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: Je suis un petit noix round couche sur le plancher froid. Tout-le-monde a frappe moi. Ca, c'est la raison pourqoui je suis etrange.

At least that's what I'm blaming it on.

: Last night I went to a dance at which Melissa and Celisa were present, not two people I expected to see. We did very little (like no) dancing but still had enough tickets to purchase a group date, a picnic dinner, and to enroll ourselves and our roommates in a drawing for a waterskiing trip for eight. Off to an RS brunch. Tonight we are going to the drive-in. Tomorrow I am working and Monday I am driving =D

: I'm tired.

: Sunday: 10 hours working. Monday: 10 hours driving, three hours painting. Tuesday: 2 hours cleaning, 8 hours painting. Wednesday: all day painting. Thursday: 5 hours with Grandma, 3 hours painting, cleaning and moving furniture, 2 hours church. Still tired.

: I very ambitiously tried to bathe Misty while the potstickers cooked. It was a well-meant attempt that left both of us quite soaky.

: There is a box of action figures in my bedroom at home. I'm safe! and getting kicked out for devotional.

: There are two entire books on Romanian in the bookstore. That's it. And the Widtsoe is on fire. I know because a firetruck tried to run me over.

: Today I spent 5 1/2 hours in class, tripped three times, and missed Kirin. We used to have "computer lab dates" where we would both randomly end up in the same room of the same lab at the same time. She is far far away (~on California's plains~) now. *wah*


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