minoring in Gerontology and that will be a cinch. I went to USH and got some times I can volunteer this semester. They said I was the first person to ever go back another semester. I also studied for Anatomy for over an hour with Laurel. And my stats is done, and I started my abstracts assignment and I ran three miles... it was just a good day. =)

: hmm. Today I worked on schedules for Spring and Summer Terms. I flunked my Anatomy lab quiz (although I got 86.6% on the lecture quiz yesterday.) Now I am going to do homework and go to bed. I feel like I have a million things to do but I don't know what any of them are.

: Today is a very snowy day. I ran 13 (big) laps. Now I have class and work until 8. Have a nice day.

: I had breakfast for dinner, it was yummy! I also got paid, wheee! I have to work this Sunday, but it's Fast Sunday so I'll probably only be there for five hours or so.

: Today was a terrible day.

: I had anatomy lab this morning, and I did really good on my quiz! I got my right and left ulnas confused, but other than that, I did great! We did upper muscles... I could hardly breathe, so I was a little lightheaded and didn't pay attention much. It's the smell that really gets to me. The two cadavers we work on for muscles are both men. (That was for mom.) I'm at the library right now for an hour, then I have my group thingy and then I have to work because Ruth and I traded Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We have cleaning inspections tomorrow so I have to do that too. Yippee.

: PS today isn't such a terrible day as yesterday.

: I am making a grocery list with a purple pencil my brother bought me for Christmas. However, I have cleaning inspections tomorrow and no time to clean, so I should be doing that instead of thinking about groceries and pencils.

: I didn't realize it was February until after work yesterday, when Camillia mentioned she had registered for Spring and Summer terms. I have now registered for Spring and Summer terms. I am taking: "Teachings of the Living Prophets", "Intro to Therapeutic Recreation", "Field Studies in Leisure Services", "History of Civilization to 1500", "Water Aerobics", and "Accessible Recreation". Not necessarily in that order and not all at once. I was also registered for "Beginning Social Dance" for about five minutes.

: So for all those who remember the time I hiccuped my back out of place, a similar thing happened today. I was standing, in Anatomy Lab of all places, and I turned slightly and ow my back hurts. So I got woozy and sat down and got cold and got hot and got pushed outside on a wheeled chair and got nauseus and got onto the floor and got to meet the Head TAs. Fun fun fun. I am at least able to move now. Kirin is over fixing me.

: Today I discovered a hole in the sole of my work shoes. I have worn these shoes to work everyday for over a year. So after spending three hours wearing soppy socks, I came home and begged Mel to take me to Payless. =) yay for shoes, and Happy Birthday to Kirin tomorrow!

: Ok, so, I haven't done an ounce of homework today. it's 11PM and the closest I've come is not passing out in Anatomy Lab. hmm. I suppose I could change that now... or not. I'm listening to Smash Mouth, thanks Rach.

: Me and my roommates made a tape for "Elder Tenney." He'll love it. According to the guys we talked to, missionaries love tapes. (I'm apparently an angel because I sent him rootbeer concentrate). So I need to go get a package together before class, because he might get transfered and it'd be nice if he got it before then.

: I was productive today, go me. it's bedtime because I'm going to go to open lab and study for my anatomy quiz which is at nine. I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow and not even time for studying in between. I'm bringing lots of carrots, though.

: Today words like "canaliculi" and "petrous portion" floated through my mind as I sorted silverware.

: I got 84% on my Zoology lecture exam and 77% on Stats. I'm sick. And I saw Jennifer Nations.

: Still sick. I taught Sunday School today and a bunch of us went and sang at Crestview Care Center.

: Today in Statistics I learned that if I get married my GPA will go up. In fact, that was all I learned. I went to USH and to the Anatomy Lab and I ran three miles though. And I got mail, thank you mommy! I think I am going to go eat chips and salsa and read D&C and wait around for FHE. I hope everyone else out there in the wide world is having such as good of a day as I. I think that was very poor grammar.

: I got over one standard deviation below the Mean on my Statistics class. I also did very poorly on my psychology test. Stinky. At work we had red napkins. We also had pink pulper water. I also fell on my butt. Shelley and I got roses from our hometeachers. I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten anything that doesn't fall under the category of "sugar cookies". Bleh. And Clark isn't home to take me to Del Taco.

: Both Zoology and Social Psychology are on curves. I got an email from Cindy today, which is good, because it's the only good thing that happened. I'm getting fat, I eat too much.

: The suckiest thing about no-school days is that they are also no-mail days. The other things, sleeping in, catching up on homework, hot dates (oh wait...) are good though.

: Today was Monday classes. I didn't wake up in time for my first one, but I used that extra time to find my alarm clock. Tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. I have a quiz on the CNS (as in every tiny individual nerve on the brain) at 9 AM tomorrow. I also have to take my D&C test because I forgot to do it today. I hate Wednesdays! Luckily, ...ack I can't think of anything positive to say. Sorry.

: So on Wednesday I missed one on my quiz and I got 85.6 on my D&C test and I got 19/20 on my Stats homework from last week and I found somewhere to live (it's REALLY close and there's a dishwasher and three fridges and I'm excited) and I got invited to go swimming tonight. And I got a tape from Nate =)

: I went swimming today, it was so much fun. I went with some people in my ward and we were down there for about an hour and a half. Plus I went off the high dive (thanks to a random little boy who counted to three for me) and the platform (thanks to Tammy). It was fun and now I'm tired.

: My roommate is spending the night in Ephraim tonight. I got a lot done today, so although I am once again dateless and I have to work tomorrow, I am a happy girl.

Today at work, as often happens, we got a random note written on a napkin. This one said: "From the Emergency Broadcast System: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!" I thought that sounded familiar so I brought it home. This is the best I could do.

: Elder Oaks ate at the Morris Center today. I was there. For EIGHT HOURS. my feet hurt.

: Have I yet mentioned that my roommate uses a Mac OS? Last night I dreamt that a certain boy brought me flowers and asked me in Invitational. hahaha those sleep faeries have a great sense of humor.

: Today I wore a poufy silver vest and it was very comfy and sunggly. I also went and declared a new major, or at least a "pre" major. Now I am going to USH and then to an Anatomy lecture review and then I'm going running and then I'm making molasses cookies for FHE tonight. Then I'm going to FHE and then I'm going to BED. Well maybe somewhere in there I'll study for my Anatomy lecture quiz and maybe even my Health test.

: Congratulations on a NICE test score! Other than that, it's going to be a long day.

: WAHOO! I got a half-tuition scholarship for Spring/Summer. The only problem with that is that if they only think enough of me to give me half tuition for Spring/Summer, I'm not getting anything Fall/Winter. I did kind of get what may in some way be considered a date this weekend though.

: I did decently on both of my exams today. I was in a pretty good mood and work was even fun (work on Wednesdays usually sucks). So it was a pretty good day for a Wednesday. When I got home from work, it was hall prayer and the main topic was PDAs. None of the culprits were present. They probably had something better to be doing.

: Starting new months is kinda depressing. But it's also fun. A clean site.

: Last night I went to see "Pirates of Penzance" with some friends and then me and Camillia and Tim crashed the DT Invitational (because there was a boy there =)). Cammy and I are now going to go knock on random doors because we need two more guys for our "musical date" to Heritage Invitational. We're going to switch dates every 45 minutes.

: So last night at Invitational was fun. I got seven dates and lots of dancing. Today was a very busy day. Maybe if I had more than 15 minutes to get ready for church it wouldn't have been so bad. Plus I didn't get any work done yesterday. This week has potential suckiness written all over it.

: Bleh. So far today I've flunked my Health test and sat in the Periodicals room staring at volume 21 of "Research on Aging". As interesting as my life is, I have to go to Statistics.

: Everytime we drive through one of the entrances to campus, past a sign that reads "The world is our campus" someone inevitably says "The campus is our world." Along with that goes our school paper The Daily Universe. It's a pretty stupid paper, but I really enjoy reading it on Tuesdays and Thursdays because then I can read (and make fun of) the Opinion Page and the ridiculous letters to the editor.

: Today is the third very nice day in a row. Of course, this is Utah so it will probably snow six inches on Sunday. Today I discovered that I'm going to do terribly on my Statistics test next week.

: I just got home from Preference. I'm very tired and my feet hurt and in 7 hours I'm doing the Rex Lee Run. yay for 5K on no sleep and hurt feet.

: I placed!!! 980th. But I still placed!!! It's raining outside, but it took me a while to realize that. I just thought I was sweating really a lot. For anyone who cares, I've done 87 miles for "Run for Your Life" so far.

: Today I worked so I don't have to work next Sunday. That's about all I did, too. I have a Statistics test this week and I'm going to do so badly!!!!

: Tonight for FHE we had Ward Karaoke night. I did "California Girls" by the Beach Boys with three girls in my ward, none of whom are from California. We sang "You wish you all could have California/Utah/Idaho/Arizona girls." It was much fun.

I studied for almost two hours tonight (that's good for me). I got 67% on my practice Statistics test, but hopefully I learned from my mistakes. Or something. I also read Social Psychology. And studied circulatory system. Wow, so much productivity in one night. Maybe it'll get me somewhere.

Happy 18th Birthday to my cutie pie baby sister in 21 minutes!!! (Utah time)

: yayayayay! I did really well on my Statistics test (I got a little =)) so thanks to the tutor mom suggested I get even though he was already gotten. My ethernet adapter cord is broken. Like, pieces of it came off. If only there was enough time in the day to get one. Today is a stuff to do 9-930 day.

Tuesday at the track I saw a girl who looked just like an AmandaSusieRachel. She had Rachel-style hair in a Susie color, Amanda face with Rachel eyes and make-up and she was even dressed how you would think an AmandaSusieRachel would dress. She had on the exact same shirt I am wearing today and an AmandaRachelish skirt. Life is funny like that.

