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: Today I went to my Aerobic Dance class. My computer is automatically shutting down for a Devotional we don't have.

: Baby ducks, baby ducks! 13 of them and a busy mom and three lazy boys sleeping under the nearest tree. I got paid to sit around and talk with the manager at work again today.

: Brother Newell, my religion professor does "The Spoken Word". He also says "This is the broadcast of the 171st General..." and "This is the English language channel..." He did it for us in class, it was quite entertaining. Aside from that I think he'll also be a good professor.

: My dance class got cancelled, not enough people. It is offered other times, but they are either too early or during work. I am going to have to take it next term or something because I can't sell my book back. It's a workbook and I wrote in it. Grrrr... Stinky on the world today. Maybe I'll get mail.

Yesterday in the bookstore I heard someone say "Hi Robert" at the same time as someone else saying "Hi Frances."

: I like work. I get paid to do dishes. I get paid lots to do dishes. I get paid lots to do dishes with cute boys. I like work.

: Mom, grades. Click on enrollement

: Last night I got a free pedicure and we had chocolate-dipped strawberries and brownies and pizza. I'm hungry and my toes are cute!

: Going to Aly's tonight for dinner, yay for baby boys to play with.

: Yay! I get to work today! yay! This weekend has been very boring with nothing to do. I've done a lot of reading for classes. Unfortunately, I'm already pushing my "part-time" limit with last Sunday.

: Oreos for dinner, how healthy. Last Thursday I had frosting and carrots (not together). Just kidding, I'll probably have french fries.

: I feel sorry for people who aren't doing anything with their lives. All I'm doing is getting up, running errands, going to school, going to work, doing homework and going to bed, but at least it's getting me somewhere. Plus somewhere in there I'm learning things and having fun and ... stuff. I'm just glad I have stuff to do and somewhere to go and someone to be because I would feel like a total loser otherwise.

That entry isn't as random as it looks. I ran into an old friend and we were talking about where our lives were headed. I'm glad mine is going somewhere.

: Today I returned The Iliad to the Bookstore, today being the last day to return books and I having already read it for my class. Now, I have $5.40 in my bag, one less book taking up room on my already-crowded shelf and one less thing to carry to book buyback in 6 weeks. What a nifty plan. All professors should make their students read an entire book in the first week of class. Don't they realize how poor we are?

: Yesterday I ate: 6 ounces of yogurt; an entire package of Ritz crackers; 48 ounces of rootbeer; carrots; some more Ritz crackers with fake cheese; and Tasty QQQ's. That is for my own reference.

: I saw three yellow VW bugs so I thought maybe it was a sign but then two unhappy things happened, or I guess, were, so perhaps not. I did, however find a use for the 40 cents and thereby prevented from happening (and it was an event, not a circumstance as the other two) a third unhappy thing.

: Everyday we seem to have less and less to do at work, and yet everyday I get off a little bit later. We came up with "The Top 10 Things Better to Do Than Be at the Morris Center on a Friday Night." Surprisingly, we could only come up with six. (Actually at six I got forced to sweep and mop line A). I don't have to work until Thursday because of my "Field Studies in Leisure Services" field trip.

: Today: Spent an hour waiting for the mail to come (it hasn't yet), nail polish remover doesn't taste good, read Plato- that makes me sound cool (reading Plato, not eating nail polish remover) but, secretly, it's for History 201- saw Pansy's twin brother. hmmm Saturdays are kind of boring (I've only been up an hour and a half). I think only three people are sleeping at my house tonight (gone home, going home, going to someone else's home, working). Not complaining.

: MArk emailed me his "to do" list and I was very impressed. I need to have something like that. I will go home and make one before Melissa comes over. Kelinda and I just got back from Target and it was fun =)

: Yesterday I read the entire Book of Proverbs. I met a bunch of guys in our ward (our next door neighbors came over to bring us canned pears...) Two very good things are going to happen today. And tomorrow I am going on a field trip! (I get to miss class, that's the excitingest part.)

: I lied, THREE very good things happened today. First I got a date (that I can't go on until August), second I got (non-junk) mail, and third I got an unexpected email from a friend in my last ward. yay!

: Even more good things happened today. I ran into Liz, got a phone call from Maria (Rasmussen) Strange and got to talk to three other friends I hadn't heard from in a while. I also got $99.66 of my [mom's] $100 housing deposit, which was paid two years ago. When people wave unexpected $99.66 checks in front of you, you don't ask where the other 34 cents went.

