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: On the way home from Jon's, Dave and I had a conversation about TR. He gave me lots of good advice. We (me him and Aly) also had a nice discussion on politics. Fun ness.

: It's warm outside and kind of raining, except that even if it were raining it doesn't really rain here very much. I'm going to go make bread and oatmeal cookies so I have something to eat for the next week. I am almost out of Handi-snacks and fruit snacks. Unfortunately, I can't afford any more Costco trips either.

: The other day I realized that I dislike human interaction. Today I realized that I dislike humans.

: If I am alive at the end of this week it's only because of the cookies I made on Monday. I can't decide when to take my Stats test: the more convienient time, which means soon and no running for me today, or the later time which means I can go walk around the track and study. In the meantime, we're having a two hour review for our final (next week) in my Zool lab today. wahoo.

: I just made 17 bean and barley soup. Salt, olives, cheese and salad dressing make it taste... well better. I got an 85% on my Stats test which is exactly in between my scores on the past two tests. I think that's enough beans for today.

: Jon and I are going to start a band called "Too Poor in Utah" and our first album will be "Salad Dressing and Beans."

: Only one more fruitsnack left! Tragedy!

: It's raining (fake Utah rain) outside and I do not own an umbrella. I do, however, have a very nice rain jacket that my mommy bought me. I wonder if I should just conform and buy a $10 bookstore umbrella. I'm going to work now and I shall return $17 less poor.

: My mother is not coming up for the weekend. And I can't afford to go home between semesters. I only returned $10.35 less poor. I had a group interview for my Romania Internship today. I guess it went well, I really don't have anything to compare it to. It was definitely a different experience. I only have 17 more miles left for "Run For Your Life."

: This has been the longest weekend ever. Friday night I worked and read until very late. Then I got up at 630 this morning to go to the Anatomy lab and then I walked and studied and then I tried to get some more sleep and then I worked a lot. I've worked 17 hours this week and I have 8 or 9 more coming tomorrow.

It's raining outside, but no one will go play with me. Today I realized that I haven't been to Denny's this entire semester (and only once Fall) but not only that, the latest I've gone to bed is maybe 200. When did I become such a big loser? Oh, yeah. Probably right.

: The best thing about working so much is that this week I made about as much as I normally get in a two week paycheck. The second best thing is that it's over. The third best thing is that you kinda get numb to dishes after a while. The worst thing is that my feet hurt =(. The second worse thing is that my hall advisor just walked in and was checking keys and mine's lost. Luckily I haven't looked yet.

: I haven't gotten email in four days. Someone talk to me!!!

: Thanks to people who actually sent me emails. My mommy is home now so maybe I won't need social support from outside sources anymore. Plus I finally got to go grocery shopping. This is good because as of this afternoon (when I finished my hamburger helper) my diet had been reduced to Girl Scout cookies. I now own cheese.

: Romania interview in seven minutes... I got two phone calls between going back to bed and running to an interview I didn't know I had.

: My psychology paper is done. My D&C extra credit is done. I have no clue how to do my Statistics homework which is due tomorrow. I have three miles more for "Run For Your Life" which is also due tomorrow. I missed my Zoology lecture on Tuesday (and my Psychology class). I did terribly on my Zoology lab final on Wednesday. It is snowing very much a lot. I am going to go buy myself ice cream.

: My psych teacher is sick so we got out of class as soon as his voice ran out (20 minutes). We apparently didn't have much of a class that I missed on Tuesday either.

When the sun comes out after five inches of snow, trees poop. Don't walk under them.

: Do you have a shirt that you really love? One that you feel so groovy in? And if this shirt should start to fade, would that only make it nicer still? I love my shirt, I love my shirt, my shirt is so comfortably lovely.

I hung out with Clark and his roommates last night. Interesting fun. We went to Spring Thing and were at the dance for 3 1/2 hours. That's a lot of dancing. Krystie and I had great odds, being two girls with five guys. So why do the boys go ask random girls to dance and we stand there? They could at least leave two behind for us! Silly boys.

: Tonight I went over to 85 and Eric Roylance lent me his pocketknife; together we destroyed a section of the New York Times. Teaching Sunday School tomorrow, and going to Jon's.