I also met a friend of Arly's who knows Sarah not-Nations-anymore from his freshman ward.

: It's snowing. I hate Utah. I was going to go many places on the bus today but there isn't even a bus that goes to Target and that was my main destination. So instead I'm probably going to sit around and, uh, relax. I'm sure there's homework or studying or something I could be doing. I'd rather be shopping but not if it involves walking 1 1/2 miles to Target from the mall in the snow.

: I got to go swimming with some people from our ward last night. Then we went to this kind of dance thing in Penrose. Today I had Melanie drop me off at Target on her way to Salt Lake and then I spent three hours wandering around Provo/Orem. (in California cities (and towns) are separated by miles of growing food. In Utah they're separated by miles of other cities and towns. Kinda like a big smushed city pie.)

: I'm sick. Last night I made cookies with four times as much salt as they were supposed to have. Hopefully those two items are not related. It's bedtime again, I think.

: Still sick and I have two tests to take in the next 24 hours. *bleh sickness*

: I think I'm going to go to Romania. mwa hahahaha.

: I hate Statistics in case I haven't mentioned that lately. I didn't get to go to my lab yesterday because I was at the 11th Annual Gerontology Conference all day so now I'm even more confused.

: I got a letter from Nate today =) Last night a bunch of us went to the park and played games in the dark and ate lots of food. It was tons of fun. Today I am writing my social psychology paper because I am a good girl like that.

I was a soapdish before Leonard was a soapdish.

: Yesterday I got a letter from Cindy (and three phone calls and ice cream) and today I got a letter from Rachel, which was absolutely adorable =) This week is such a bucket of stress. bleh.

: I lost my ID card which means I can't print the paper I can't write because I lost my notes which I can't redo because I lost the references.

: I found my ID card, found the books I used, re-researched them and ran into Alyson in the middle of this. I know have 4 1/2 pages of a 6-8 page paper that is due to my peer reviewers (I have no friends in this class. I have never said a word to any one in this class.) tomorrow. I bought a new Ethernet card to console myself somewhere before any of the good things I mentioned had happened.

: Last night I also discovered that Dave, my cousin-in-law, graduated in TR. quel coincidence. He is starting his Masters this Fall in "Program Management" or something like that.

I got a bill for $25.11 from IT services. I apparently owe $22.88 worth of 1.9 network connections for the month of March. This is strange because I had not yet previous to this been billed for this connection (which is supposed to be paid by housing) and because last month I got a bill for -$2.13 for a phone call I made. I wouldn't mind paying that one at least.

: About half an hour after turning in my application for Romania next Winter, I got a letter from SLOC about interview times and getting a position as CEREMONIES HOST at CEREMONIES VENUES. oh well. I'm taking my one shot at Romania over the only thing even close to a shot at the Olympics I'll ever get.

I also got a letter from Elder Michael Will Rassmussen. He baptized a family on the 24th.

: This morning Bishop Egan gave me three tickets for this afternoon's conference session. These were the only actual, walk-right-in tickets he had but no one wanted them cause they didn't have a car. So I talked Wendy Carr and Andrew Miles into taking the bus up there with me. wahoo!!

: For anyone who doesn't remember last October, Shari's car broke down in Sandy and we had Clark's dad take us to Salt Lake. Getting home was even more interesting. Well today, we made it up there fine but missed the 530 bus from the TRAX to Utah Valley. The next bus was at 700 and I was supposed to be at work at 500 but some girl overheard us trying to figure out what exit to use for Uncle Jon and asked if we needed a ride to Provo. So I was only an hour and a half late to work.

Tomorrow, I am going to Alyson and Dave (and Atticus) to Jon's. =)

: On the way home from Jon's, Dave and I had a conversation about TR. He gave me lots of good advice. We (me him and Aly) also had a nice discussion on politics. Fun ness.

: It's warm outside and kind of raining, except that even if it were raining it doesn't really rain here very much. I'm going to go make bread and oatmeal cookies so I have something to eat for the next week. I am almost out of Handi-snacks and fruit snacks. Unfortunately, I can't afford any more Costco trips either.

: The other day I realized that I dislike human interaction. Today I realized that I dislike humans.

: If I am alive at the end of this week it's only because of the cookies I made on Monday. I can't decide when to take my Stats test: the more convienient time, which means soon and no running for me today, or the later time which means I can go walk around the track and study. In the meantime, we're having a two hour review for our final (next week) in my Zool lab today. wahoo.

: I just made 17 bean and barley soup. Salt, olives, cheese and salad dressing make it taste... well better. I got an 85% on my Stats test which is exactly in between my scores on the past two tests. I think that's enough beans for today.

: Jon and I are going to start a band called "Too Poor in Utah" and our first album will be "Salad Dressing and Beans."

: Only one more fruitsnack left! Tragedy!

: It's raining (fake Utah rain) outside and I do not own an umbrella. I do, however, have a very nice rain jacket that my mommy bought me. I wonder if I should just conform and buy a $10 bookstore umbrella. I'm going to work now and I shall return $17 less poor.

: My mother is not coming up for the weekend. And I can't afford to go home between semesters. I only returned $10.35 less poor. I had a group interview for my Romania Internship today. I guess it went well, I really don't have anything to compare it to. It was definitely a different experience. I only have 17 more miles left for "Run For Your Life."

: This has been the longest weekend ever. Friday night I worked and read until very late. Then I got up at 630 this morning to go to the Anatomy lab and then I walked and studied and then I tried to get some more sleep and then I worked a lot. I've worked 17 hours this week and I have 8 or 9 more coming tomorrow.

It's raining outside, but no one will go play with me. Today I realized that I haven't been to Denny's this entire semester (and only once Fall) but not only that, the latest I've gone to bed is maybe 200. When did I become such a big loser? Oh, yeah. Probably right.

: The best thing about working so much is that this week I made about as much as I normally get in a two week paycheck. The second best thing is that it's over. The third best thing is that you kinda get numb to dishes after a while. The worst thing is that my feet hurt =(. The second worse thing is that my hall advisor just walked in and was checking keys and mine's lost. Luckily I haven't looked yet.

: I haven't gotten email in four days. Someone talk to me!!!

: Thanks to people who actually sent me emails. My mommy is home now so maybe I won't need social support from outside sources anymore. Plus I finally got to go grocery shopping. This is good because as of this afternoon (when I finished my hamburger helper) my diet had been reduced to Girl Scout cookies. I now own cheese.

: Romania interview in seven minutes... I got two phone calls between going back to bed and running to an interview I didn't know I had.

: My psychology paper is done. My D&C extra credit is done. I have no clue how to do my Statistics homework which is due tomorrow. I have three miles more for "Run For Your Life" which is also due tomorrow. I missed my Zoology lecture on Tuesday (and my Psychology class). I did terribly on my Zoology lab final on Wednesday. It is snowing very much a lot. I am going to go buy myself ice cream.

: My psych teacher is sick so we got out of class as soon as his voice ran out (20 minutes). We apparently didn't have much of a class that I missed on Tuesday either.

When the sun comes out after five inches of snow, trees poop. Don't walk under them.

: Do you have a shirt that you really love? One that you feel so groovy in? And if this shirt should start to fade, would that only make it nicer still? I love my shirt, I love my shirt, my shirt is so comfortably lovely.

I hung out with Clark and his roommates last night. Interesting fun. We went to Spring Thing and were at the dance for 3 1/2 hours. That's a lot of dancing. Krystie and I had great odds, being two girls with five guys. So why do the boys go ask random girls to dance and we stand there? They could at least leave two behind for us! Silly boys.

: Tonight I went over to 85 and Eric Roylance lent me his pocketknife; together we destroyed a section of the New York Times. Teaching Sunday School tomorrow, and going to Jon's.

: I think I forgot to mention that on Friday I completed my "Run For Your Life" miles. I now own a BYU Intramural Champion T-shirt. Free even.

: Jon brought five girls down and we had a picnic at Kiwanis park, mmm. Then we played on the swings. I also got an Easter basket (it was actually an Easter paper bag, which my mom found hilarious...) Lots of candy to help with finals, hehehe, and a whole package of purple peeps bunnies. I have a test tomorrow I haven't started studying for.

: Got up and studied for my final this morning. It turned out ok, especially since he started telling us the answers half way through, and he also curves it. Played Twister in front of hundreds of people in the Wilk. Didn't win anything. Wrote six letters. Ate candy. Good day. Tomorrow is the last day of class! yippee!

: Twice last week I got attacked by golf balls while at the track. Today in Social Psychology, Dr. Jacobson threw a piece of chalk at me (unprovoked I might add, unlike Mr. Autrey's throwing of erasers at the percussion section).

However I'm not complaining because he (Dr. Jacobson) is still sick and we only had 35 minutes worth of (an 80 minute) class today. AND that was my last class ever this semester (not counting the six reviews I'm *planning* on going to before Saturday). I'm going to spend more time in reviews in the next four days than I would normally spend in class. Then there's the six hours in the testing center... not including lines... bleh. finals.

: Party, party, party! oh hi. Um yeah. Me, Melanie and Wendy just got back from Spring Fling (free food, free dances, free concerts, free comedy shows, free games, free big inflatable slides, free rock climbing, free karaoke) (it's a campus-wide, ack-finals-are-in-two-days party. Pizza for 30,000?) We entertained ourselves by wandering around an extremely crowded dance bumping people and acting like we were trying to get somewhere.

