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: I didn't realize it was February until after work yesterday, when Camillia mentioned she had registered for Spring and Summer terms. I have now registered for Spring and Summer terms. I am taking: "Teachings of the Living Prophets", "Intro to Therapeutic Recreation", "Field Studies in Leisure Services", "History of Civilization to 1500", "Water Aerobics", and "Accessible Recreation". Not necessarily in that order and not all at once. I was also registered for "Beginning Social Dance" for about five minutes.

: So for all those who remember the time I hiccuped my back out of place, a similar thing happened today. I was standing, in Anatomy Lab of all places, and I turned slightly and ow my back hurts. So I got woozy and sat down and got cold and got hot and got pushed outside on a wheeled chair and got nauseus and got onto the floor and got to meet the Head TAs. Fun fun fun. I am at least able to move now. Kirin is over fixing me.


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