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: I got my high school diploma today.

: "Access restricted to tenants and there guests only."

: I'm in Utah. We left my house at 10 AM and got here at 1205 this morning. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Shari in the car. Unfortunatly, I didn't have a key to my apartment until five minutes ago, so I slept in the lobby.

Oh, and we played this ridiculous game with the little milage signs that are on Utah highways (a marker every mile saying how many miles it's been since the border). We sang hymns and whoever's turn it was had to start singing by the next marker or we had to sing "142 miles to go, 142 miles to go, Take one down by driving around, 142 miles to go" or how ever many miles we thought it was. We were off on which exit Provo was, but that's ok. It was so foggy by the time we got here that we couldn't even see the markers to sing at them.

We also had travel companions. Two of Devon's friends were coming up, and we had radios and everything. Those were especially useful when they managed to get us lost in Las Vegas. All in all, I could have done without the long hours of driving (yay for cruise control) but I'm glad I'm here. *whew*

: I still don't have ethernet in my apartment. I'm in the lab reading three days worth of emails and completing surveys for my Stats 221 class. That is going to be an easy class, unlike Zool 260 (dead naked people). I like my old people class (Health and the Aging Process) and Social Psych is going to be easy too. I'm also taking Doctrine and Covenants which will be decently easy because it's a Religion class and therefore 2 credits and therefore... Well it'll be ok.

We (my apartment) bonded last night, it was fun except that none of us got any homework done. I also went back to work yesterday. All of my new people are decent and there are three people that I've worked with before (including Clark) so that shouldn't be too bad either. Wohoo!

: Wohoo! Ethernet works, thanks to Ben from IT Services. yay!

: I taught a great Sunday School lesson on what we learn about Christ in the D&C. The lesson was great, not me teaching it. My roommates and my old roommates came to support me. I really like my new apartment, we all get along so well. Arly and I just had the longest talk on marriage and all kinds of stuff. I signed up for "Run for your life", which is where you have three months to run 150 miles. I have 146 to go, so Clark and I are going running tomorrow morning. I think I am going to try and go see my uncle Jon tomorrow because I really need to talk to him.

: Today I ran 2 miles and three laps. 7 1/7 laps at the Smith Field House is a mile. I'm tired, but it feels good. Homework time!

: I have my first anatomy lab tomorrow morning. My room is a very big mess, as it always is on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have to go running off to work after class. Ack I have a quiz to do and Stats homework. Ack.

: Like I have email at eight in the morning.

: This morning I spent two hours in a room with five dead people. BYU buys their cadavers from the U of U. Mom! ack! (we don't actually start working with the cadavers until next week).

: bleh

: Today I am wearing polka-dot tights that my mommy bought for me. I running, went to statistics and did homework and now I am making white shells and cheddar with peas. Then I'm going to go grocery shopping with Clark and later I am going to "Buddy Balls" with my roommates.

: I was very unproductive today. well, I made like $23. I also saw, at work, the guy I went on a date with last night- with a girl. I knew he had a girlfriend, but it was still rather embarrassing. Don't ask why I was on a date with a guy who has a girlfriend. It's an interesting set-up-your-roommates kinda thing.

: I just paid my tuition. blah.

: Today turned out to be an excellent day. I talked with my Health and Aging professor about minoring in Gerontology and that will be a cinch. I went to USH and got some times I can volunteer this semester. They said I was the first person to ever go back another semester. I also studied for Anatomy for over an hour with Laurel. And my stats is done, and I started my abstracts assignment and I ran three miles... it was just a good day. =)

: hmm. Today I worked on schedules for Spring and Summer Terms. I flunked my Anatomy lab quiz (although I got 86.6% on the lecture quiz yesterday.) Now I am going to do homework and go to bed. I feel like I have a million things to do but I don't know what any of them are.

: Today is a very snowy day. I ran 13 (big) laps. Now I have class and work until 8. Have a nice day.

: I had breakfast for dinner, it was yummy! I also got paid, wheee! I have to work this Sunday, but it's Fast Sunday so I'll probably only be there for five hours or so.

: Today was a terrible day.

: I had anatomy lab this morning, and I did really good on my quiz! I got my right and left ulnas confused, but other than that, I did great! We did upper muscles... I could hardly breathe, so I was a little lightheaded and didn't pay attention much. It's the smell that really gets to me. The two cadavers we work on for muscles are both men. (That was for mom.) I'm at the library right now for an hour, then I have my group thingy and then I have to work because Ruth and I traded Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We have cleaning inspections tomorrow so I have to do that too. Yippee.

: PS today isn't such a terrible day as yesterday.

: I am making a grocery list with a purple pencil my brother bought me for Christmas. However, I have cleaning inspections tomorrow and no time to clean, so I should be doing that instead of thinking about groceries and pencils.

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