: Finals, finals, finals! The (first) day of reckoning has finally arrived and, yes, I actually am excited. I feel guilty for putting of Stats but I can't fit anything else in my head! I'm going to the Testing Center (or elsewhere) in a few minutes to purge at least two tests worth of info that's buried in my gyri.

hmmm no lines! My freshman year the lines wound across campus and took several hours. They've fixed that, hence me taking tests elsewhere. Of course I think part of the problem was the breakdown of their system. Better go take stuff now before I forget it all. Wish me luck!

: Five down, one to go. I took three tests today; that's 353 little bubbles of lead and three hours in three different buildings. The only line I had to wait in was Shelley. And that's only because she climbed the stairs faster than me. Decent scores, definitely not complaining. I'm packing in a (successful) attempt to put off Stats. Um, my roommates have been studying way too long. That's what I'm assuming, at least, by the insane amounts of noise coming from bedroom two.

: Took stats today, that's over with. I am done with school for 10 days!!! I think my roommates must be jealous. I also sold back my last book today. I spent $335 on books in January and I got $197 back this week. And I had a packet and two workbooks, which can't be sold back at all. I think I did pretty good this semester.

Clark got his mission call, eeeeeeee! He hasn't opened it yet, but I'm very excited (can you tell????) eeeeee! =)

: Clark is going to Brazil, Santa Maria mission. Portuguese. On September 5. (Well, he's going to the Sao Paulo MTC on Sept 5 anyway). I'm going to be 22 by the time Clark gets home. I'm old. EEEEEEeeeeeee! Much excitement, yupyup! =)

: Pink hair! Where is my mommy?

: I just lost the best friend I ever had. because he wouldn't try.

: Stupid 7-10 person left without even trying to find a sub. The dishroom is a big mess right now; I bet the custodians are going to hate the 7-10 person even more.

: Yesterday was the most fun (and easiest) easy day I've ever had at work. I spent nine hours at the Morris Center and probably did 3 1/2 - 4 hours of work. There were 5 student employees and a cook by the time we closed, and we fed a total of 135 people at two meals. Basically we stood around and talked and ate. I was the only dishroom worker, but the dishes (empty trays) literally stacked themselves.

All moved into my new house. With more groceries than I'll ever be able to use before going to Romania. I had a bonding moment with my new housemates (the ones I've met at least) last night. So at least they don't hate me.

: Today I went to my Aerobic Dance class. My computer is automatically shutting down for a Devotional we don't have.

: Baby ducks, baby ducks! 13 of them and a busy mom and three lazy boys sleeping under the nearest tree. I got paid to sit around and talk with the manager at work again today.

: Brother Newell, my religion professor does "The Spoken Word". He also says "This is the broadcast of the 171st General..." and "This is the English language channel..." He did it for us in class, it was quite entertaining. Aside from that I think he'll also be a good professor.

: My dance class got cancelled, not enough people. It is offered other times, but they are either too early or during work. I am going to have to take it next term or something because I can't sell my book back. It's a workbook and I wrote in it. Grrrr... Stinky on the world today. Maybe I'll get mail.

Yesterday in the bookstore I heard someone say "Hi Robert" at the same time as someone else saying "Hi Frances."

: I like work. I get paid to do dishes. I get paid lots to do dishes. I get paid lots to do dishes with cute boys. I like work.

: Mom, grades. Click on enrollement

: Last night I got a free pedicure and we had chocolate-dipped strawberries and brownies and pizza. I'm hungry and my toes are cute!

: Going to Aly's tonight for dinner, yay for baby boys to play with.

: Yay! I get to work today! yay! This weekend has been very boring with nothing to do. I've done a lot of reading for classes. Unfortunately, I'm already pushing my "part-time" limit with last Sunday.

: Oreos for dinner, how healthy. Last Thursday I had frosting and carrots (not together). Just kidding, I'll probably have french fries.

: I feel sorry for people who aren't doing anything with their lives. All I'm doing is getting up, running errands, going to school, going to work, doing homework and going to bed, but at least it's getting me somewhere. Plus somewhere in there I'm learning things and having fun and ... stuff. I'm just glad I have stuff to do and somewhere to go and someone to be because I would feel like a total loser otherwise.

That entry isn't as random as it looks. I ran into an old friend and we were talking about where our lives were headed. I'm glad mine is going somewhere.

: Today I returned The Iliad to the Bookstore, today being the last day to return books and I having already read it for my class. Now, I have $5.40 in my bag, one less book taking up room on my already-crowded shelf and one less thing to carry to book buyback in 6 weeks. What a nifty plan. All professors should make their students read an entire book in the first week of class. Don't they realize how poor we are?

: Yesterday I ate: 6 ounces of yogurt; an entire package of Ritz crackers; 48 ounces of rootbeer; carrots; some more Ritz crackers with fake cheese; and Tasty QQQ's. That is for my own reference.

: I saw three yellow VW bugs so I thought maybe it was a sign but then two unhappy things happened, or I guess, were, so perhaps not. I did, however find a use for the 40 cents and thereby prevented from happening (and it was an event, not a circumstance as the other two) a third unhappy thing.

: Everyday we seem to have less and less to do at work, and yet everyday I get off a little bit later. We came up with "The Top 10 Things Better to Do Than Be at the Morris Center on a Friday Night." Surprisingly, we could only come up with six. (Actually at six I got forced to sweep and mop line A). I don't have to work until Thursday because of my "Field Studies in Leisure Services" field trip.

: Today: Spent an hour waiting for the mail to come (it hasn't yet), nail polish remover doesn't taste good, read Plato- that makes me sound cool (reading Plato, not eating nail polish remover) but, secretly, it's for History 201- saw Pansy's twin brother. hmmm Saturdays are kind of boring (I've only been up an hour and a half). I think only three people are sleeping at my house tonight (gone home, going home, going to someone else's home, working). Not complaining.

: MArk emailed me his "to do" list and I was very impressed. I need to have something like that. I will go home and make one before Melissa comes over. Kelinda and I just got back from Target and it was fun =)

: Yesterday I read the entire Book of Proverbs. I met a bunch of guys in our ward (our next door neighbors came over to bring us canned pears...) Two very good things are going to happen today. And tomorrow I am going on a field trip! (I get to miss class, that's the excitingest part.)

: I lied, THREE very good things happened today. First I got a date (that I can't go on until August), second I got (non-junk) mail, and third I got an unexpected email from a friend in my last ward. yay!

: Even more good things happened today. I ran into Liz, got a phone call from Maria (Rasmussen) Strange and got to talk to three other friends I hadn't heard from in a while. I also got $99.66 of my [mom's] $100 housing deposit, which was paid two years ago. When people wave unexpected $99.66 checks in front of you, you don't ask where the other 34 cents went.

: I have had two very full days. Yesterday I watched a baseball field getting set up for the Utah state (high school) championships, played in the "edutainment" room of a fitness center, visited the Utah Olympic Park and decided never to try any of the sports we learned about (those are some STEEP ski jumps... and 90 MPH in that outfit?), and learned about volunteer positions that involve sitting in a lake all day. Then I ate a lot and watched "Remember the Titans". Today I woke up at 630 to a beautiful view (out our lodge window from my plastic bed on the loft), went hiking in my flip-flops, toured the USH grounds, learned how much money you can make in the hotel business and sang a song about peanut butter to very able old people. I'm going to go take a nap before the ward party tonight.

: I ended up going to the ward party with no one I knew but it was really fun. I managed to play all the water games and not get wet at all and our team, For Trevor, won. On the list today: read History, class, read History, work, read more History, bed. Thursdays are always so exciting...

: I have six straight hours of finals on June 20th.

: Today at work: learned two things about my coworker (she's 26 and married), read 30 pages in my Chinese Philosophy book, let the bakery boy flirt with me (at least that's probably the closest to flirting with me he'll ever get) and sliced my finger open. Kelinda and I are going shopping tomorrow and I am going to make a delicious dinner for Saturday.

: Summer and I sat in bed talking last night, I love that. I'm going home to check the mail =) and then I'm going shopping I mean ~chopping broccoli-hee~

: Ok so very few people would actually understand that last entry. At the very least you have to have visited our apartment, although apparently other people who went to the concert picked up on (and made fun of) that also. But Kelinda and I did go shopping (no broccoli involved.) My foot hurts, I think I broke my toe.

: At work yesterday, the hose washed itself by attaching to the dishwasher and going on through. It was pretty amusing. Gina, my coworker, and I bonded some more today. I also got another 27 pages of my book read. I love my mommy! =)

: Yesterday, out of sheer boredom, I scrubbed the dishroom floor. It's nice and pretty now. I should be doing my TLP reading but I did that forever last night and will be doing it forever tonight. Oh, and I made food on Saturday and we had a little dinner party (me, Wendy, Melissa and Melissa's cousin's fiance, who is in my ward). It was a big hit and it would have been bigger if I hadn't spent 3 1/2 hours cooking. Then we watched a movie and were girls. Kirin and I are sitting in the computer lab gossiping.

*whew* for a minute there I was beginning to believe that my entire life was work and school.

: Quote of the day: "I wear make-up every Sunday, what're you gonna do?" -Brother Newell on the use of tape recorders and tele-prompters by General Authorities.

: So I went to work today (two hours late because I didn't know we were starting the summer schedule) and found out that the "new girl and she's... new" was Shannon. So it's a party in the dishroom now.

: So I went to work today, on time even, and Kelissa, who was in my ward last year, was there talking to Toni and when she found out I was the supervisor, she switched from line to work with me. So now it's an even bigger party in the dishroom. There are 2-3 more girls hired. I'll probably continue training someone new every few days. But I got a raise!

: Ok so my entire life is work and school, but there's a reason for that, and it's a good reason and I got told that it's ok. I hate school so I'm going to work now. I go to work a lot and my paychecks like that.

: [Confucius say], "A gu that is not a gu- is it really a gu? Is it really a gu?

