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: I had anatomy lab this morning, and I did really good on my quiz! I got my right and left ulnas confused, but other than that, I did great! We did upper muscles... I could hardly breathe, so I was a little lightheaded and didn't pay attention much. It's the smell that really gets to me. The two cadavers we work on for muscles are both men. (That was for mom.) I'm at the library right now for an hour, then I have my group thingy and then I have to work because Ruth and I traded Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We have cleaning inspections tomorrow so I have to do that too. Yippee.

: PS today isn't such a terrible day as yesterday.

: I am making a grocery list with a purple pencil my brother bought me for Christmas. However, I have cleaning inspections tomorrow and no time to clean, so I should be doing that instead of thinking about groceries and pencils.


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