: I think I forgot to mention that on Friday I completed my "Run For Your Life" miles. I now own a BYU Intramural Champion T-shirt. Free even.

: Jon brought five girls down and we had a picnic at Kiwanis park, mmm. Then we played on the swings. I also got an Easter basket (it was actually an Easter paper bag, which my mom found hilarious...) Lots of candy to help with finals, hehehe, and a whole package of purple peeps bunnies. I have a test tomorrow I haven't started studying for.

: Got up and studied for my final this morning. It turned out ok, especially since he started telling us the answers half way through, and he also curves it. Played Twister in front of hundreds of people in the Wilk. Didn't win anything. Wrote six letters. Ate candy. Good day. Tomorrow is the last day of class! yippee!

: Twice last week I got attacked by golf balls while at the track. Today in Social Psychology, Dr. Jacobson threw a piece of chalk at me (unprovoked I might add, unlike Mr. Autrey's throwing of erasers at the percussion section).

However I'm not complaining because he (Dr. Jacobson) is still sick and we only had 35 minutes worth of (an 80 minute) class today. AND that was my last class ever this semester (not counting the six reviews I'm *planning* on going to before Saturday). I'm going to spend more time in reviews in the next four days than I would normally spend in class. Then there's the six hours in the testing center... not including lines... bleh. finals.

: Party, party, party! oh hi. Um yeah. Me, Melanie and Wendy just got back from Spring Fling (free food, free dances, free concerts, free comedy shows, free games, free big inflatable slides, free rock climbing, free karaoke) (it's a campus-wide, ack-finals-are-in-two-days party. Pizza for 30,000?) We entertained ourselves by wandering around an extremely crowded dance bumping people and acting like we were trying to get somewhere.

: Finals, finals, finals! The (first) day of reckoning has finally arrived and, yes, I actually am excited. I feel guilty for putting of Stats but I can't fit anything else in my head! I'm going to the Testing Center (or elsewhere) in a few minutes to purge at least two tests worth of info that's buried in my gyri.

hmmm no lines! My freshman year the lines wound across campus and took several hours. They've fixed that, hence me taking tests elsewhere. Of course I think part of the problem was the breakdown of their system. Better go take stuff now before I forget it all. Wish me luck!

: Five down, one to go. I took three tests today; that's 353 little bubbles of lead and three hours in three different buildings. The only line I had to wait in was Shelley. And that's only because she climbed the stairs faster than me. Decent scores, definitely not complaining. I'm packing in a (successful) attempt to put off Stats. Um, my roommates have been studying way too long. That's what I'm assuming, at least, by the insane amounts of noise coming from bedroom two.

: Took stats today, that's over with. I am done with school for 10 days!!! I think my roommates must be jealous. I also sold back my last book today. I spent $335 on books in January and I got $197 back this week. And I had a packet and two workbooks, which can't be sold back at all. I think I did pretty good this semester.

Clark got his mission call, eeeeeeee! He hasn't opened it yet, but I'm very excited (can you tell????) eeeeee! =)

: Clark is going to Brazil, Santa Maria mission. Portuguese. On September 5. (Well, he's going to the Sao Paulo MTC on Sept 5 anyway). I'm going to be 22 by the time Clark gets home. I'm old. EEEEEEeeeeeee! Much excitement, yupyup! =)

: Pink hair! Where is my mommy?

: I just lost the best friend I ever had. because he wouldn't try.

: Stupid 7-10 person left without even trying to find a sub. The dishroom is a big mess right now; I bet the custodians are going to hate the 7-10 person even more.

: Yesterday was the most fun (and easiest) easy day I've ever had at work. I spent nine hours at the Morris Center and probably did 3 1/2 - 4 hours of work. There were 5 student employees and a cook by the time we closed, and we fed a total of 135 people at two meals. Basically we stood around and talked and ate. I was the only dishroom worker, but the dishes (empty trays) literally stacked themselves.

All moved into my new house. With more groceries than I'll ever be able to use before going to Romania. I had a bonding moment with my new housemates (the ones I've met at least) last night. So at least they don't hate me.

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