: I think I have like the second suckiest bed in all America. Not only is it on 18-inch cinderblocks but the top mattress slides over a few inches everytime I get on it. Which means every five minutes I have to push it back towards the wall so I don't get toppled off in my sleep.

Kirin and I went shopping today. And got haircuts. I think we had a bit too much fun, but that's ok. I am excited to cook with my groceries. Last night on the way home from work I saw two kitties playing around. I've seen them before. I miss my kitty.

: I figured out that I climb at least 400 stairs a day. That number goes up every time I check my email, every time I go to campus and depending on which way I walk to classes and work. And on Wednesdays. That doesn't sound like very much but it is. From the bottom to the top of the longest ski jump for the 2002 Winter Olympic games, there are 726 stairs.

At work yesterday we got 900 "new" glasses (they're not really new and I'm not sure why they gave them to us). Today it was just me and Shannon. Phil came in and helped me with the 7 carts of pans left over from lunch (when we actually served people). Other than that, it was an easy day.

It's time to cook and party and relax. In that order.

: This weekend was fun (Yes it is too over, I have to work in 45 minutes). Saturday night, Clarissa, Mark and I bonded. Come to think of it, we bonded all day Sunday too. Then today I went hiking with various people I used to live with & etc. Then I fell asleep trying to finish reading my Chinese Philosophy book. I think that books hates me.

My mommy's coming to see me and yours isn't =P

: EFY started today.

: Summer is moving downstairs tomorrow.

: Je suis un petit noix round couche sur le plancher froid. Tout-le-monde a frappe moi. Ca, c'est la raison pourqoui je suis etrange.

At least that's what I'm blaming it on.

: Last night I went to a dance at which Melissa and Celisa were present, not two people I expected to see. We did very little (like no) dancing but still had enough tickets to purchase a group date, a picnic dinner, and to enroll ourselves and our roommates in a drawing for a waterskiing trip for eight. Off to an RS brunch. Tonight we are going to the drive-in. Tomorrow I am working and Monday I am driving =D

: I'm tired.

: Sunday: 10 hours working. Monday: 10 hours driving, three hours painting. Tuesday: 2 hours cleaning, 8 hours painting. Wednesday: all day painting. Thursday: 5 hours with Grandma, 3 hours painting, cleaning and moving furniture, 2 hours church. Still tired.

: I very ambitiously tried to bathe Misty while the potstickers cooked. It was a well-meant attempt that left both of us quite soaky.

: There is a box of action figures in my bedroom at home. I'm safe! and getting kicked out for devotional.

: There are two entire books on Romanian in the bookstore. That's it. And the Widtsoe is on fire. I know because a firetruck tried to run me over.

: Today I spent 5 1/2 hours in class, tripped three times, and missed Kirin. We used to have "computer lab dates" where we would both randomly end up in the same room of the same lab at the same time. She is far far away (~on California's plains~) now. *wah*

: Today I recycled notecards from when I read "The Taming of the Shrew" in Shakespeare last Fall. They'd been in my purse for the past eight months.

Last night I went to this thing called "MusicFest" with Clarissa and some random people she knew. It kinda sucked. Then I came home and went to bed.

: Despite the Utahns complaints about the weather (105 or something) I still contend that it's much hotter in the dishroom. Outside there is a nice little breeze and plenty of breathing room. And you don't have a machine blowing steam in your face for five hours. We were all so sweaty today our clothes were sticking to us. Actually, that might have been the mashed potatoes...

: Last night I dreamt I was moving into some extension of the Benson (Chemistry) building along with about a million little kids who all had Dr. Seuss keychains (some sort of EFY take-off). The rooms were rather nice, but in reality, there is a rather large hill in that vicinity.

Provo's Freedom Festival is one of the top ten largest Independence Day celebrations in the country. Summer's friends, in a silly attempt to make fun of the sold-out-and-very-expensive Stadium of Fire hosted their own Cul-de-sac of Fire.

I'm waiting for next summer or the love of my life, whichever comes first, and in the meantime I'm drinking Kool-aid.

: I still have the email informing me of my acceptance into the International Internship Program in my inbox.

: Today was my first experience with PowerPoint. It was also my first experience having to deal with a Mac. I also had to teach three people how to send attatchments via my hotmail account because BYU email is on crack. But it only took us an hour and a half to do our fifteen presentations.

: I noticed many large piles of rebar lying in the vicinity of a very big hole on campus (campus tends to sprout very big holes on occasion) and I thought of mom. And this stupid scar on my leg from my last rebar encounter.

I was the only person who showed up to work yesterday. Since I did the work of at least two other people I'm going to ask for a $13 an hour raise.

Leonard, I started reading that "The Good Soldier Sjvek" (I don't remember how to spell his name) book you gave me, it's pretty good.

: I finished my sprinkle cake and I am almost out of popsicles. How am I going to survive??? Oh right I have a car. More popsicles! I think I ate too much sprinkle cake, my tummy has been hurting for three days. And to top it off, I keep dreaming about getting married. Maybe they were poisoned sprinkles *gasp!*.

: As you can tell, the past few days have been very uneventful. However, I got invited to a party tonight, at which I'll only know two or three people (unless the old "It's a small world when you're LDS" theme prevails) so that's exciting.

: Sure enough, there was someone I knew at the party last night. Let's just say he used the phrase "It's not every day you run into your old boss at a party!" Too bad.

: Chris came over last night to watch the X-files with me. Actually, he came over because that's what he does on Sunday night, but I made him watch the X-files with me because I can't watch it by myself (ask Summer) and Mulder's so cute! He expressed that he had never heard of people getting mushy while watching the X-files. This is probably because he was still on a mission during the season finale when all ten of us were sitting in front of the TV being mushy. He also said "Wow, who'd have thought there was a hopeless romantic underneath the spiky side of you." I'm spiky?

: I got Tom Jackman a job, Leonard a bed and myself a gallon of milk for $2.10. I found out yesterday afternoon, after a lovely chat with the secretary, that I make more than I thought I did. I think they gave me my raise twice, but I'm not complaining. Socializing with all the old people at work gets you raises I discovered.

: Shane invited me and Becka to go rock climbing last night. So we were up Rock Canyon in the middle of the night. Rock Climbing. Judging by the comments the guys next to us were making, Becka and I did quite well for our first time, in the dark no less. Shane even let us each belay him and those guys thought he was crazy.

When I sat down to watch TV with Becka I didn't think that in an hour I'd be hanging off a cliff and actually liking it. Hmm.

: I am writing this from a BYU computer lab. I am always writing this from a BYU computer lab. Leonard is finding the signs on our campus amusing. "John A Widtsoe Laboratory Building". ha ha.

I have bruises all over my legs from rock climbing, and my arms are sore. But dang that was fun.

: For all those interested, I believe the fry sauce marketed in stores is called "Some Guy's Fry Sauce." It's not actually me who makes the Morris Center's fry sauce, although I am given the opportunity to clean the mayonnaise out of the mixing bowl.

Rachel iss super -cool

She also can't type. I should also mention that due to the fact that Leonard had his picture taken with the sign outside the Widtsoe building, he managed to find his way from the bookstore to my house. I'm still not sure how that worked but he used the line "I was a Boy Scout once."

: Played cards all weekend. That's the exciting news.

: Leonard's picture of our first game of bowling did not turn out. We each did between two and three times better the second round.

In related news, the Idaho plates (famous potatoes) on Aunt Anne's (rental) car led to the nickname "spudmobile". I had paraphrased, to various female members of my family, the quote Leonard told me comparing North Carolina and Idaho liscense plates.

Last night, Rachel, Kristen, Michelle, Julie and I went to see Moulin Rouge (Tuesday is 50 cent night). A part of the ceiling came crashing down halfway through. According to my roommate Becka, who had a much better view, it was full of water. Poor people it landed on.

: This morning I woke up and realized that I was supposed to be going on a field trip today. Luckily, Emily had also realized that and called me. I'm going on a field trip to Seven Peaks. In what other major could you acutally get away with that, I ask? On the other up side, my notebook also said there was a paper due today (I "missed" class on Friday) but Emily said it's easy and not due until tomorrow. *whew*

Aunt Jeunie's birthday cake, which I was using for breakfast, was big hit with all three of the people who walked in while I was eating it. That's three less pieces of cake that I have to eat.

: WOO HOO!!!

: I got offered a job tutoring. The best thing about this job is that I could still keep the one I have. I told the coordinator I could only go in two days a week, because of my Cultural Prep class, and that made her even more willing to give it to me. I was an algebra tutor in high school, for my friends little sister. It was really fun. I probably made $100 goofing off, in the form of math, with this girl 45 minutes a week or so.

: Job interview Monday. French fries right now. Work later. Book report all weekend.

: Today is a long day. I made two or three to-do lists so I don't forget essential things like curling my hair or eating breakfast or going to work. Yesterday was an equally full day, tanning my left arm and eating steak.

: I'm getting fingerprinted!

: Today I was up for two hours getting x-rayed and prodded and then I went back to bed for three more hours. Now I am hypothetically going to finish my book review, although last time I said that I spent two hours in the lab and only typed one page.

: My paper is done but I accidentally printed it without writing a lot of required stuff and I used every cent on my card to print it the first time. To do today: pay rent. call surgeon guy. read chapter 9. dig up change to put on card.

: Last night at work: Shannon discovered what "that smell" was coming from and the two of us spent an hour and a half cleaning it ("it" being a six foot drain). The only identifiable objects we found were the six pieces of silverware, which we threw away, and the broken glass. I also sat on one of the drain covers which happened to be upside down and covered in algae (as Shannon pointed out when I stood up).

I also gave a much-needed talking-to to one of my employees who subsequently hates me and no one really cares much. Even the cook was bugging us about stuff she did so that had to be taken care of. So that was good.

