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: I think I have like the second suckiest bed in all America. Not only is it on 18-inch cinderblocks but the top mattress slides over a few inches everytime I get on it. Which means every five minutes I have to push it back towards the wall so I don't get toppled off in my sleep.

Kirin and I went shopping today. And got haircuts. I think we had a bit too much fun, but that's ok. I am excited to cook with my groceries. Last night on the way home from work I saw two kitties playing around. I've seen them before. I miss my kitty.

: I figured out that I climb at least 400 stairs a day. That number goes up every time I check my email, every time I go to campus and depending on which way I walk to classes and work. And on Wednesdays. That doesn't sound like very much but it is. From the bottom to the top of the longest ski jump for the 2002 Winter Olympic games, there are 726 stairs.

At work yesterday we got 900 "new" glasses (they're not really new and I'm not sure why they gave them to us). Today it was just me and Shannon. Phil came in and helped me with the 7 carts of pans left over from lunch (when we actually served people). Other than that, it was an easy day.

It's time to cook and party and relax. In that order.


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