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: I didn't realize it was February until after work yesterday, when Camillia mentioned she had registered for Spring and Summer terms. I have now registered for Spring and Summer terms. I am taking: "Teachings of the Living Prophets", "Intro to Therapeutic Recreation", "Field Studies in Leisure Services", "History of Civilization to 1500", "Water Aerobics", and "Accessible Recreation". Not necessarily in that order and not all at once. I was also registered for "Beginning Social Dance" for about five minutes.

: So for all those who remember the time I hiccuped my back out of place, a similar thing happened today. I was standing, in Anatomy Lab of all places, and I turned slightly and ow my back hurts. So I got woozy and sat down and got cold and got hot and got pushed outside on a wheeled chair and got nauseus and got onto the floor and got to meet the Head TAs. Fun fun fun. I am at least able to move now. Kirin is over fixing me.

: Today I discovered a hole in the sole of my work shoes. I have worn these shoes to work everyday for over a year. So after spending three hours wearing soppy socks, I came home and begged Mel to take me to Payless. =) yay for shoes, and Happy Birthday to Kirin tomorrow!

: Ok, so, I haven't done an ounce of homework today. it's 11PM and the closest I've come is not passing out in Anatomy Lab. hmm. I suppose I could change that now... or not. I'm listening to Smash Mouth, thanks Rach.

: Me and my roommates made a tape for "Elder Tenney." He'll love it. According to the guys we talked to, missionaries love tapes. (I'm apparently an angel because I sent him rootbeer concentrate). So I need to go get a package together before class, because he might get transfered and it'd be nice if he got it before then.

: I was productive today, go me. it's bedtime because I'm going to go to open lab and study for my anatomy quiz which is at nine. I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow and not even time for studying in between. I'm bringing lots of carrots, though.

: Today words like "canaliculi" and "petrous portion" floated through my mind as I sorted silverware.

: I got 84% on my Zoology lecture exam and 77% on Stats. I'm sick. And I saw Jennifer Nations.

: Still sick. I taught Sunday School today and a bunch of us went and sang at Crestview Care Center.

: Today in Statistics I learned that if I get married my GPA will go up. In fact, that was all I learned. I went to USH and to the Anatomy Lab and I ran three miles though. And I got mail, thank you mommy! I think I am going to go eat chips and salsa and read D&C and wait around for FHE. I hope everyone else out there in the wide world is having such as good of a day as I. I think that was very poor grammar.

: I got over one standard deviation below the Mean on my Statistics class. I also did very poorly on my psychology test. Stinky. At work we had red napkins. We also had pink pulper water. I also fell on my butt. Shelley and I got roses from our hometeachers. I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten anything that doesn't fall under the category of "sugar cookies". Bleh. And Clark isn't home to take me to Del Taco.

: Both Zoology and Social Psychology are on curves. I got an email from Cindy today, which is good, because it's the only good thing that happened. I'm getting fat, I eat too much.

: The suckiest thing about no-school days is that they are also no-mail days. The other things, sleeping in, catching up on homework, hot dates (oh wait...) are good though.

: Today was Monday classes. I didn't wake up in time for my first one, but I used that extra time to find my alarm clock. Tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. I have a quiz on the CNS (as in every tiny individual nerve on the brain) at 9 AM tomorrow. I also have to take my D&C test because I forgot to do it today. I hate Wednesdays! Luckily, ...ack I can't think of anything positive to say. Sorry.

: So on Wednesday I missed one on my quiz and I got 85.6 on my D&C test and I got 19/20 on my Stats homework from last week and I found somewhere to live (it's REALLY close and there's a dishwasher and three fridges and I'm excited) and I got invited to go swimming tonight. And I got a tape from Nate =)

: I went swimming today, it was so much fun. I went with some people in my ward and we were down there for about an hour and a half. Plus I went off the high dive (thanks to a random little boy who counted to three for me) and the platform (thanks to Tammy). It was fun and now I'm tired.

: My roommate is spending the night in Ephraim tonight. I got a lot done today, so although I am once again dateless and I have to work tomorrow, I am a happy girl.

Today at work, as often happens, we got a random note written on a napkin. This one said: "From the Emergency Broadcast System: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!" I thought that sounded familiar so I brought it home. This is the best I could do.

: Elder Oaks ate at the Morris Center today. I was there. For EIGHT HOURS. my feet hurt.

: Have I yet mentioned that my roommate uses a Mac OS? Last night I dreamt that a certain boy brought me flowers and asked me in Invitational. hahaha those sleep faeries have a great sense of humor.

: Today I wore a poufy silver vest and it was very comfy and sunggly. I also went and declared a new major, or at least a "pre" major. Now I am going to USH and then to an Anatomy lecture review and then I'm going running and then I'm making molasses cookies for FHE tonight. Then I'm going to FHE and then I'm going to BED. Well maybe somewhere in there I'll study for my Anatomy lecture quiz and maybe even my Health test.

: Congratulations on a NICE test score! Other than that, it's going to be a long day.

: WAHOO! I got a half-tuition scholarship for Spring/Summer. The only problem with that is that if they only think enough of me to give me half tuition for Spring/Summer, I'm not getting anything Fall/Winter. I did kind of get what may in some way be considered a date this weekend though.

: I did decently on both of my exams today. I was in a pretty good mood and work was even fun (work on Wednesdays usually sucks). So it was a pretty good day for a Wednesday. When I got home from work, it was hall prayer and the main topic was PDAs. None of the culprits were present. They probably had something better to be doing.

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