Then I jammed a pan I was holding into the counter which in turn jabbed it into my side. I've got a nice little mark, a nice little lump and I think my stomach learned it's lesson.

Today I got polio, Hepatitis B and Typhoid vaccines. I only need five more.

: My Typhoid arm hurts. Going to buy "Man's Search For Meaning." I wouldn't if I didn't already have to climb all those stairs.

: Sore arms. Kelly and I sat on the couch all afternoon/evening yesterday. Then I went to Target and bought another pair of shoes exactly like a pair I already have (only Kirin could understand that). Today I had a meeting with Melanie Bliss. I'm working with the 3-4 grade group. The rest of it was all very confusing, but I learned some cool math games.

: Yay my mommy's coming. I might be moving. I hope I'm moving.

: My new job starts today. Lisa's "person" and I were throwing fits at each other about what I should wear. I had to work yesterday but we were only open for two hours so I got home at 615. That was pretty nice. I didn't believe Hani when he told me. ("The lady you don't like says we close at 500.") I'm not sure who he was talking about. Hani's kinda weird. "Her boyfriend... He don't know... NINTENDO!" I told you. He's the most fun though.

: Last night, I went with Lindsay and three of our neighbors (I think there must be about 25 people living in that house) to Rush Hour 2. It wasn't quite as dumb as I thought it was going to be. Actually, it was as dumb as I expected, it was just much funnier. The guys (next door) don't have air conditioning so they sleep outside. That would explain the alarm clock on the porch.

: My mommy's coming today. Next wednesday is my 304 final and then I have to work. I was going to go to my other job in between there but then I found out that's the most reasonable day for me to get four of my teeth yanked out. We also have cleaning checks that day.

For some reason that past four times I've typed the word "teeth" (make that five) I've actually typed "teether". I don't know why that is.

: Mommy and I are leaving soon for the big Call party. thingy. I wish I didn't have to go to class first, but I think the review might end up being helpful. So I'm going. We bought lots of pineapple juice for my teeth, lots of other healthy snacks. Classtime.

: We got home late Saturday night after partying at the Call Reunion like the wild and crazy people we are. It was up at Bear Lake. I went to Idaho for the first time ever. It was an accident. Mom and I spent an hour and a half looking for a park which was not in Idaho. *Driving along.... "Welcome to Idaho"... "Oops"*. I also went on a JetSki for the first time ever, with two third cousins of mine. I am very sore now.

The twins, Laura (whom people have been confusing with me), and I played cards in the tent and got yelled at for too much giggling too late at night. That scene just seems so familiar.

Last night we went to Ray and Annie's house, which is shamefully close to mine. I haven't been there in four or five years. I should go more often. They're fun people those Ray and Annie.

: Teeth go bye-bye today. I saw Brother Jackman at the bookstore shortly before some guy gave me $80 in exchange for a bunch of books I didn't read this summer (I actually did read a couple of them). He thanked me for hooking Tom up, which was, of course, something I was more than grateful to do. Tom is so awesome to work with, especially now that almost everyone else cool has quit.

Last night I was too full to eat french fries before going to bed and now I am very hungry and my surgery isn't for another 2 1/2 hours and then I won't be able to eat french fries for days anyway!!! grr

: I am so glad my mommy was here to take care of me. I don't know what I would have done!! She made me smoothies and pasta-roni, which I ate one noodle at a time. What a sweetie mommy.

Yesterday while waiting to get shot up with who-knows-what that completely zonked me out, I heard Ben Folds Five on the radio, which reminded me of someone who is still not talking to me.

My future roommate is an RM named Andrea and her mom says she's neat so that's good. I'm actually kind of excited to have a roommate even though I've enjoyed having my own room. We're also getting new ward boundaries because of the new apartment complex that went up. Luckily our next-door neighbors will still be in our ward. I am very excited for classes to start.

My pain-killers are getting to me, I'd better get home before I fall asleep in the lab.

: I feel very very sick. I threw up the whole way home from the airport (well I did drive somewhere in there). I haven't eaten anything at all, so that doesn't help. And there's no one left to take care of me!

Last night I was also thinking that two years ago today I left for college. I was telling that to an old friend of mine who is also a new friend of mine. It's nice to have a friend, that one.

: I miss Kirin a lot. Liz stayed with me this weekend, so I at least had someone to talk to, but I really miss Kirin.

Kirin: Hey! It was a loving gift!

Susie: Don't you hate those?

Working both jobs today (and the next day etc.) but I at least have mail to look forward too. Church yesterday was combined and at nine in the morning but it was still really good. I somehow managed to bond a lot more with ward members hanging out with Liz and with two other wards around. It doesn't matter anyway because we are getting new meeting times AND new ward boundaries AND a new stake building AND a chapel with walls.

: I've decided to thoroughly enjoy my last month as a teenager. That actually happened four days ago, but I forgot to mention it. If I had someone to go with I'd go shopping. Instead I'll have to go home and check the mail. Just in case.

: I got a bill for $1630 (no, it wasn't my phone bill). I had something else to say but I've forgotten it. I've just had a lot to say today but not much of it came out.

: Last night a friend took me to dinner and it was very random but good because I got a new perspective on stuff. Just because I was going to dinner (at 1030 PM, but I guess I was working during any reasonable dinner time). I also got someone to go grocery shopping with. I think Kelinda is still out of town, but Cami has no roommates around, nor any food. I am jealous of people for whom school has started already, but I stayed in Utah to work, so I'm working. work work work.

Wrote a letter to Elder Whitney last night. I am hoping to see him at the airport, even though it's the first day of school. I missed the first day of school last year because of a missionary, didn't I? It's not in my notebook, I looked already, but I think I did.

: There was the coolest thunderstorm last night. Of course, it started while we were in the restaurant eating dinner, but it was awesome! I think it's the elevation that makes it so loud and so bright (and so random? It's all hot and sunny today).

: Despite my claim that it was "all hot and sunny today" we are having another thunderstorm. Yesterday I was thinking about Leandro and today, I was walking along, against the flow of 25,000 people headed to the Devotional, I saw him. We stopped and talked, it was really good to see him.

We spent several hours cleaning at my house. We got new couches (they're really nice), so someone was vacuuming when I came in and then I started throwing someone's old cereal away and next thing we knew, our place looked amazing. Here are some numbers: 25 boxes of laundry detergent (most were empty and now thrown away), 15 bottles of stain remover, 14 bags of trash, three bags of old food from one of the fridges, 8 jars of jam (from the same fridge) and three other people showing up to work.

I left work. Going to talk to the manager tomorrow, not sure if I'm going back. In other job related news, at my other job, I actually helped someone learn something! It was amazing. The fourth graders are learning how to find "elapsed time" and this boy was having real trouble. Next thing I knew he was ahead of where I was leading him. It was great. Now if I could get him to not write his fives backwards...

: I went to bed late last night because I was watching a movie next door ("Planes, Trains and Automobiles", fast-forwarded a lot) but for some reason I woke up early, feeling terrific. It's just a good day.

The other day, Liz and I were talking and she brought up something I hadn't thought about in years; a certain door on a certain car that had a certain habit of swinging open everytime you made turn. =D We laughed about that for about ten minutes! I can still picture clinging to that door everytime Leonard turned onto Comanche on the way home from school. hehe, good times.

: Looked at finding another job. I am thinking possibly something in the mornings, but I want to talk to Melanie and see if I can work extended day at Sunset View. Oh great, Tom called me again and I couldn't answer the phone because I'm in the lab. Tom is coming to work with me tomorrow.

: I got a letter from Elder Whitney today. It was the best piece of mail I've gotten in a long time. I don't know what it was, just something about this letter felt so honest and really made me feel good. Not only that, I feel like someone appreciates me. I'm excited to go see him at the airport. Another great day ahead of me.

: Work was great. A third-grader named Breanne made me a little heart that says "love" in art club. Tom decided he wanted to drive home, so that was an adventure. Took two or three lights to get through University and 100 North. The people behind us were laughing. It was great.

Mission calls: Emily's going to Colorado, Brian's going to Tokyo, Everett's going to Sapporo and David's going to Uruguay. Yay for them. I'm going to go cook dinner.

: Another great, lazy day. Got invited to see "A Knight's Tale" last night but I decided to get some rest instead. This morning, Tom and I went to the mall (for my sake) and took the long way (eight times around the neighborhood, for his sake). He's really good, just needs practice.

I bought some clothes on sale at JC Penny, and even though I was spending money, "I feel secure with my purchases." I needed some "dressy casual" things for work and just to spoil myself. Then I bought us some Chinese food and Tom let me drive home. He was really good about going into girl stores with me (although JC Penny and the video game store were the only places we were in for more than 30 seconds). Those kinds of boys are the best.

: Last night: One of our new next door neighbors, Brad, came over to meet us and hang out. He made me a Filipino dish called chicken adobo. It was yummy. Then Summer and everyone who isn't technically living there went out to eat and Steve (another next door neighbor- didn't I say there were 25 people living in that house??) came over and we watched some old, old SNL tapes. Everyone got back, watched more Comedy Central stuff, gave backrubs. Somehow that was five hours of my life.

Today: My big plans include going to Target, cooking, and hanging out some more on our comfortable couches. That was the real reason all of us were sitting around watching TV on a Friday night. The couches. Right.

: Another manic display of cleaning in our ghetto house. We went OCD in our kitchen. Only three bags of trash this time, and half a hall of stuff to take to DI. I'm all dressed up cute throwing mis-matched tupperware into the hallway, Summer's dumping appliances into the garbage can and Mandy is finding insulin syringes and fussing over a missing cabinet door. We found the door. It was between two of the fridges, next to an iron I found and gave to Lisa, who is packing and has half of what she owns in the front room. Our house is so ghetto.

