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: Starting new months is kinda depressing. But it's also fun. A clean site.

: Last night I went to see "Pirates of Penzance" with some friends and then me and Camillia and Tim crashed the DT Invitational (because there was a boy there =)). Cammy and I are now going to go knock on random doors because we need two more guys for our "musical date" to Heritage Invitational. We're going to switch dates every 45 minutes.

: So last night at Invitational was fun. I got seven dates and lots of dancing. Today was a very busy day. Maybe if I had more than 15 minutes to get ready for church it wouldn't have been so bad. Plus I didn't get any work done yesterday. This week has potential suckiness written all over it.

: Bleh. So far today I've flunked my Health test and sat in the Periodicals room staring at volume 21 of "Research on Aging". As interesting as my life is, I have to go to Statistics.

: Everytime we drive through one of the entrances to campus, past a sign that reads "The world is our campus" someone inevitably says "The campus is our world." Along with that goes our school paper The Daily Universe. It's a pretty stupid paper, but I really enjoy reading it on Tuesdays and Thursdays because then I can read (and make fun of) the Opinion Page and the ridiculous letters to the editor.

: Today is the third very nice day in a row. Of course, this is Utah so it will probably snow six inches on Sunday. Today I discovered that I'm going to do terribly on my Statistics test next week.

: I just got home from Preference. I'm very tired and my feet hurt and in 7 hours I'm doing the Rex Lee Run. yay for 5K on no sleep and hurt feet.

: I placed!!! 980th. But I still placed!!! It's raining outside, but it took me a while to realize that. I just thought I was sweating really a lot. For anyone who cares, I've done 87 miles for "Run for Your Life" so far.

: Today I worked so I don't have to work next Sunday. That's about all I did, too. I have a Statistics test this week and I'm going to do so badly!!!!

: Tonight for FHE we had Ward Karaoke night. I did "California Girls" by the Beach Boys with three girls in my ward, none of whom are from California. We sang "You wish you all could have California/Utah/Idaho/Arizona girls." It was much fun.

I studied for almost two hours tonight (that's good for me). I got 67% on my practice Statistics test, but hopefully I learned from my mistakes. Or something. I also read Social Psychology. And studied circulatory system. Wow, so much productivity in one night. Maybe it'll get me somewhere.

Happy 18th Birthday to my cutie pie baby sister in 21 minutes!!! (Utah time)

: yayayayay! I did really well on my Statistics test (I got a little =)) so thanks to the tutor mom suggested I get even though he was already gotten. My ethernet adapter cord is broken. Like, pieces of it came off. If only there was enough time in the day to get one. Today is a stuff to do 9-930 day.

Tuesday at the track I saw a girl who looked just like an AmandaSusieRachel. She had Rachel-style hair in a Susie color, Amanda face with Rachel eyes and make-up and she was even dressed how you would think an AmandaSusieRachel would dress. She had on the exact same shirt I am wearing today and an AmandaRachelish skirt. Life is funny like that.

I also met a friend of Arly's who knows Sarah not-Nations-anymore from his freshman ward.

: It's snowing. I hate Utah. I was going to go many places on the bus today but there isn't even a bus that goes to Target and that was my main destination. So instead I'm probably going to sit around and, uh, relax. I'm sure there's homework or studying or something I could be doing. I'd rather be shopping but not if it involves walking 1 1/2 miles to Target from the mall in the snow.

: I got to go swimming with some people from our ward last night. Then we went to this kind of dance thing in Penrose. Today I had Melanie drop me off at Target on her way to Salt Lake and then I spent three hours wandering around Provo/Orem. (in California cities (and towns) are separated by miles of growing food. In Utah they're separated by miles of other cities and towns. Kinda like a big smushed city pie.)

: I'm sick. Last night I made cookies with four times as much salt as they were supposed to have. Hopefully those two items are not related. It's bedtime again, I think.

: Still sick and I have two tests to take in the next 24 hours. *bleh sickness*

: I think I'm going to go to Romania. mwa hahahaha.

: I hate Statistics in case I haven't mentioned that lately. I didn't get to go to my lab yesterday because I was at the 11th Annual Gerontology Conference all day so now I'm even more confused.

: I got a letter from Nate today =) Last night a bunch of us went to the park and played games in the dark and ate lots of food. It was tons of fun. Today I am writing my social psychology paper because I am a good girl like that.

I was a soapdish before Leonard was a soapdish.

: Yesterday I got a letter from Cindy (and three phone calls and ice cream) and today I got a letter from Rachel, which was absolutely adorable =) This week is such a bucket of stress. bleh.

: I lost my ID card which means I can't print the paper I can't write because I lost my notes which I can't redo because I lost the references.

: I found my ID card, found the books I used, re-researched them and ran into Alyson in the middle of this. I know have 4 1/2 pages of a 6-8 page paper that is due to my peer reviewers (I have no friends in this class. I have never said a word to any one in this class.) tomorrow. I bought a new Ethernet card to console myself somewhere before any of the good things I mentioned had happened.

: Last night I also discovered that Dave, my cousin-in-law, graduated in TR. quel coincidence. He is starting his Masters this Fall in "Program Management" or something like that.

I got a bill for $25.11 from IT services. I apparently owe $22.88 worth of 1.9 network connections for the month of March. This is strange because I had not yet previous to this been billed for this connection (which is supposed to be paid by housing) and because last month I got a bill for -$2.13 for a phone call I made. I wouldn't mind paying that one at least.

: About half an hour after turning in my application for Romania next Winter, I got a letter from SLOC about interview times and getting a position as CEREMONIES HOST at CEREMONIES VENUES. oh well. I'm taking my one shot at Romania over the only thing even close to a shot at the Olympics I'll ever get.

I also got a letter from Elder Michael Will Rassmussen. He baptized a family on the 24th.

: This morning Bishop Egan gave me three tickets for this afternoon's conference session. These were the only actual, walk-right-in tickets he had but no one wanted them cause they didn't have a car. So I talked Wendy Carr and Andrew Miles into taking the bus up there with me. wahoo!!

: For anyone who doesn't remember last October, Shari's car broke down in Sandy and we had Clark's dad take us to Salt Lake. Getting home was even more interesting. Well today, we made it up there fine but missed the 530 bus from the TRAX to Utah Valley. The next bus was at 700 and I was supposed to be at work at 500 but some girl overheard us trying to figure out what exit to use for Uncle Jon and asked if we needed a ride to Provo. So I was only an hour and a half late to work.

Tomorrow, I am going to Alyson and Dave (and Atticus) to Jon's. =)

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