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: Yesterday I read the entire Book of Proverbs. I met a bunch of guys in our ward (our next door neighbors came over to bring us canned pears...) Two very good things are going to happen today. And tomorrow I am going on a field trip! (I get to miss class, that's the excitingest part.)

: I lied, THREE very good things happened today. First I got a date (that I can't go on until August), second I got (non-junk) mail, and third I got an unexpected email from a friend in my last ward. yay!

: Even more good things happened today. I ran into Liz, got a phone call from Maria (Rasmussen) Strange and got to talk to three other friends I hadn't heard from in a while. I also got $99.66 of my [mom's] $100 housing deposit, which was paid two years ago. When people wave unexpected $99.66 checks in front of you, you don't ask where the other 34 cents went.


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