: Saturday night: Got in a water fight. It's one thing to drive by and squirt someone with a water gun. It's another to drive by again when they've got their hose out. We ended up taking some guy hostage and then going back and meeting the guys. They were much more fun than people who just let us squirt them.

Yesterday I went to a random birthday party for various people related to Ray and Ann. It was fun and the best part was that I could eat the food this time. Called Jon and made some Labor Day plans with missionaries and cousins and both. Brad was over all evening, playing us romantic songs and showing Lindsay some new chords on the guitar.

Our house is so hot. CP refuses to fix our air conditioning. Pretty soon we're going to start sleeping outside like our neighbors. I'm baking cookies for various people today too. Off to play the piano.

: Another happy day in my last month as a teenager. AC is getting fixed (yes, I was actually happy to wake up to people banging on the roof), roommate is moving in, two good friends are coming back up later this week. I'll finally have someone besides next-door neighbors to hang out with. Bought books for five of my six classes today. I still have at least two more things to get. This is my most expensive semester yet.

: Got an email subjected "Romania internship." That was good. Tom drove in circles in a church parking lot and finally figured out how to drive my car. I do much less nervous laughing now. I figured out what to do about getting another job. I got a bonus for bringing Tom to work at Sunset View. I made really yummy food stuff. Going home to clean and get my car's oil changed.

: Got a letter from Elder Whitney yesterday. I made him cookies but I forgot to bring the box up to campus to mail it... *doh!* Everyday this week has felt like a day ahead of itself, in which case today would be Friday. But it's not. My roommate actually moved in, with actual stuff and what not. She's pretty cool. She served her mission in Taiwan. We haven't had a returned missionary living in our house in years.

: Friday. Finally. It's felt like Friday for quite some time now. So of course today feels like Saturday. Spent last night acquainting Andrea with the music she's missed in the last year and a half and three weeks. Officially quit my job today and got my food handler's permit back. Friends are coming today. Friends!

: Waking up this morning it felt like Sunday. Hopefully church tomorrow will make one day significantly different from another. Yesterday I hung out with Lisa, went with roommates to take Kelly out to dinner for her birthday and went "hiking". We didn't actually do any hiking. It was a very poorly planned (with shorts, flip-flops and no flashlight) attempt to get out of the house, and it worked but we got home and found out it was only 1030 so we ended up watching TV anyway.

We drove up to Bridal Veil Falls and walked up a paved trail to the base of the falls, stood around, and then walked back. It was much more exciting than it sounds because it was fairly dark, fairly scary and we had a little sprinkler incident. The scariness was self-perpetuating because one of us would jump or scream or grab onto someone at random intervals with no real instigator and then everyone else would jump and scream and grab onto whoever was closest.

: Someone, Mandy I think, cleaned out the "scary room." We actually have a room in our house designated as the scary room. Today I tried to finish reading all the books I said I was going to read this summer. I read three or four actual non-school books and started two more. Tomorrow sometime I'm going up to Jon's to hang out with them for the weekend. Then (finally) school can start. Yay!

Last night (or at least sometime between 330 and 700 AM) was the first time ten people who actually lived in my house were actually all asleep there at the same time.

: Saw off missionaries. Played with cousins of all shapes and sizes. Participated in various activities with our new ward. Still waiting for classes to start. The weekend was much, much more fun than it sounds I'm just too lazy to go into detail.

: People I saw today: Shelley and her sister are in my Dance class. I also saw Andrew Miles! and Heidi and some various other people from various other past wards. Oh and I went up to Penrose to visit David because I could find his phone number and I think he's leaving tomorrow. And I saw both Mike and Mark, Mark is in my Child Development class. And Brock from New Testament.

Classes: Biology is going to be a dumbed down version of the Anatomy lecture, which I actually did well in. Religion actually looks incredibly interesting and I am hoping to add a third religion teacher to my "wasn't sucky" list. Dance and TR- very fun classes. Romania Prep and Child Development are the hardest classes. I know, I know, I already took Child Development and it's the same text etc, but there are a lot of big hard assignments. And Romania- well learning a language in four months didn't sound appealing in the first place. Dance, TR and IAS- total of four males, including two teachers.

: Saw Becky Potter this morning, did the "waiting in lines in the bookstore" thing with her. She's engaged. Getting married the day before finals. I can't help but thing that's a bad idea. Going to study my vocab with Kristen, one of my fellow "future Romania interns." I can say 'bottle' and 'bottles' and 'boy' and 'boys' and 'diaper' and 'diapers'...

: In Religion I pulled out my Romanian vocab sheet to study and turns out the girl I sat next to just got back from the same internship. So she's excited to tell me about it and I'm excited to hear about it. Then I ran into Becky Potter again. It sure is a small world.

We were assigned to read this article and find all the doctrinal errors. We spent 20 minutes discussing it in class. A couple of my roommates had to read it too, for various other classes.

: Saw Joe on campus, for the first time in about three years. Bought stickers for missionaries. Tom picked me up at school on the way to work yesterday. That made my life easier. He also washed my car for me. What a sweetie!

I helped someone read. I had him read a math problem and realized that he reads as poorly as he spells. Then he told me he was just going to "look at the pictures" in his book so I had him read it to me. I think he was pretty uncomfortable but when it was time to go he gave me a big smile so I think he feels better about it. I'll make sure he reads to someone in the future.

: Spent an hour cooking today. I'll probably do that a lot on Fridays because my schedule lends to it. Ran into Brad on campus. He comes over at least once a day. Apparently his place isn't as "happening" as ours.

One of my goals this semester is to make friends in every class. All exceptions so far are classes I already know people in (there are five or so people in my TR class also taking Human Biology; it's a pre-req for the major). Another goal is to get up by 900 everyday. So far so good but it's only the fourth day of school.

: Went to see "Summer Catch" with my roommates on Saturday night; it was cute in parts, but mostly really dumb. Then we went to a party which Cami and I found so lame we chose walking home in the cold over waiting for everyone else to leave. It's been cold on and off for the past few days.

Last night I went to ward prayer for the first time since April. We went and socialized and stuff. And got free tomatoes. I spent another $10 on school today. Tomorrow I am getting more shots.

: Sat around the TV with my roommates all morning crying and praying. We have TVs all over campus and people are just standing around watching the news. We may live in Happy Valley but the world looks awfully small through the lens of a camera.

: Watched more TV. Steve's friend is a teacher in Manhattan- they had to tell their kids that their parents wouldn't be coming home. Lindsay (who teaches second grade in South Jordan), Kelly (who works at Sunset View with me) and I started crying. Can you imagine?

: I just ran into Benji an Shelley on campus. The three of us stood around talking for half an hour. It's going to be a long day- I've been conjugating verbs all morning. That wouldn't be so bad if I knew the pronouns. Cami and I were up late last night painting an American flag on what used to be a ghost. We both still have blue paint all over our arms, but we also have a very lovely flag. Unfortunately, our lovely flag only has 41 stars. Even less fortunately, I'm late for class.

: Fall Fling, a campus-wide party very similar to Spring Fling, is cancelled. This year they were making us get wristbands as a "security precaution" (they don't want UVSC students coming anymore). I've been looking forward to this for three weeks. Oh well, half my roommates wouldn't have been able to come anyway. Note: Spring Fling and Fall Fling are different from Spring Thing which is an on-campus housing party.

: I've received six emails from "University Communications" in the past 24 hours. BYU actually cancelled classes, from 12-1 for a National Memorial Service conducted by the church, but I don't have class at 12 anyway. Still going to watch the service.

: Last Night: Cami, Mandy and I rented "The Wedding Planner" and had a girl night. For all ten of us to go to a movie it would cost $67.50. We rented the movie for $4.03 (and paid in change) and everyone will watch it at least once in the next four days. Whenever we rent movies they end up getting played five or six times. Talked with Sharon about tomorrow. This Morning: Had pancakes and eggs with Cami. Made a cheesecake for tomorrow.

: A long but fun-filled weekend. Some roommates and I played sand volleyball Saturday afternoon with some guys that used to be in our ward. Then I went over to Arly's with various other past roommates and we hung out and giggled and sang and were silly all night. Yesterday I went to church and church again and then I played with my cousins and ate some cheesecake. I did some homework in there too, and I even said my first sentence in Romanian: Sunt niste cots (I am some elbows).

I'm in for a long day of class class class class and blowing up balloons for $8 an hour.

: I just ran into Ben. This time he actully got my number so maybe I won't have to wait two months to run into him again. We worked out in Dance today for the first time, it was much fun.

It's my last day as a teenager! To celebrate I am having fruit snacks and wheat thins for lunch (cheesecake for breakfast).

: I had a great birthday. First my mommy loves me, and then Kirin loves me and then other past roommates and then my current roommates and then random guys (that part was a little scary). My baby sister even called me! And then I helped Steve with his math homework until 1230 AM. It was a terrific day so thanks everyone.

: I went to the new part of my job last night and it turned out much easier than expected. I plan an activity for the kids and learn Spanish at the same time. And I got a job tutoring Steve. I am also applying for an ORCA scholarship, to do research for professors on the Romania steering committee and get $1000 for my plane ticket while I'm at it.

: At one point in my life (Last Fall) I had two study partners named Zach. I just ran into both of them on the way to the computer lab. I worked for six hours yesterday, a fairly rare occurance this semester. I should have done more homework and less non-work though because I forgot about the MFHD paper due at 200. I'm writing it, can't you tell?