: I have had two very full days. Yesterday I watched a baseball field getting set up for the Utah state (high school) championships, played in the "edutainment" room of a fitness center, visited the Utah Olympic Park and decided never to try any of the sports we learned about (those are some STEEP ski jumps... and 90 MPH in that outfit?), and learned about volunteer positions that involve sitting in a lake all day. Then I ate a lot and watched "Remember the Titans". Today I woke up at 630 to a beautiful view (out our lodge window from my plastic bed on the loft), went hiking in my flip-flops, toured the USH grounds, learned how much money you can make in the hotel business and sang a song about peanut butter to very able old people. I'm going to go take a nap before the ward party tonight.

: I ended up going to the ward party with no one I knew but it was really fun. I managed to play all the water games and not get wet at all and our team, For Trevor, won. On the list today: read History, class, read History, work, read more History, bed. Thursdays are always so exciting...

: I have six straight hours of finals on June 20th.

: Today at work: learned two things about my coworker (she's 26 and married), read 30 pages in my Chinese Philosophy book, let the bakery boy flirt with me (at least that's probably the closest to flirting with me he'll ever get) and sliced my finger open. Kelinda and I are going shopping tomorrow and I am going to make a delicious dinner for Saturday.

: Summer and I sat in bed talking last night, I love that. I'm going home to check the mail =) and then I'm going shopping I mean ~chopping broccoli-hee~

: Ok so very few people would actually understand that last entry. At the very least you have to have visited our apartment, although apparently other people who went to the concert picked up on (and made fun of) that also. But Kelinda and I did go shopping (no broccoli involved.) My foot hurts, I think I broke my toe.

: At work yesterday, the hose washed itself by attaching to the dishwasher and going on through. It was pretty amusing. Gina, my coworker, and I bonded some more today. I also got another 27 pages of my book read. I love my mommy! =)

: Yesterday, out of sheer boredom, I scrubbed the dishroom floor. It's nice and pretty now. I should be doing my TLP reading but I did that forever last night and will be doing it forever tonight. Oh, and I made food on Saturday and we had a little dinner party (me, Wendy, Melissa and Melissa's cousin's fiance, who is in my ward). It was a big hit and it would have been bigger if I hadn't spent 3 1/2 hours cooking. Then we watched a movie and were girls. Kirin and I are sitting in the computer lab gossiping.

*whew* for a minute there I was beginning to believe that my entire life was work and school.

: Quote of the day: "I wear make-up every Sunday, what're you gonna do?" -Brother Newell on the use of tape recorders and tele-prompters by General Authorities.

: So I went to work today (two hours late because I didn't know we were starting the summer schedule) and found out that the "new girl and she's... new" was Shannon. So it's a party in the dishroom now.

: So I went to work today, on time even, and Kelissa, who was in my ward last year, was there talking to Toni and when she found out I was the supervisor, she switched from line to work with me. So now it's an even bigger party in the dishroom. There are 2-3 more girls hired. I'll probably continue training someone new every few days. But I got a raise!

: Ok so my entire life is work and school, but there's a reason for that, and it's a good reason and I got told that it's ok. I hate school so I'm going to work now. I go to work a lot and my paychecks like that.

: [Confucius say], "A gu that is not a gu- is it really a gu? Is it really a gu?

: I think I have like the second suckiest bed in all America. Not only is it on 18-inch cinderblocks but the top mattress slides over a few inches everytime I get on it. Which means every five minutes I have to push it back towards the wall so I don't get toppled off in my sleep.

Kirin and I went shopping today. And got haircuts. I think we had a bit too much fun, but that's ok. I am excited to cook with my groceries. Last night on the way home from work I saw two kitties playing around. I've seen them before. I miss my kitty.

: I figured out that I climb at least 400 stairs a day. That number goes up every time I check my email, every time I go to campus and depending on which way I walk to classes and work. And on Wednesdays. That doesn't sound like very much but it is. From the bottom to the top of the longest ski jump for the 2002 Winter Olympic games, there are 726 stairs.

At work yesterday we got 900 "new" glasses (they're not really new and I'm not sure why they gave them to us). Today it was just me and Shannon. Phil came in and helped me with the 7 carts of pans left over from lunch (when we actually served people). Other than that, it was an easy day.

It's time to cook and party and relax. In that order.

: This weekend was fun (Yes it is too over, I have to work in 45 minutes). Saturday night, Clarissa, Mark and I bonded. Come to think of it, we bonded all day Sunday too. Then today I went hiking with various people I used to live with & etc. Then I fell asleep trying to finish reading my Chinese Philosophy book. I think that books hates me.

My mommy's coming to see me and yours isn't =P

: EFY started today.

: Summer is moving downstairs tomorrow.

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