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: This morning Bishop Egan gave me three tickets for this afternoon's conference session. These were the only actual, walk-right-in tickets he had but no one wanted them cause they didn't have a car. So I talked Wendy Carr and Andrew Miles into taking the bus up there with me. wahoo!!

: For anyone who doesn't remember last October, Shari's car broke down in Sandy and we had Clark's dad take us to Salt Lake. Getting home was even more interesting. Well today, we made it up there fine but missed the 530 bus from the TRAX to Utah Valley. The next bus was at 700 and I was supposed to be at work at 500 but some girl overheard us trying to figure out what exit to use for Uncle Jon and asked if we needed a ride to Provo. So I was only an hour and a half late to work.

Tomorrow, I am going to Alyson and Dave (and Atticus) to Jon's. =)


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