: Saturday afternoon, our ward went out to the middle-of-utah (nowhere) and played mud volleyball. It was more like mud-push-everyone-down-and-throw-mud-at-them. I guess that's mud wrestling, isn't it? It was awesome! We got absolutely covered in mud, from our heads to our squishy toes. Then we hosed each other off with really cold water. I think Clark had mixed feelings about driving with five muddy girls in his car. And it was great fun to get out of our hair.

Yesterday, Winter and I made homemade bread and I took some over to Ray and Ann. Then our house hosted the ward "Dessert Club" which means we had 150 people standing around our house eating cookies. It was exciting. Some people I didn't know told me happy birthday. There's a big sign up saying it was my birthday but I'm not sure how they knew it was me. Stacy and I met our hometeachers. Us and Lindsay and Travis (the guy who smashed his nose to pieces playing intramural flag football) sat around talking until it was excessively late for us girls.

I'm sick. Some random guy said hi to me on my way up the stairs. He was sitting there watching me climb and my shoe kept falling off and I was sniffling and then I dropped my sweater. I think he was trying to make my day better. I have class in 45 seconds and I'm already missing dance.

: Sunset View is on intersession and guess who's in charge of intersession activities? Yup, After School Academy. So I'm working 830 until I have class every morning. It's fun though, I'm with the ESL kids. We get recess, and free lunch. I also started my 30 hours of volunteer work at Oakview Living Center. The Activities Director is named Lorna.

: I just went into the Law Building for the first time. Our Romanian instructor is a law student.

Yes, faith is like a bass boat. You see, you don't buy a bass boat and leave it in the shed. You don't say, "I don't know how it handles rough water, because I've never put it on a lake." You utilize it, use it appropriately, and as often as possible. You don't go sit in it on dry land every Sunday. -David on his governor's analogy.

: I got an email from Alissa Morrow today. Turns out she's still alive after all. I had a meeting with Dr. Porter and got a bunch of pre-research stuff sorted out for my research for the ORCA scholarship. It's an observational study on the correlation between attachment behaviors and temperament in the kids at the DC (the Dystrophic Center we're going to be working at in Romania). My baby sis called me last night, what a sweetheart!

: Kickboxing. Finally something that makes me look even more uncoordinated than step aerobics. In kickboxing you're not conveniently given something to trip over and blame your klutziness on. And for some reason it's harder than tae bo. Maybe because when I did tae bo I only had two people and a video screen watching me, not 30 other people.

: I finally finished my ORCA proposal. It has definitely taken long enough. Now I just need to go make a decillion copies of it and send an altered resume to my mentor. Work today was fun. I went into the K-1 grade room and helped them count M&Ms. A little girl from my ESL night class came running up and hugged me. I'm in charge of the project tonight and haven't planned anything yet.

: Big football game tonight against Utah State. Cami and I are taking our tests then. I turned in my stacks of stuff for ORCA and now it's out of my hands. Nothing exciting has happened. I studied last weekend too.

: This weekend... went to see "Serendipity" with some roommies. I watched three movies with the same plot this weekend. Conference, drive to Salt Lake, Conference in Conference Center with Andrea. This is the third time in a row I've gotten to go to a session in the Conference Center. More Conference, more Conference, volunteering. It was a really busy weekend but relaxing enough that I don't feel too stressed.

: MArk mark mark! Mark is cool! I love MArk! MArk mark mark!

: Today I found out that I can leave another day earlier to go home with very few consequences. Yay! Mom, yesterday was Columbus Day, which is apparently a day Susies and Mommies don't get mail. We still don't have mail and even when we do get it there probably won't be any for me today. But I'm still hoping.

This morning the rain [was so loud it] woke me up at 7 and I was very happy because I finally got to wear the sweater I bought super on sale in July. It rained really hard all night and there is snow on Utah Valley mountains. I got another free elementary school lunch today.

: I just ran into Mike who played Wall in Shakespeare last Fall. He's doing good. Then I ran into Shelley and talked to her about boys forever so now I hardly have any time to reply to emails. Luckily I don't have very many.

: Looked at [relatively] cheap plane tickets (New Year's in London!) and went to Thai Chili Gardens with Omans and I'm going home tomorrow, woo hoo!

: Going home! Yay, I get to see my family! I am driving safe, no worries.

: Home sweet home. I got pulled over. I didn't get a ticket. Besides that I think I impressed him with my honesty and lack of previous tickets.

: Home (pretend home) safe. Late to my 1100 class as usual. I had a package from my mommy and a letter from "Elder Tenney" waiting for me when I got in at 100AM. I don't think I'm going to make it through dance today. I'm super tired but I just couldn't sleep. oh well, at least I'm here to make a valiant effort.

I had a great time with my great family. It was great. I'm glad I went. I can't wait to go home again in four weeks and one day! =)

: This morning some BYU-approved-housing inspector or something like that came and looked at our house. Is there anything wrong with any of your appliances or plumbing? Well, the dishwasher doesn't wash, the sink and the tub drip, both the stove and the oven caught on fire, the bathtub stops draining every three weeks, the kitchen sink floods every two months. And our "carpet" is rotting. Will that cover it?

I walked into the living room during Devotional and there were couples everywhere! All of a sudden all my roommates have boyfriends. Well not all of them, but too many for their own good.

: Last night I spent an hour taking apart the pomegranate Brent Jackman gave me. Today my fingers are green. I am on my way to learn how to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship to get extra credit for my Romania class. I should be going to my Biology class. But I'm not.

: As much as I don't consider myself a feminist I am finding myself being dragged to a lecture tomorrow in support of my dear friend. Of course I have nothing better to do on a friday night.

Last night I went to visit Melissa Draper and Diane Tenney, who, it turns out, are in the same ward. Melissa was quite surprised, but we looked in the ward directory and that was all the proof I needed to supply. Melissa's good. Her sister, Karen, is good. Diane wasn't home.

: It's Saturday. I woke up with lots to do but it's done. Great.

: People that are getting married: Sarah and Burke (December 29). Kelly (not official, but Daymon's dad "started saving for the wedding"). Kelly's brother (June). Summer and Winter's brother (December 21). Cami. Someday.

After Sarah announced her engagement Mandy started making predictions. Sarah, Kelly, Cami, me. Well then Kelly and Cami both started talking about it with their boyfriends. Ack! I'm next!

Busy busy busy week.

: Lisa and I have bought ourselves some hostel passes even though we haven't paid for our plane tickets yet. We're super excited, talking about metro passes and the like.

: Yesterday there was a very large spider in the closet and Sarah killed it for me. I was very calm about the whole thing. Of course Sarah didn't make fun of me or throw it in my face, which made being calm much easier.

To do today: Study for Zoology. Fill out International Volunteers general section final study sheet. Print MFHD paper #2. Earn $30. Set up a time to prepare group presentation for TR.

I had the best sandwich last night. Cami and I went grocery shopping and then I made and ate my sandwich during FHE, raving about it the entire time: whole wheat bread, turkey, colby jack cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes (the pretty kind that come in plastic boxes), and alfalfa sprouts. mmm it was so good! I am having another one for lunch.

: Today I saw Andrew and Natasha while walking to class. I went to the testing center to take my zoology test and I saw Shari and talked to her a little. Then I saw Becca Mitchell, for the third time ever on campus. We talked for a little while. She's a sweetie. Then I took my test. ARGH! I did terrible! I did extremely well on the first test in this class, without even studying. grrrrrr.

I am wearing pink fuzzy ears. It's not every day I can do that. In honor of the crappiness of my test score I am going to put off the TR project due tomorrow and go eat some food. on the bright side I got 49/47 on my Romanian quiz from last week (and considerably less on today's).

: Sadly enough we didn't have a single trick-or-treater. Of course I live in BYU-approved singles housing. But still! We actually dug up some left-over caramel apple caramels to give them! Oh well. I went trick-or-treating once when I was 16. All by myself. I didn't go last night though. Instead I did homework, hopefully enough to last me. I have a bunch more stuff to do before 5PM tomorrow. And then my Saturday is packed full; Volunteering at RAH, IAS group project, Maria is coming down, SVASA staff party, bedtime.

: Speaking of sprouts, as Mom was, somebody's been eating mine!! Someone (and I know who it was) ate a whole bunch of my alfalfa sprouts and one of my nice pretty tomatoes (which came in a plastic box)! An entire tomato! I know it was her because she later proceeded to eat her salad in front of me and five other people to whom I had already expressed a concern about the not-so-mysterious disappearance of my food. And as if that wasn't bad enough, this same person also used my poufy thing in the shower. How wude!

On the bright side, all of my tests and assignments are done for this week. Actually, I'm not sure that side is much brighter.

: I thought of an actual bright side. Yesterday, "Miss Courtney", the girl directly over me at work, told me that one of the fourth graders told her she really liked "that nice lady" (meaning me). I found this out after the girl came running into the other room where I was supervising and gave me a big hug. I had been wondering how she figured out my name (I'm "Miss Susie"). Yay!

: This was a very crowded weekend. Friday, after classes and volunteering at RAH, I went to my first ever BYU-sporting event, the women's volleyball game, with Stephanie Hall. We lost, but Stephanie and I were so confused about the scoring system we hardly noticed. Then on Saturday I did all the things I was planning on doing, and then I went to Extreme Sports with Steve, Winter and John. My neck is pretty sore from John hitting me with a two foot boxing glove. I got dragged elsewhere with them afterwards and was out much later than I wanted to be. Sunday a whole bunch of people (mostly from Vermont) came over and Winter and Summer made a huge dinner. I went to the CES fireside with Cami and Jed.

The only homework I did was some research for the group presentation Melanie and I have to do in our Romania class. And four hours of volunteering for TR, which, it turns out, is worth much more than I thought.

: I got proposed to today- twice. The first time I said "Yeah I wanna get married. I should probably start dating the kind of guy I want to marry." The second time I said "You're a really great guy, but I think if I married you I'd be... settling." It was really exciting. We're doing this skit for the Mr. BYU 32nd ward pageant about the life of rejection lead by Ryan, our FHE group's contestant.

: I just ran into Heather Mitchell on her way to Book of Mormon. She's the cutest ever. She asked about Rachel.

: For the second day in a row I a) got motivated enough to do a large project/paper b) came all the way to campus in the dark to study and c) climbed the (120) evil stairs four times. Back to writing my paper... I haven't picked a topic yet.

: We are having our extra-credit sleepover tomorrow night for Romania Prep class, so that will give me enough points to make up for using the wrong "to wish" verb (several times) on my last quiz. We're going up to Draper to stay at Stephanie's house. Speaking of Romania, I bought my tickets yesterday. I got seven plane tickets and two train tickets and an HI membership for $942.

I can't figure out why my computer opens things right away from my red disk, but the ones in this lab say it isn't "formatted" and would I like to do so.

Today: more volunteering, missionary letters, Zoology paper, Friends and lots of cross-word puzzles. I wish my Zoology paper was finished. I suppose I could just finish it and then it would be. Good idea.

: Last night at RAH! a Program Management class put on a party/dance. It was pretty fun. Probably the least self-conscious I've ever been while dancing. Obviously, these people were not judging me by how I danced.

On Saturday we are having a 175 Carroll Hall reunion. That's my freshman year apartment (as opposed to 172 and 179). I'm really excited to hang out with everyone and catch up. I also talked to Kirin last night.

: Sleepover was fun. Reunion was fun. I am very tired. My brother called me today.

: This weekend: Kelly has become more officially engaged. She and Daymon are getting married on April 27. I was sitting at lunch with my freshman roommates and I said something about Nate and Becky asked which one, so Liz says "the one who's love is better than chocolate!" That was my story. But, speaking of chocolate, we had another Sunday baking frenzy at our house last night. Sarah, Cami, Summer and I all made a big dessert (mine was Texas Sheet Cake) for no particular reason.

: It's snowed another two inches last night. Although I was relieved when it stopped snowing (after three days and some new windshield wipers) I forgot that after snow Utah gets really ugly, so I'm glad it's covered up again.

For the world who hasn't heard from me in three weeks: It's snowing, I had food poisoning this weekend, I went on two dates last week AND last night he called me while I was up late doing the homework I didn't do this weekend because I could barely move and asked me out again. The really funny thing is that he does in fact know I'm leaving (and moving to a third world country) in 17 days. And he's really cute.

Kelly and Sarah both have rings now, although Cami doesn't and probably won't, but turns out her sister didn't miscarry after all (one of the weirdest miscommunications ever). I don't have a ring either but there's a boy that probably likes me. Stacy and I hang out a lot and I think the majority of what she has said in the past week goes something like "you guys are so cute together!"

: Speaking of Little Red Riding Hood, Cami, Mandy and I went to go see the Sunset View play last night. It was called "The Granny Awards", the cast portrayed various fairy tale characters and three of my fourth-graders were in it. Little Red Riding Hood, looking more like an Olson twin, was one of them. I got her autograph. It was really cute.

: Last night was my third date with Leif in the past week. It was really fun. I have to go study for and take a test before my class in 50 minutes. It's not a very important test.

"BYU researchers have networked all 700 campus lab computers so that every idle minute of computing time, however rare and random it might be, is captured and applied to a monumental task confronting biologists worldwide analyzing and comparing hundreds of thousands of freshly generated DNA sequences." Pretty cool. I wonder if that's why the network isn't working today.

: I just thought I would say that I don't have anything to say. I am way too busy with school and various projects and trying to get boys to come over and eat dinner. There just isn't any time left to do anything cool enough to write about on my webpage.

: Well I finally did something worth writing about. Last night, after spending 2 1/2 hours with Lisa, planning our trip to London, I let Lindsay talk me into going Latin dancing with her at the Omni. I've never been to a dance quite like that. There was literally one song I didn't spend dancing (I spent it talking to Lindsay about various boys). Even though I had never been to a Latin dance before and I was terrible, I kept getting asked to dance. One guy asked me to dance several times, we probably danced ten songs together. He was really good, which made me feel good even though I was terrible.

Overall it was much fun. My feet hurt a ton, but one of my goals this semester was to try new things, and besides that I got some more usage out of my pleather pants.

Now I have to go home and finish cooking dinner for Leif (and Stacy and Melanie and dates).

: I went out with Leif twice this weekend. We spent three hours making snowflakes. Now there are lots of snowflakes taped to our windows. I am also sending a snowflake (and some chocolate chip butterscotch cookies) to David today (in the MTC on this way to Uruguay). It's snowing again, and I would be glad but I have to go to work right after class and I'm going to have to spend ten minutes sweeping off my car.

Classes are almost over. I have two today, two tomorrow, and two in-class tests on Thursday. Then I just have a project and two more finals next week. I'm the only person I know who is less stressed about finals than about regular school. Maybe it's because at this point I don't care very much. I'm mostly worried about surviving in Romania.

: Still not stressed about finals. I think it's because I haven't let myself think about them yet. I will start after classes tonight because I have two tomorrow. I'm leaving in 9 days!!!

: This morning Angela and I went running across campus holding on to each other and screaming. No we really did. If it wasn't us who was going, we would tell us we were crazy. We're still crazy. I leave in two weeks.

I have two finals in a row, starting in 53 minutes and I haven't started studying. I got distracted by Ryan who came over last night to use a pick-up line on me. I have so much stuff to do, so I am sitting here in the computer lab writing emails instead.

: Reading Days. Oh the joy. For some reason, pineapple keeps substituting for meat in my meals. I think it's because groceries are a waste of money at this point. However, I only have one more can of pineapple. After this I am moving on to corn.

I took two finals yesterday. They both went "okay." I have two more tests next week and today I am going to finish my final project. I WILL finish my final project.

: I got a card from Grandpa and Grandma today. Then I got the grand opportunity (once again) to choose between cleaning the upstairs bathrooms, the stove and oven, or the refridgerators. Then I bought myself a salad to make up for that suckiness and now my TR final project is finished and I'm going to go turn it in and apply for my major.

: Today I finally bought a Romanian-English dictionary. This would have been useful before now, but will soon become necessary. I even have a bag packed to take. It has baby sleepers and some books, all nine of my tickets and my ISICard. My passport got sent out yesterday to get Visa-ed and the ISP office insists we will have them back on Monday. I also sold my books back today and I got $108, which is good since I only had three books I could sell back and I only used one of them. I have two more finals left.

Went to Joe's last night with Stacy and Akie. Joe made us Quesadillas and we watched Cast Away.

: Long weekend. I went out with Leif Saturday night. We got lost in the ZCMI parking garage across from Temple Square. I went to his house for dinner last night too, it was fun. Last night I got some real sleep for the first time in two or three weeks. I came home and crashed after propping my eyelids open for several days. I wasn't even studying! but I'm going to... I am running errands on campus (useless stuff like insurance and visas) and then I'm going to go study for Human Biology.

: Seven finals down, one to go. yay! Last night Leif and I went and played in the snow. It was the most snow-related fun I've had since the Young Hall boys snowed us in freshman year. Sometimes it's fun to get good and snowy, kinda like mud volleyball. I should probably start packing since I'm moving in three days. Ah, the nomadic life.

: YAY! ... Yay! I just finished my last final. On my way home I am going to dump all school related trash into the recycling bins. Then I am going to go Christmas shopping. Tonight the bathrooms get cleaned, and tomorrow I finish packing and go on my hot date. It's my last night in Utah but I don't know what I want to do.

: *whew* I've been packing and cleaning like crazy. Leif came over last night while I was wrapping his Christmas present. He was supposed to be in Roosevelt! Luckily Brad gave me a little warning and then he sat on it for me. I got an email from Aunt Jeuney today. She was all excited and interested about my internship. I picked up some baby clothes donations from Jodie... our passports are still who-knows-where. If they don't come today I'll get a nice Fed-Ex package this weekend. Driving home tomorrow 9 AM. My roommates (or whatever ones are left) and I are going to breakfast before.

: I made it home alive for all who are concerned. The list of things I have forgotten in Provo is growing...

: Last night I went to see Lord of the Rings with my family and we got home very late and had cheesecake. I cleaned and fixed mom's bathtub and helped drills lots of holes in my bedroom. Tomorrow I must go buy presents for Fawn and Sumana and Rachel except Rachel has to come with me to help pick them out. Since everyone who ever reads this is at my house right now, I'm going to give up.

: Yay! Ack! That should need no further explanation.

: I'm leaving in seven hours. My entire life is stuffed into a suitcase, which did not zip on the first several tries. I'm really tired and I need to shower and I'm not even done packing nor have I done such-and-such million other things I really ought to have done. Sucks for those million things, doesn't it?

: I can only think of three things I have forgotten at this point. Non-essential but I'm a little frustrated. Leonard is taking me shopping later so I'll be able to correct a few of those. I wish I didn't have to bring so much stuff. This is scary! I wish the getting there was over with.

: whee!

: Safe. I've been up for thirty hours now and doing surprisingly well. Lisa and I just visited the Brompton Oratory and fell asleep. Out of pence.

: Doing lots of exciting stuff and trying to get used to paying to sit on the internet- I don't type fast enough! Maybe that's cause last time I was on I was to tired to even think. We went to church yesterday, it was really good. Lisa and I are both glad we are getting a semi-culture shock experience before the language completely changes (we can't understand half the people's accents anyway). Today we're going to climb St. Paul's Cathedral, watch the changing of the guard (if it exists) and go to the British Museum. We're going to make ourselves stay up for New Year's but we have no idea where we're spending it.



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